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Intentions to write (How’s)

I mean to write. Write how the anticipation before travel is the best part; how the search for a good book is sometimes more fulfilling than the actual reading; how the same probably applies to man and woman affairs; how trying to call Ethiopia almost always makes me angry, fucking network, on top of monotonous conversations; the advice that the guy from Calculating God left for his son; how I am typing this 1/6th asleep; how አንዳንዴ ብዙ ጊዜ ድካሙን ላዬ ላይ አምጥቶ እንደሚችልስብኝ; how I had wanted to write this post in Amharic; how, after time wasted on scoffing at today’s rap, I am finally starting to warm to it; how Childish Gambino giving a shout out to Viber on 3005 could mean that the song was about an Ethiopian girl; 3005, hello! Maybe he thinks our calendar goes that far ahead; how stressful dates could make you bite your tongue in weird places, how trying to make her laugh was like a chore, but hey, you managed to make at least one of the seven chaperones laugh; how you try to justify lonely nights like “sleep is like my refuge, my go-to-state, where I become myself, where I let it all go, let it hang all out, where I get to dream. I am not sure if I’m ready to be sharing it with someone else”; how,  in a taxi in Addis Ababa on my last trip, I got to thinking “is this what I will be returning to?”; how, on the other hand, the spark that I used to get when I used to think of America, is now induced by thoughts of my future life in Ethiopia; how my new hair cut is growing on me; how, on the plane, I hope to sit next to a girl with whom I could hold silly deep conversations, instead of the huge west African dude clad in a red leather jacket; how I must remember to not let the wine pass me by and also, not forget to close the door of the lavatory…

Now I’m half asleep

ለማንኛውም አገሬ ልሄድ ነው



David and Donald:

dawit getachew

childish gambino

I don’t see myself getting a pet anytime soon but these two are pure cuteness that I find myself going back to them frequently:


This made me laugh so hard:

leaving the lab like



እስኪሪፕቶ, ሶኬት, መዝሙር


Shout out to Fantahun T from elementary, wherever he might be, whose ballpoint game used to be on point, especially the green one. Matter of fact, everything about him used to be on point. The smartest kid in school, well dug by the girls, good at football…I used to go green with envy. One time I had to rewrite a semester’s worth of ሳይንስ ደብተር trying to copy his dope ass hand writing and drawing. የልብ ስዕሉ ይምጣብኝ! Auricles and ventricles never looked better. Another time, word went out that he had recited a full passage from the እንግሊዝኛ መጽሀፍ. Can’t say I didn’t feel the pressure to accomplish the same feat. There was a third time when he had pronounced “frightened” as “ፍሪግዜንድ”; I had half a mind to follow suit. But, hey! Even our English teacher used to say “ኔግሃቡር”, “ዳንጀሪዮስ”,… በወቅቱ ከርሱና ከሌላኛው ጓደኛችን ዘለግ እል ስለነበር used to feel a bit self-conscious and shortness had seemed appealing. Last time we met a bunch of years ago, he was taller than me, if memory serves. And I am left to rue my foolish childhood wishes, አሁን በሰው ሃገር የሰው ዛፍ እያየሁ እያንገበገበኝ::

It be that way that sometimes: one starts the morning with a መዝሙር on one’s lips, to come home in the wee hours of the morning to a verse from the same song, after a night of carousing:


An observation: corroborating the observation of a former roommate, English language proficiency shows a marked improvement upon consumption of ethanol.

Sometimes a look at a plug and a song suggests itself, somehow, someway.


The sober One’s English is kind of shaky. So one checks to see if “plug” is the right word here, and not “socket”. Then one goes on a tangent, thinking about how in some corners “the gender of connectors and fasteners” could be considered cheeky and politically incorrect.



 fall short

‘Twas a cold, crisp evening

The tail end of a gloomy, lazy day

Hanging by the bus stop

Trying to get on my way


Planning my leisure like

The hub better have some good shit tonight

Just chillin’, literaሌ

Lol and behold

Sure enough to confirm my thoughts

Along came a mutherfucker

Proudly wearing shorts

አይ ፈረንጅና ቁምጣው! 🙂

ለነገሩ ሁሉም  ከኛ ነው የሄደው



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