enquan dehna metachu

I was sitting at work today and it just started snowing, it really is starting to bother me now, the weather in the Midwest just changes everyday. Then I said to my self, well I should not complain, it not like CROZET, the island located in southern Indian ocean, where the four seasons are experienced in one day. So I decided to think of a happy place, then Italy came to mind. I remembered this place that I heared about in Calabrese, and some province there, which I thought was Galiciano ( later tried to Google it, and the name does not exist)… Well any way it could also have been Aspromonte, ..or my mind is playing tricks on me, I know I heared it correctly or I thought so…..( this is the part where Papiy says ATIWOZAGEBI, ). Any way at this place there is this stream of very cold water, the locals believe it to have a power of making any guy and a lady drinking together fall in love. It could work or not…. , Well I was thinking of going there with you Tibe when you proposed….. the idea of sharing a blog. …. oh my, where are my manners, I did not even introduce my self.. My dad named me Bethelehem , people know it as the birth place of Jesus, but it is Hebrew word and it means ” house of bread”, or as some of my friends call me ” Yedabo bet”.

I am not much of a writer, but it will be interesting to read what I will come up with in the next…. well I do not know exactly , we will just have to wait and see. Tilish thanks for the inspiration, well papiye we are partners ( in blog) now till death do us part.


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  1. getere
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 02:08:00

    what you wrote kind of confused. snow in ityopia? …until i knew it was not Tibe but you.keep updating us. and plz post some pics.


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