2. Sost setoch……… 186 days to go

Picking up from where I left off last time, my second fear of relationships is, for lack of a better term, boredom. Once I am in a stable relationship with a girl, all the anticipation might die out and I might end up dreaming of the times I was happily chasing her. A while back, Betty forwarded me the saying “the journey is the reward”, that so eloquently describes a recurring theme in my life. So many times I have longed for something only to reminisce fondly, once I got there, of the path I took. Case in point- my college graduation.

Taking the above into account my ideal girl would be one to keep me dreaming of her even when we are sleeping side by side. Kind of like the Abinet Agonafir song that goes “tinafkignalesh derete lai honesh”. And her name would be “Serkaddis”.

My third fear is related with what I let describe my being .If I am not Tibebe the biochemistry masters student, then who am I ye all? My education is one of the few things I have going for me, along with my family and friends. It may be the only thing that I can approach a girl with.

There are these two girls whom I dig .One is a doctor and the other is an engineer. Let’s be honest, biochemistry is not as “prestigious” a profession as the other two (remember that scene from shark tale where Oscar is told by Mr. Sykes of his status in the hierarchy ?). If I get the courage to express my feelings to either or both, I fear that they may be looking for (or already have found) someone from their own ranks. And even if they don’t have a problem with my being, I hate the probability of me developing an inferiority complex once we are in a relationship.

I equally hate the probability of having a superiority complex (does it come in the form of a complex?) if I get involved with someone of a “lesser” educational standing than me.

Enough with the fear business. I have two girls in mind but I am entitled to a third .I have three reasons to back me up on my claim. One, it is “macho March”: I can say whatever male chauvinistic crap I can think of. By the way, happy March 8! Second, the Central Statistics Authority has revealed that there are 120,000 more females than males in Addis Ababa. I am feeling the moral obligation of coming to the rescue of all the damsels in distress. Remember the murderer from last time? I now think that he should be charged with the unwise use of resources: driving all those kilometers and committing some dumb shit when he could have had his pick of worthy substitutes.

The third reason is part geometry and part physical chemistry. When a guy is romantically involved with two girls, it is called a love triangle. Add one chick to the picture and what do you have? That is right, a triangular  pyramid .Now, the straight lines formed by every person could have easily given a rectangle or a square. But the uneven force of attraction/repulsion along sides and diagonals would destabilize the structure. This is the basis of the unwritten fourth law of thermodynamics, ‘‘Straight lines tend to aggregate and form an energetically favored structure namely a solid”.

This might sound pathetic, coming from a guy who is not too keen on numbers and has never been in a relationship. But if anybody is wondering about the number of girls needed to have a lasting and solid relationship, three seems to be the magic number. I mean, look at the pyramids:4,000 years on, they are still going strong.

Wait a sec, the pyramids have a rectangular base – the more chicks for me 🙂



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