When passion takes over………., what ? … Pysics?

Ok Tilish so as not to MAWOZAGEB you, this is the one and only Betty, but which one?, since sometimes she has a multiple personality.

This week has been OK , the weather in the Midwest still ” TEWKAKTOBETAL”. I spent most of the week in the library, opening a physics book after some 5 or 6 years……( I cannot believe it is that long)… it was kind scary, but I had no choice, I mean the cover of the book was telling me that I was dummy..( well it was titled Physics Demystified).. which do you think is worse, thinking that you are dumb or being told by a non living thing that you are….. ouch that hurt, so I had no choice to just escape the cover. …. the clock started ticking, 1 minute passed and then the longer arm struck 10 minute mark. I looked up and out the window, I spotted a geese couple outside ( well I assumed they would be couples), by the little pond. What kind of geese? well through my reading I Can only identify the Egyptian geese… and these were not, well I am not an ornithologist so sue me…, they were enjoying the water, the ice that formed has somewhat melted, they were enjoying what they got after such a long and dreadful winter. It made me wonder how they survived it. Could they have gone into hibernation, or could they have migrated like their distant cousins the pelicans and flamingos( well they are all Aves), to lake Abijata and lake Shala( which serve as a restaurant or a motel respectively like Tibe used to put it, Oh, the first time I saw the flamingos and the pelicans, it was 4 years ago… exciting stuff, it felt like oh… il cielo sulla terra.. heaven on earth, OK” Sakabid new”, gin it was great. Remember Tibe, first we went to Awash national park, got lost so many times to get there, I wished we had a navigational ability like the homing pigeon. Then we went to Langano and then to Abijata. That day is so memorable because in the morning when I am supposed to see the birds, my eye glasses broke, so I had to ride with our Animal ecology prof. Afework. to the lake, and when we were about to park the car, I saw a creature lying on the the stem of a tree, I shouted a Chameleon, I was excited because I haven’t seen a live one before, Prof. Afework laughed at me and he said this is a lizard and proved that I was blind indeed with out my eye glasses. But the good thing is I never have to use eyeglasses to see the birds because we have to use binoculars. …… Who ever invented the binoculars, or simple eye glass for that matter,… you guys rock ). where was I, Yeah but I doubt the geese reached that beautiful country in the horn of Africa. What ever they did they survived the winter and here they are enjoying life. All this made me want to be like them, free of the everyday life worries,…… would us the Homo sapiens be happy if we just lived not worrying about what tomorrow might bring? … I said back to reality Betty this would never happen, but what if , what if , it did? just then I realized we would have died of hunger, hunger? yeah hunger of the loss of challenge that the everyday life brings. I mean mind you the birds have challenge too, but they do not waste their energy thinking what to do about it, they just do it when the time comes. But for us challenge is what drives us.

But whether we like it or not, we have a tie with any God’s creature, that is our purpose in life, every creature knows and understands it better than us though, so they waste every energy they have to fulfil that……. Oh, I forgot to say what it is, the purpose of life is to make sure that our genes are transferred to the next generation. Well that is survival of the fittest to you, the one who has transferred his gene to the next generation survives. But the Homo Sapiens do not understand that, rather than forwarding our energy to good use, we prefer to forward it to destruction.

People have asked me why I love learning about animals? What started it all? What is the point of wasting every money into researches about animals, plants, the rain forest. My obsession with the wild life ethology is the best thing that ever happened to me, but that is another story. For now lets stay and talk about Rain forests.

About 3 weeks ago there was a show on AC 360….. many environmentalists, the government were trying to catch those destroying the rain forest. The people go under the most arduous road, very unpredictable weather conditions. to save what is left of this pristine habitat. The term ” Rain forest” was first coined in 1898 by a German botanist named Schimper to describe the forests that grow in constantly wet conditions. There are different types of rain forests , but let’s leave that to the taxonomists. But what is it about rain forest that causes such strong feelings?

Well the book ” The last Rain forests” forwarded by DAVID ATTENVOROUGH, summarizes why all the people in the world are dependent on it. Some of the main reasons are

IT provides home for millions of tribal people, who are adapted to life in this unique and beautiful habitat, do not these people have a right to live there, I mean, do not we have a right to sleep in our bed.

But those of us who do not live there depend on it as much, these forests may receive periodic doses of heavy rain, but give out steady supply water, which most of us take for granted, but the worst of it all is , the loss of the genetic resources contained in the forests which are common heritage of human kind . Most of us do not know this, although the rain forest covers less than about 6% of the earth’s land area, more than 50% of all Sp. are found here, and this genetic diversity may well prove to be vitally important to the future welfare of the human race. Scientist already derived many important medicines and drugs from small groups of plans Sp. that are unique to this great habitat. But what is becoming more of a near future reality is that, the danger of finding that just when the curtain covering Natures’ medicine shelf is being opened, we have lost the contents. Deforestation is also associated with the spread of diseases like Malaria,Leshmaniasis. I donot want to pass this opportunity with out admiring the MASSI tribe in kenya, these people sure know how to live harmoneously with the wild… GO MASSI, GO MASSI ….. IT is your birthday…… I know this is becoming more of an Ecology 101 lesson, I am sorry, and at the risk of boring you I have to continue writing. So bear with me.

One thing , us, Homo Sapiens like is to be abel to see a beautiful thing. Well Homo Sapiens chicks are one……( yeah that is right, I mean do not we all love looking at those sinfully beautiful people……. , Beyonce, JLO,…… OK OK,…. those beautiful Abesha girls with those de·li·cious body…. I mean we girls love looking at them too, although what we would be thinking at the time may differ from what the guys may think or is it the same… I do not know.). Any way my point is we all love looking at those we consider beautiful, and the chicks are easy to conserve. But there are those that can be extinct forever.

Some of my favourite South American creatures are …

The bald Uakari ( Cacajao, caluus)

Black howler mokeys(Alouatta Caraya )

The leaf cutter ants( Atta Cephalotes) ( well this is amazing stuff, the male dies after mating, but it does not really matter, remember the fact about purpose of life. And the amazing stuff is they understand fungus farming, a story for another time)

I hope this convinced you to better understand nature, for those of you who could not get it still, well go and read some books on rain forests. If you are not still getting it , then leave the book aside and start living in the real world, because it cannot get any real than this

Papiy, I still cannot believe you forgot, Tilish , still didnot get pics. Oh my God I knew I forgot something,,, my physics book is still staring at me, waiting for me to wake up from my dream… or whatever engulfed me or hallucinated me. so long every one



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