3. Sostegnaw tsihuf ….184 days to go

I interrupt my regular blogging to bring you a special announcement.
Happy birthday Betty!
Wishing you the best life has got to offer on both sides of the millennium and looking forward to staying on the same page with you though we might be in different continents.

Today’s is the third blog post proper that I have written on this site. And all the three posts have been influenced by things that come in threes. You know what they say, “third time is a charm ‘’. I hope to write something good this time.

The Chinese believe that the number 8 brings luck:
Telephone number 8888-8888 was sold for USD$270,723 in Chengdu
The Summer Olympics in Beijing are scheduled to open on 8/8/08 at 8:08:08 p.m
A man in Hangzhou offered to sell his license plate reading A88888 for 1.12 million yuan
Dragon Fish Industry in Singapore, a breeder of rare Asian Arowanas (which are “lucky fish” themselves, and, being a rare species, are required to be microchipped), makes sure to use numbers with plenty of eights in their microchip tag numbers, and appears to reserve particularly numbers especially rich in eights and sixes (e.g. 702088880006688) for particularly valuable specimens.

I was watching the Oscars and there was Peter O’Toole, who has been nominated eight times but had never won. Then the host (Ellen Degeneres) says that he could win this year: after all “third time is a charm”. A cruel joke, and he did not get lucky either.

Let me take you one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven digits away from the number three. Two thousand – I want to talk about the Ethiopian Millennium .It so happens that today, putting Pagume aside, marks halfway to the end of this year., I am a bit skeptical of our preparation as a nation. There are plans and talk here and there but I am not feeling the action. Why wait until Sene to start the celebrations? Given our tardiness aiming for right about now would have been probably better to start actually doing things on Sene. Better yet, why haven’t we celebrated all the thirteen months? Our mediocrity (not our poverty) is making a golden break pass us by. By the end of the year, I am afraid that there will be nothing much special to make Ethiopians feel that they have celebrated the occasion in style, as a people.

I expected a lot in terms of creative ways of marking the event but not forthcoming. 80 million people and what we have to show for 2G is a few thematic garments and jewelry? That’s where I have seen the most creativity. A national council has been established to oversee the celebration. There is the countdown clock at the gates of the Sheraton and even ETV has started counting down the days. The Diasporas have setup some websites about the subject (e.g. http://www.ethiopianmillennium.com ). Still, we need more schemes and events that can rise to the occasion.
For the sake of argument, let us assume that we have managed to come up with a decent and achievable national plan (it is not often that we do). Then three months would be too little time to cram all of the planned happenings into.
Just yesterday, a friend brought to my attention a new way of giving someone the middle finger. Raise the three middle fingers and say “read between the lines”. Nice, ain’t it?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. wezgabochu
    Mar 13, 2007 @ 02:46:00

    Hey sugarThanks, you made my day.Like tilish said, the our 2000 is hot stuff, a lot of people are already having a reservation of plane tickets, I fear the land will be filled with people, esp. Addis and you might be able to expereience China right at home.It has already taken over the NIGID.


  2. getere
    Mar 12, 2007 @ 14:00:00

    our 2000 is a hot issue everywhere. as if we’d find something totally new and beautiful once we reach 0. for me celebration is a reward for an accomplishment. i think we need to work hard before celebrating.


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