4.Gudayu fikirin yimeleketal……179 days to go

Tibebe on your monitor,ya man!(and woman too)
On this post i wanted to talk about the millennium -kind of elaborate on my expectations on both a personal and an Ethiopia level.But I am struggling to get it out :may be some other time .
I desperately want to post something today.Having been writing on a two days’ basis, endi sitefa min yibalal?
I have decided on this instead .Tilaye ,you have read it before, so don’t bother (except if you fancy knowing her name).Sami, you know her name,here are the letters.Betty,I am sure you will catch on.
How is a photo of zebras in Nich Sar park(guys we should go there sometime) related to this situation?It is not!I just loved the “I got your back!” pose.The lions(not shown here) be laughing like “Yeah right!”
Does anyone have any idea about the meaning of her name?If i did,I would have looked for a more appropriate picture.
letter 1
dear sir/madam
i hope you don’t (beg you not to) stop reading this letter when i tell u that it has got nothing to do with coffee or business.it is sort of a social call.and if u are ato – ,i would like to assure u that i don’t mean any disrespect or harm. i have been – corny as it might sound -an admirer of – for about five years . we have never talked and there is a probability that she does not even know that I exist(boo hoo).
lately, i have been having this crazy idea about e mailing her to let her know what’s up.i do not know her address so i trial and errored about twenty accounts that seemed sensible to me but to no avail.
here is the plan
u give her this message,she e mails me back,we fall in love,get married(ato -,with your consent ,of course) ,have twelve kids and live happily ever after.
just kidding.
if it is not too much trouble would u please inform her about this e mail and kindly ask her if she is willing to write me back and or even give me her e mail account so that i can write her an e mail proper.if she is spoken for,doesn’t want to wirte me or what not ,would somebody write me back and let me know. whatever the answer,i promise to be a perfect gentleman in handling it.and if no,next time u hear from me will be if i have something about coffee
i hope this letter is not unsettling because there is no reason to make anyone unsettled ,especially -.after sending this e mail your way the first thing i am going to do is check my inbox :that is how anxious i am for a reply.
thank u for your time
thank u in advance for any kind of reply.
have a nice day
p.s. how i got your e mail address is mostly internet work and no one but me was involved.


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebe
    Mar 20, 2007 @ 13:18:00

    i am not planning on writing her again and i am not planning to do anything else on the matter. i am trying to “get over her”and yes ,every now and then i get the feeling that she is too good for me;though i wish i didn’t and know i shouldn’t.


  2. Anonymous
    Mar 20, 2007 @ 11:37:00

    no no no. you can’t get away with it that easily. how long do you plan to keep writing? btw esti tell me one thing, do you by any chance think she’s too good for you?


  3. tibebe
    Mar 20, 2007 @ 06:55:00

    tilaye,i see you have not forgotten your teretina misale ,ashmur,…….and betty i see you have been talking about me behind my back licho,both of you.but seriously.i agree with what the two of you are saying a 110%.but i can not get myself to do it.i am part of a dying breed of pathetic people who still rely on letters to do the trick.no,robel does not know.tilaye,you may be right about the fantasy stuff.while on the topic ,have you seen ‘wicker park”?it is about this guy who is into this girl.what he does not know about is that another girl was into him the whole time.may be there is a girl who likes seeing me same way i do sinit.don’t say it – i know that i am a hopeless case.


  4. wezgabochu
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 23:19:00

    you know what, I agree with tilish too. Try to talk to her, If she knew you half as much as I know you, she will never let you go. Besides, it will be a beneficial expereince, whether it works or not. Because, it will be like coming out of a shell and since there are plenty of fish in the water, when the next one comes, it will be much easier. ( robbie sure worries about you, we used to discuss what to do with you at times, do you remember tilsih?) Where is this coming from? well, it remindes me of the same situation I have been under, I took my time and lost. As for what we have, well, there is one thing I know, ur presence made my life a more beautiful one and I am forever greateful to God for letting me be your friend. Because, you always found a way to make my days bright. You and Sammi are the two people that never judged me,You and Dinicho are always my sanctuaries. I can be my self around you , believe me u may see me laughing out loud infront of people most of the time, but at the back of my mind ” andande, iyetesakeku new”, Never told you this, or may be I did, when things seem so hard, I go out and look for you, Tibe, and you always know what to say. I never had any one like that, probably never will have. I could talk all day and this page will not be enough. I am glad to be one part of the pyramid though. But more than that you are my family.


  5. Anonymous
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 21:10:00

    eneko yemaygebagn neger gizew eko ahun new. gara lay teqemiTo niqisatuan eyadenequ wef meTebeq eko diro qere. ahun ahun eko tibe qereb bilo manager denb new.eski min tibalalachihu hulet wezgaboch. abet abet.does robel know? why don’t you ask him to get you in contact? no jokes tibe. if you’re serious about it then you should talk to her. either it will work out or not. you may see the result as lose/win situation but i don’t think it is. whatever happens you’ll win b/c you’ll have done what you should. and you can’t expect the other person to agree to whatever you’re saying. all that matters is whether you do your part or not. but if you sit your ass there fantansizing about all sort of things, then you can’t get anywhere.and believe me tibe what you’re feeling is not love. you need to have some kind of r/ship. otherwise you’ll blow things out of proportion. your smallest encounters with girls will add to your fantasies. a girl says hi to you and you’d think about her for months.again, plz do contact her.


  6. tibebe
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 11:23:00

    “….have a thing for her….”i don’t want to name my feelings towards her because i do not know what they are .i like seeing her. in fact i like seeing her so much that it was because of her that i chose to sit where we used to in the library.hell!the reason i started to go to the library was to have a glimpse or twenty of her.i even became a regular in church because it presented another opportunity of seeing her(especially after she went to techno).tuesday evenings came after her.the fact that she is a catholic is not of the essence :i believe that love is bigger than religion and my desire is to be a man of faith – not a religious person. her being an engineer has no bearing on the matter,i must add. it has been six years and it is still going on.the only difference is, in church, i now have started sitting where i will not be able to get a shot of her. i hope this brings some sort of closure because i am getting tired of not being able to do anything about it.the only time i have talked to her was this january: she was talking to robel and i said hi.if nothing else ,she will be remembered for saving my ass both in the worldly and spiritual senses. i have continued to go to the library and church even when she was/is not around. if it was “love” or anything of that sort ,i guess that there would have been no need for this here paragraph.and infatuations don’t remain for that long either(do they?).but what makes my feelings even more confusing and undefinable is that i feel almost the same way about another girl. you know her-it’s -.i did not get to see her relatively that often and now thatshe has graduated ,the chance of doing so is going to be minimal.the third and the only girl with whom i have/had a meaningful relationship of any kind is ,of course you.i do not know what the future holds for us(the pact maybe?).but what we have right now ,i cherish and do not ever want to lose. i pray i am speaking the truth.there you have it betty-all my cards on the table and my complete pyramid .


  7. wezgabochu
    Mar 17, 2007 @ 11:04:00

    you know why tilsh had no comment, well he wanted me to be the one to confess, you see, one day we talked about it, and he gave me the password for your e-mail account,( he didnot know that he gave me though, like I have been saying, I had hypnotized him) so sometime during december I was checking your inbox, and found an e-mail from -, you can imagine, my frustration, so I deleted it…… opps sorry………………….. that was on the deleted comment.Ok, ok, ok…. ( trying to sound like Leo from lethal weapon), serioulsy, you know how good I am with computers so, when I saw ” yetederarebe neger”, like u see on the first comment I thought it was from the way I wrote it, ( now thinking about it, I feel really stupid, donot say that you have been telling me), so I removed it and wrote it again, the whole content is the same as my 2nd comment.And I am really dissapointed in you, shame on you for leading me on all this time when you had a thing for -, I mean what does she have that I donot have, is it because she is an engineer?, or because her name is so so…. ?, well I donot know, it is time for me to get depressed. Gotta call Dr. Phil or something. And hey you , tilish I need that scotch wiskey from scotland.


  8. Anonymous
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 23:51:00

    no comment.


  9. wezgabochu
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 10:05:00

    you might know the girl:she was our junior and went to techno .and that is her real name.i googled her (her name being unique and all) and found the e mail address of her father’s coffe export company named after her sister.how did i know her sister’s name? i eavesdropped on people calling her.how did i know the father’s name?back in 94 i saw it on the notice board during placement.i sent the e mail on november i guess.no reply.may be i got the wrong address or she did not receive it.or may be she hates my guts.i hope you are more confused.and don’t sweat it.even if she is willing to have me ,i still got room.what was the deleted comment about ?


  10. wezgabochu
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 00:14:00

    Hey tibeWuzgibgiben awotahew, I mean I really appreciate that you think very highly of me, but at times I cannot catch on…… but are you talking bout Yebuna sini, well if I get it right… horray betty, if not well like my freind Tico used to say” Neger Be gulucose” so Be gulucose Tisetugnalachu.P.s having twelve kids inside our little Gojo, ( yeah agerbet yalew gojo, the one given to us as a wedding present) was my fantasy so shame on you for stealing that from me, shame on you indeed.


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