one year older?

yeah one of us is one year older now. i wonder….how long will we say happy birthday to each other. even when we get old? wait a minute if we get very old then birthdays will be celebrated. i guess children and old ppl are meant to celebrate birthdays. so where do we fall? don’t say children now. giTiT. and definitely not old.

ya ya what matters is what you have done, and not your age, and birthday is just a day each second you’re getting older and its not like you get one year old right on your birthday, hour, minute, second, …minamin. but that aside how do you feel on your birthday?

A. Today is my day 8)

B. I’m dying 😦

C. I’m not achieving what I wanted 👿

D. I should talk to that techno girl, my dream girl before I die 😯

E. I should study marine biology and live with Tibe and Sami and all my other friends for the rest of my life 💡

F. None of the above (left for senai to choose) 😐

I’ve circled D. Mekorej aychalim.

if our moms told us our birthday is wrong, can we argue otherwise?


I saw The Fountain. i can’t get it out of my head. if you like spirituality, fantacy, scifi kind of movies then go for it.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is also a good one. Jim Carrey acting as a sensitive and loving person. No feTaTa qeldoch. Can you imagine it? He does it really well too.

I usually take a long time searching for good movies. is helping me out. The ratings and the recommendations are reasonable. Sometimes good ones don’t get good rates and bad ones are praised but generally fair.

Anyone seen The Fountain…how did you interpret it.

melkam lidet t

Now, May is supposed to be a month for finales – premier league, fa cup, champions league, american idol,…. But you had to begin on May. Here is to a brand new season of you and to good ratings (so that they won’t pull you off the air)

12.Lemadreg yemifeligachew negeroch(kememote befeet ena behuala)……..104 days to go


 I have an hour or so to do this thing. I have a feeling that it is going to be heartbreakingly short: I mean my heart, not yours.

Yeseferachin menged asphalt  lidereg new. The tree you see on the picture was cut down to make way for the construction. And yes that is our house. On the topic of trees, a person was suggesting how humans could be of use to the environment even after they are dead. He said that if trees were planted over peoples’ graves, the trees would thrive (on the decomposing bodies) and global warming can be combated. I think it is better than building useless statues.

At our house we were discussing about a program that was broadcast on Etv. Nowadays, the transmission is from 12a.m. to 12p.m. -12 hours of crap. Members of the Ethiopian writers’ association were debating on the culture of reading. One member said they set up a pavilion during one bazaar at the exhibition centre and few people even bothered to give the books a glance. Instead, he said people seemed more interested in the biscuit stand next to them. 

No arguments there-hod yikedmal. But, taking myself as an example, I also have to agree that reading is not en vogue these days. When I was in elementary school, I used to bring books from yegash Habte Sellasie bet (props to him) and read my ass off. Some of my favorites from back then were Birkirikta ,Sabela, Efoyta, Asqual, Fikir Eskemekabir wezete. Somewhere down the line I resorted to films and then to music as favorite pass times. Now I am not too keen on films but music I still love. The only films I have truly enjoyed this year are If only and Stolen summer.

But the reading, I have not back into. Let alone for pleasure, I am having difficulty reading for marks.I wish I could read as passionately as I used to .May be I will, someday.

Robel gave me -’s phone number saying he had told her that I wanted to talk to her and she said to call her. About the last part, I think  he was playing with me and I did not call her. Even if he was speaking the truth, what was I going to say? There is this joke bedergue gize these two people meet and neither was bold enough to break the ice .Finally the guy summons all his courage and says “Enante kebele shera chama metual?” In comparison to me, this guy is oozing with charm.

So she is the one whom I want happy or honey to accidentally call for me. A weak plan, a manipulation of innocent souls and one I am not really serious about. But I got to tell her somehow: preferably before I die and more realistically before yeferedebet millennium. Or the other way round. 

I know I suck.


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