10.wey wered….!…….134 days to go(the last entry on reallifelog)

PSA: Trying to read this thing right here all at once is going to have  serious repercussions on your health. I have been known to bore people to sterility. You have been warned!

First off footballJ

Someone is like “I’ll wipe that smirk off your face!” Anywho, Manchester United are doing their supporters proud these days. Last Tuesday was great and yesterday was even better. I hope next Wednesday is going to turn out just as good a day. I would rather  they clinch the Premier League title on Saturday against Manchester City than against Chelsea .Then united can win a derby and at the same time get to walk through two lines of applauding Chelsea players at Stamford Bridge. They did Chelsea the honors two seasons back .Wouldn’t it be something if the tables were to turn this season?


Fingers crossed! For a while anyway cuz I am not done typing.


Here comes the gloomy part. Football aside, last week was full of gut wrenching stories. Sixty five Ethiopians (+9 Chinese) oil workers being killed in Ogaden; bombs being thrown at dinkuans for the lekso of these people and more getting killed; the fighting in Mogadishu where there is bound to be Ethiopian soldiers dying and limited resources are being spent on a war which I doubt any good is going to come out of (and what is war good for anyway); the horror that is Iraq; reading about an eight year old girl who was raped and killed(Lord ,she is younger than Kuku! ) ; video surfacing of a 12 year old beheading a human….Week before last it  was Virginia Tech and again, Iraq.


Muslims are involved in all but two of the above stories. But I am not trying to take a shot at Muslims or their faith. My opinion on the subject is clearly stated on my seventh post .I was merely trying to give examples of humanity gone bad, the evil we humans (not Muslims) are capable of at our worst. The Rwandan people are mostly Catholic and the Germans are largely Protestant .But Christianity did not prevent the Genocide and the Holocaust from happening; in Rwanda even priests and nuns were involved in the killings and bells at The Vatican were tolled to announce the “fall” of Ethiopia to the fascists.


Through the centuries horrible crimes had always been committed in the name of one religion or another .And today, even though the spotlight is on Islamist terrorism  , subtle and blatant sins continue to unfold under the same pretext, across  different religions. In addition, there is countless more evil in the world that does not try to relate itself with good- not that it gets bonus points for this. Even for some of the examples that I mentioned, seemingly down to earth reasons like liberation, sovereignty, stability, peace, may be given .But the way we go about these things is……let’s face it we are humans: we do not know better.


All around the world, everyday, there is news of unjust life and death. Yehagere sew yezhi gize min yilal “wey fered wey wered” (shout out to Etemete). I am not so down with the fered part because I know that I am a sinner capable of reaching to greater heights of sin. I have not yet learned to hate sin and not sinners. But I am all for the wered part (if it refers to His coming and not his abdicating).My religion happens to be one of them religions that have The Judgment Day in their dogma. For all their differences, there is a consensus among many religions that we are weak creatures living in a world destined to end.

                                                ###FULLSIZE:http://vfs.reallifelog.com/2007/04/29/d98dcb273d99472751f975faf030189c.jpg### ###THUMBNAIL:http://vfs.reallifelog.com/2007/04/29/9b21a6e668002d849ee31b88604b0e0c.jpg### ###ID:47914###



So every now and then I long for that day to come. There are also times I wish I was dead; partly because I do not want to see any of the people I hold dear die and partly because I get sick/afraid of seeing and hearing evil happen to other people. I know it is selfish of me.


But there is one problem; I am not a good person .If I continue this way, I am afraid I won’t make it to Purgatory let alone Heaven. The “beauty” of the Catholic doctrine is that there is an intermediary fate between Heaven and Hell. In a nutshell Purgatory is a place where some people are purified of their sins through tribulation and ultimately go to heaven .Until recently there was also a fourth fate, limbo, which was more of a hypothesis than a dogma. It was thought to be a place/s where children who die unbaptized and righteous people who died before the coming of Christ were sent to spend eternity without communion with God .Two or so weeks ago the babies’ part was abolished by the Vatican and they were declared to go straight to heaven. People were giving all sorts of comments on that. One guy went “how about doing away with the concept of hell? Afterall, look around!’’ .Dude, I do not think they are going to do that anytime soon. I also think things are going to get a lot worse on this earth and hell is going to be the worst.


Ena min yishalal? I do not want to go to hell and judgment day is not goinig to be a joke either.it might be a good thing to take things  one day at a time  and just focus on doing good on a daily basis.And despite my pessimism about the future,I hope John Mayer’s belief that ths generation can be a force for positive change rubs off on me.Here is


Just a thought:I wonder what kind of music our kids are going to listen to .Would hip hop be the new oldies?


Friday, on my way back from Pasteur, I saw this girl wearing a pant with “don’t touch” written across the  booty. Actually, it was more like “don’t touth’’. You know the Chinese; for all their economic might, they have not perfected their English yet; at least not on garments. I have seen and heard accounts of “bra” written on panties and pants with “quality shirt” on them. May be the clothes they export to developed countries bear the proper writings.


On the news I saw that activists are calling on countries to boycott the Beijing Olympics. They allege that by buying 2/3 of Sudan’s oil product and developing the wells, China is funding the genocide in Darfur. There was a message from an organization that had nas in its name (just like my one of my favorite rappers) telling people to tell other six about the tragedy in Darfur. It said that we vowed not to let it happen again but hundreds of thousands of people are already dead. Some may feel like unlike Rwanda, the issue has gained wide coverage because Sudan has beef with the U.S. But that is besides the point .People are acting real f@#$ing stupid and cruel (as usual): killing, raping, displacing by the thousands. Please search for the website and at least try to see what is happening.


I think  the Democratic Republic of Congo deserves a special mention as another place where  human life is losing its value .Incidentally, we play against them in Kinshasa,today.


Where was I? Yeah, the girl with the writing on the booty .She got me thinking “Thanks to you we have refused to obey orders from The Higher Being let alone from our kind. We would not have been in this mess if it was not for you; now, would we? This post would have been about the great day I spent conversating with all sorts of animals. But you had to ruin it for everyone, didn’t you?” 

It is a vicious cycle with you ladies. You made us touch the forbidden and after we have seen you in your  splendor, you yourself tell us not to touch?! Screw that! I am touching-but not today.


Still ,I got love for the ladies; especially for my mom, four sisters, aunt and Betty. Matter of fact, they show me more love than I do them. That’s why I intend to improve on my loving. I believe that some ribs is too small a price to pay for having them in our lives .I also hope to find one more woman to strengthen my belief. This despite the joke (Tilaye told me) that goes Adam was told that his companion is going to have an amazing list of qualities but that would cost him like an arm and a leg. He then asked what he could get for some ribs and bam! A woman!


If I had written this yesterday, it would have ended here. But I am glad I didn’t cuz something happened today. I was coming from church and sitting window side on the row of seats immediately behind the driver. At the Ourael traffic lights my sister pulls up next to us. Then the driver starts making unsavory remarks on her appearance. He even tries to waive at her (later on I discovered that she did not even see him).he did not say anything I would not in the company of my friends; I just did not have the courage/rudeness to say them out on the open. So I got angry and told him that anything he had to say, I would tell her for him because she was my sister. He apologized and I went on about how he would have felt if people were talking about him that way. When he invited me to do so I lied   saying I would not have done it to him because I was not like him.


But the truth is that I am just like him. And I had to learn the hard way how offensive these things could get. Day in day out I make fun of somebody’s sister, daughter, girlfriend , wife … I have now realized that doing it in the confines of a group of perverts like me does not make it okay.


I have decided to stop making such remarks, anywhere.


You may go now (feels like the seventh period)




8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebe
    May 16, 2007 @ 11:03:43

    hey , is that not the way it is supposed to be done?the two headed beast i mean . and besides ,he did not know that she was 14 ;at least she does not look 14.


  2. tilaye
    May 15, 2007 @ 20:29:30

    the one simulating sex with teenage


  3. tibebe
    May 13, 2007 @ 15:05:37

    which guy


  4. tilaye
    May 09, 2007 @ 18:41:26

    that guy is one sick guy man.


  5. tibebe
    May 09, 2007 @ 15:14:50

    i just wish that people settled their differences through dialogue,trialogue,monologue or whatever.and even if they felt the “need” for war ,i wish they left religion and civilians out of it; fight soldier to soldier.and religions were used at alltimes for their original purpose-doing good.

    but living in this crazy world ,i know that this is a big ask.

    senai , i have seen your sister and i have to admit she is fine.still ,come on man!

    tilaye ,thanks for the comments on the appearance of the blog .in addition to all the reasons you have mentioned ,i think there are people who plain simple like underage kids and even infants. people doing this kind of thing are not normal(mentally) in my opinion. i think it is not surprising that mental cases come from all walks of life and be of different nationalities.

    in some parts of ethiopia you know that underage marriage is still practiced.and there is even a song that goes

    “basra amist ametwa tigegn beneberech
    endedamakese medhanit neberech”

    (shambel belayneh-yezinaye)

    word is that the original verse went like “basira and ametwa…..” before it was censored and the age went up to the more acceptable fifteen .ok , i am lying .

    senai, the list of the ladies in my life was put in a rough order of appearance.litatalan kefelgih atidikim because i am already mad at her.she has not wriitten anything for how long now?

    some weeks back Akon was on the news for simulating sex on stage with a 14 year old. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfMV6xY8JfU

    we are boycotting the beijing olympics.


  6. getere
    May 09, 2007 @ 12:24:51

    wow nice looking blog. the pic is awesome.

    as i was watching those series i stumbled upon a funny movie mocking that guy. it was something like,

    “sex predator” walks in the room and the guy from nbc immediately goes in
    guy from nbc “what are you doing here?”
    sex predator “i live here!” looool
    guy from nbc “you were going to meet a 15 year old”
    sex predator “I AM 15!”

    looool that was so funny


  7. senai
    May 08, 2007 @ 13:40:19

    Hey tibe realife is not working. can you post this where ever you can.

    You ever heard about this theory on religion. As far as I can remember here is how it goes. Societies who acquired religion earlier than other societies had a huge advantage over societies with no religion. One reason is religion justified the invading of inferior societies in the pretext of expanding the aggressor ideology i.e religion. At the same time religion made it possible, for the first time in history, to commit only a fraction of that society (the aggressor) to self sacrifice. Self sacrifice as compared to today’s suicide mission a.k.a terrorist is an extremely potent weapon. This is again due to the fact that the individual for such undertaking has come to terms that protecting and expanding the ideology or the religion is his/her own life mission. A good example of this is the invasion of the Spaniards of North America and later exterminating the red-Indians. In the end, it is clear that the Spaniards not only helped to expand Christianity but Christianity itself was instrumental in helping the Spaniards hidden agenda i.e controlling North America .

    Now how does this translate to today’s chaos? Everybody is freedom fighter ( Africa ), steward of democracy (#1 here is the U.S, policing the whole world) and the Muslims with their own version….the list is endless. I think it is about getting a resource using ideology.

    Living here, I can attest to the fluent Chinese English on clothing and the like. Actually, most garments come with a complete well written, very elaborate and insightful manual. For instance, the tags on most shirts explicitly advice to put an undershirt before putting a shirt. Indeed, I am mesmerized by Chinese English that I embark on my most ambitious plan i.e using Chinese cloths to advance my English skill. How about that:)

    “Still I got love for the ladies; especially for my mom, four sisters, aunt and Betty”. Tibe: I would add “….last but not least betty”…..dummy. You ever thought why we can’t marry our sisters. Do you think it is genetics or culture? If it is genetics then something must sto p you from romancing with your sister even though somehow you didn’t know each other since birth. If it is a culture why not an exception to a great sister like mine???

    About the taxi guy and rude remarks….The other day my brothers and I were watching a TV show called dateline. It is an investigation by a reporter. So this reporter was talking to online sex predator guys acting he was 13 year old girl. Next thing you know, the guys came to the reporter set up house to have sex. In America sexual intention with a minor (someone under 18) can send a person to jail (I think more than 10 years) and a bad life-time record. The amazing part is people from all walks of life were showing up. A teacher married with three kids (2 daughters), an Indian master student with a bad accent and scarf on his head (imagine!), a police officer, FBI officer, an actor (who got a lot of money and can get almost any girl), married guys of all age and profession, just to name a few. Type this on youtube To Catch a Sex Predator… My back hurts. Then you will see all kind of links on your right side of your screen. What do you make of it?


  8. getere
    May 08, 2007 @ 13:39:09

    Ha! my eyes were getting reaaaaly dizzy but the last paragraphs were my reward 🙂 nice point you got there.

    my glasses got broken today 😦 i’m glued to the screen now. ayi. arejehu beqa.

    i wrote the above comment yesterday. i couldn’t post it b/c the website didn’t work. why don’t you guys move to wezgabochu. they could block it any time but you can always come back here


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