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ok ok tibe, donot be mad at me. I know I have been gone too long, and untill I come with a very good excuse for it, here it goes……… . I hope we are here to stay, ahunima ende yemikezekiz shai keand sini wode and sini meglebabet. ………………………….And no this is not some ethology lesson.

life  has been good, being able to drive by myself for the first time was exciting but scary at the same time too. But God was with me all the way. The sun is out and like we used to say back at home ” eske ine ligochua new yewotachiw”, I donot know how I am gonna handle the summer, I never liked heat, but I donot like the cold weather either.  The last weeks I spent in the ER werenot that much interesting, I was bored, only one time one of the nurse’s asked for my help, I thought it would be a big thing, like , I donot know, but all he asked me was to slip a supporter under a girl’s arm when he lifts it. It was broken and the girl, I can see was in agony. I smiled , who knew , the method I used to help my mom with when she bakes very big breads, slipping a ” SEFED”  under the bread when she lifts it , would come in handy.

Mothers day is coming up, I really am amazed by the americans, they always find a way to make sure their loved ones are appreciated , or it could be something initiated by card, gift companies….. I wish we had something like that back home, have we ever made the effort to appreciate and thank our moms for what they do for us?,……. we love them in our own way, but we never show it…….. the ants do…… yeah the Driver ants……. they are amazing in a way that makes you say these are  really is the zenith of nature…. in a colony all of them are females, there is the queen, the workers, the guards……..,

the male, is a bizzar creature called sausage fly, has winges,…. when it flys and and somehow stumbles upon the army of driver ants…. oh boy,,,,,, they just literally snap its wings off, push/drive him into the chamber of their hills where the queen or the mother resides and make him mate with her… “poor sperm donor”, after the deed, he dies…….., but they also feed her, they go out in groups to hunt, what ever they find in their way they will be all over it, it is even said elephants run away because of them…….., what I saw in the Discovery channel had me open my mouth….. they climb trees, and they came across a slug,,,,, the poor slug well thought he stands a better chance , so threw himself to the ground,,,, well the problems is there are too many of them so he landed on a mass of the ants…. so they started to be all over him, but the slug had some other trickes up his sleeve, ( have you guys ever seen some silverish marks on the grounds around your house, we had so many of those back at home) any way that is the stuff the slug produces when moving around, it si mucus like and it protects it against friction…… so these ants got stuck on that…. some of them couldnot get themselves out…… , watching this I said to my self… Go slug, Go slug…….. they  made me take my word back…. the other ants started bringing soil and puting it on top of the slug… the logic behind it is, the soil sucks up all of the mucus and they can attack…. Amazing stuff huh………….. anyway they do all this and feed the queen, some groom her too and she is surrounded by all who would die for her if it comes to that,,,, if you were to ask them if they do this for love, they probably would say no…. but this is to protect their future sisters, they are  protecting the blue print.

 On wednsday , what I saw on anderson cooper , about an 18 yr old boy with cancer really made me think about my life. read what he writes everyday on, then type LevinStory)  and read what I got from CNN, under the title what ever we get in life is bonus

 what he said at the end really made me cry ……

“I don’t believe you can ask for any more, but if I could ask for something, it would be to be able to go outside into the glorious spring air, feeling healthy and blissfully clueless as to how lucky I was for it, if only just for an hour.”

 There are things that we take  for granted in life, most of them are simple but would make a difference in another people’s lives. I know I have to promise myself to be a better person, will I ever do it, I hope so.



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  1. tibebeantonios
    May 17, 2007 @ 12:22:08

    chris rock was talking about how there were not enough songs dedicated to fathers.there are many “momma i love you ,momma i care,you are the queen of my heart ,…” ones .but when it comes to fathers there is ” poppa was a rolling stone..”

    one of my favorite songs from yelijoch gize was ” asadigagnalech bedihnet akimua…..”.i then try to remember songs about fathers guess what i find ? “tew ababa….ataskefat enaten…”

    cut us some slack will you?! i hope to be a father someday dammit!


  2. getere
    May 12, 2007 @ 12:11:45

    the girl didn’t see you smiling did she?

    go slung go slung. looool. ha ha ha. its moving isn’t it. seeing some creature fight for its life. you become on their side. mts. few days ago i watched a group of wolves all over a deer. its a sad scene. eza dires min askedegn. my cat is eating lots of rabbits. damn rabbits. they don’t run. RUN damn it, RUN! they just hop ezish ezach and she catches up to them. i don’t think they’re used to predators. so my cat thinks she’s the best hunter in edinburgh. ok back to your story. smart slung. didn’t know that jelly thingie can be used for this.

    didn’t read the boy’s story. i know its sad. the key thing is to stick to God. i hope the boy believes in God.


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