11. Sayidegis ayitalam and vice versa ……………122 days to go


You are in for a treat: Betty and me writing on the same day. Ain’t that something? Be sure to enjoy both.


We have become quite the blog hoppers. Used to have one here until it became inaccessible and a second one there until it started making funny noises: this one time it called out to me saying “you call this writing?!” Ergo our third effort and its subsequent title. I thought about making the tag line “we write here-at least for now’’. But after much profound brain things inside my head (I just love this expression), I have decided to be optimistic and leave it in the present form.

As for Betty, I don’t know where she is. And honestly speaking, I am tired of packing and unpacking the camels by myself (“zelan” was a candidate for the name of the blog)

The past two weeks were full of happenings that stirred up my rather mundane existence. There was the ball retracting defeat of Manchester United to AC Milan the Wednesday before last; my balls are still up there. We got to have the premiership; the guard of honor and all but nothing (football wise) seems as exciting anymore. On a positive note, some guys hooked me up with polyethylene glycol (no it is not a hallucinogen) and others with a bottle to put it in. Still more letters to be written but the acquisition of funding for the project is on the right track. It has been a dream of mine to score 4.00 in college. At long last; I got to do that last semester. “Careful what you wish for because you just might get it ’’ The flip side is that we only took a one credit course during the specified time: apparently my seminar was smoking.


After much delay, we will take immunology this semester. I applied for a masters in molecular medicine in Berlin. I know what you are going to say after all the things I have been declaring on T’s bits. I still stand by them in a modified kind of way. I never thought I would get the chance to apply for a scholarship given my grades. If it miraculously works out, I am still packing my bags first thing after graduation. Beza lay gena baltechebete neger hod eyebasegn new.


A possibility also arose that I might be doing some teaching.


All these seemingly good things reminded me of the saying “when everything is coming your way, you must be in the wrong lane”. Under these kinds of situations, I usually fear that I have had my share of good and brace myself for the bad. But someone up there keeps on surprising me in more ways than one.

I always felt that I might be involved in teaching but not this soon. It is going to be a three hours’ class and I have never taught for a minute in my life. Any suggestions as to how to handle it are welcome. On the subject of preparation, I was planning to get behind a podium to conceal a potential inconvenience. But laboratory techniques students unlike nursing students are mostly male and I may not be doing that after all. But it has come to my attention that I may have to prepare lecture notes. Hmmm


Last Tuesday evening, I was at church getting my prayer on .In the middle of mass I was thinking what if my mobile exploded while vibrating and my leg got …It is an irrational fear I keep having once in a while. When I got to the taxi tera in front of stadium, taxis going to haya hulet were as usual hard to come by. One came and I got “lucky’’ to be among the 19 people on board. I thought about getting off but it was getting late and the situation another taxi would have been just the same. It was another of the wrong Ethiopians face on a daily basis and have learned to live with the way we have made our peace with poverty.


A friend showed me around flower farms in Ziway and Debre Zeit on Monday .The Kenyan supervisor of the farm in Ziway was angrily talking about how he is getting an ulcer and may be a heart attack from the work ethics of the workers there. He said kebzu betikitu “They learn 1,2,3,4 and they think they know it all. Instead of working I always find them talking and gossiping. We have over 4000 workers here and they do not realize the good things they are being offered. In addition, they do meaningless crimes like cutting the pipes that water the plants and the plastic of the green house. In Kenya we have thieves who know they would get shot if they were caught on the act. But still they steal what they can use/sell……. I can appreciate the things being done to improve the infrastructure but the educational system needs revamping (since it is putting out such kind of people)……….. If you get one good worker out of the thousands, then you are in luck…….What the f@#$ is wrong with you people……..”


At first I thought that it was easy for an expatriate to generalize about others and was hoping the situation was not that bad. But my friend told me that they had the same problem over at Debre Zeit. Have we got issues?!


One funny thing he (my friend) told me was how a foreigner whom he was driving along the same road asked him if there were lions on the plains to the right and the left.


Since Senai left, nothing much has changed except for construction of buildings and opening of a great number of chat bets. And since Tilaye and Betty left, the biggest change in Addis has been pictures of Ronaldo on mini buses. Coming back to my story in a weird kind of way, I got off the mini bus around wuha limat and found that my mobile was gone. Telatachihu endih kiw yibel. Traffic was slow so I caught up with the taxi ;got on it again made my way up to megnagna searching people (they themselves suggested it) when they got off the taxi . And no I could not get myself to search the females. The phone was on silent mode making the usual way of looking for the thief near impossible .The place where I originally boarded the taxi has a reputation and I think it was there that it happened. The place also has/used to have a chat bet by the name “mood house”. Chances are the thief has sold my mobile for ~150 birr and already enjoyed a few mouthfuls.


Anyways, now I got another phone with way cooler features courtesy of my sister. I done told you they loved me!


I pray it never happens again.




Ok, now I am going to the internet room to post this…..After an hour there ,I still did not post it owing to slow connection and other mishaps…..I should take a piss so I am going to the toilette around b complex. When I approach the area, I see a little tent mounted on the grass (central park) in front of the toilette. I assume it belongs to a freaky foreign student. Then I look to the right and I see four federals just kicking it on the lawn; in all their blue stupidity; with their radio and stuff. There was some problem in campus recently.


While they are at it, why not give them a department of their own?


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebeantonios
    May 17, 2007 @ 12:32:55

    you should be honored it called you that


  2. getere
    May 17, 2007 @ 12:29:48

    eshi ahunis 👿


  3. tibebeantonios
    May 17, 2007 @ 12:27:40

    ayi. tibebeantonios bilo post aregew. belu kelay yeteTeqesew sewye tilaye new.


  4. tibebeantonios
    May 17, 2007 @ 12:26:57

    senai that could have happened to anyone. i think i would have done the same. probably the guy who lost it would be around so another person should have said that it was theirs. since no one did then you couldn’t have done anything else. mts. poor guy who lost his money. Tibe now do you get what mts is? Poor Tibe now you got to stand infront of students and sweat. mts. Kenfer memTet it is 🙂

    its the first time that i heard someone quote bush 🙂


  5. tibebeantonios
    May 17, 2007 @ 11:57:43

    senai i am glad that you like the blog.thanks.

    but why is everyone complaining about the length of my posts? neger mekuret endemalchil eyawekachihu.you call this long ?i ‘ll show you long!

    yes i remember tutoring belay and u and look how you turned out! that is what is so worrying.just kidding .thanks for the vote of confidence.

    what you did on the bus was the right thing though it needed some fine tuning.you might have been tired from the queue to look for the right person. foolish is you quoting bush:it is a taboo.

    it looks like they have sorted out their differences over in northern ireland. the argument that finally brought them to agreement went “mate,we have been acting like those bloody african buggers for far too long. enough is enough”.tilaye would know.but we africans do not have a choice of people we don’t want to be like.that just might be what is keeping us from getting better at things .we need someone to look down upon!but who ?


  6. Senai
    May 16, 2007 @ 20:47:39

    Tilaye: great job on your tip on how to handle long blogs. You saved me a lot.

    Wow! so Tibe too. Wede weche ager? It is highly encouraged (because it helps to advance in your education). As Tilaye said they look more into your research/project experience than your GPA. After all that is what (research) going to be doing. May be you should try to the U.S too. Who knows, you can get a better deal. You never know until you try.

    Teaching….I leave that to Tilaye. But wait a minute. I remember you used to tutor us (Belay and me) for History
    when we were in grade 9. Did you forget? you were clear and knew you stuff.

    About losing stuff in public transportation here is my share. It is embarrassing to talk about it but I will say it anyways. One day I was using the city bus. I remember it took me a lot of effort to reach the cashier from the ground as the place was very crowded with a lot of people. Right, after I got my ticket I breathed a sigh of relief and headed to the steps of the middle door of the bus. But, right there (on the steps) I found about
    30 to 40 birr (10’s and 5’s). Reflexively, I raised the cash and asked loudly “Does anybody lost some cash on this bus?” To my surprise the guy next to me claimed (fitit belo) that it belonged to him. He didn’t even give me time to think. Without having the time to question him (like how much he lost) I handed all the money. Everybody looked at me in disbelief, but I thought “hey I am doing the right thing”. After the bus made stops a couple of times, someone started to cry loud “I lost my money…” and it appeared to me that this is the right guy who lost the money. Oh how stupid I was. I thought I did the right thing until I learned about the second guy. Probably most of us have done something stupid in public transportation, but mine is the atypical foolishness.

    Work ethics….good point. I think people need to rehearse frequently something like this. My job is to ……(fill in the blank). For example, President Bush frequently says “My job is to protect the American people” (whatever that means). Doing this and that is my job. I have to do this because it is my job. It is my job to make sure…..(fill in the blank). It shows how much you respect your job and how much you are committed to it. I think that is the key.

    P.S Tibe: I like your new page!!!!!!!!


  7. tibebe
    May 16, 2007 @ 16:49:09

    I meant to post this on Betty’s but I could not

    i agree that mothers’ day should be observed. guess what i did this year?i pissed my mom off .i did not mean to.i thought doing what i did was cool but apparently it was not.i hope for a good one next year.

    holidays aside ,it would have been nice if we were to show our loved ones how much we care on a daily basis.but there is always that false promise of tomorow that keeps us from doing so.betty you said that you should promise yourself to be a better person and i think you can do that .but have you remembered to do that today(4 days after you have written it )?

    i guess the point i am trying to make is ,we forget what we have(people) and think that we have what we may not have(time) to do what we think we should do(plans).ok,i don’t have any idea what that means.

    The girl looked at betty then to her own arm and asked herself “ what is the world coming to?”


  8. tibebeantonios
    May 16, 2007 @ 14:56:02

    tilaye ,i object too. they are playing the part of the “keeper of the peace” when their bosses are the ones who are the root of the problem,the ones who aggravated it ,whatever .and it is sad to see that the students who are supposed to know better are acting like this-bebiher metalat etc.

    betty be ready ,cuz you are settin up fourplay ,our fourth blog (tilaye, ante muartegna).and you are not yet off the hook as my chemical momma ;my midwest connection .about the “….captivating…”,i am much obliged;way to lie to bulid my confidence!

    happy was playing with my phone and she dialled abrish. i wll tell you on my next blog whom I want her to “accidentally” dial for me. and also i ran into henock gidey last week. you know the arrows at the corner of pictures ? he looks like he has been expanded using one of those .and sami is in Kampala to attend a rotary meeting. I mean the meeting is stationary but the participants are rotating. I mean all the participants except sami are rotational and he is oscillating. I mean he is fast and I am slow. I mean I need a chick but do I really ? I fail to see the connection .

    we Ethiopians ,no doubt need some serious formatting. i am a volunteer should there be such a trial.

    tilaye what does mts. stand for? i looked it up but could not find it .

    go liverpool!

    Last week, I drank coffee without milk proly for the first time in my life. It had no sugar of course. This week I had 4 cups and twice with a little coke and twice today. I am feeling a bit high and I can not get my head straight. yejemari susegna neger! Who said anything about coffee to start with in the first place? And to start with and in the first place, don’t they mean the same thing? I am writing this thing wrong cuz I am high….. rememeber the afroman song?


  9. betty
    May 12, 2007 @ 15:27:15

    Hey papiye

    Hey donot be tired of me papiye, I donot know the first thing about starting a blog, show me and I will give you all.

    Hey I was supposed to be the chemical mama, who beat me to it, but I am glad that they got you what you wanted.

    Well now you can believe that GOD will make all good things happen when you least expect it, and in his own time.

    I can see you lecturing, from what I know you have a way of captivating your audiances mind when talking about something so that will come in handy.

    sorry about your mobile, but donot tell ene Hanniye that you lost it and you got a way cooler one, they may start throwing some of their stuffs too.

    About work ethics, and cutting pipes, that really sucks, I remeber things we used to do , when we were in freshman and some yrs after that, we used to let the water run , we let the light on all night saying that it is the government that is gonna pay for it…….. we over use many of the things that we think we are not gonna be paying for. Reading about conservation of our resources , I am realizing that I should not over use and exploit resources, water, paper anything and everything I use daily…… if someone were to teach these people what they are doing is not only gonna hurt the other people , it will also hurt them, their kids ……. they would probably stop…………

    about talking during work….. do u remeber the joke, or could be real story about the road building chinees cutting the handle of the shovels because the workers were supporting themselves with the shovels and talking…. was funny. You wouldnot blame them.

    about manche lossing to Ac milan, being the true Italian I am, I am glad that we won, thanks to Kaka for the last time.


  10. getere
    May 12, 2007 @ 10:15:46

    and three is a cool name. zelan would have been fun too. maybe on the fourth one 🙂

    manchester lost? esey!

    the taxis i don’t like.

    i can’t blame that on taxis but could have been better if they don’t macheq 19 ppl in one taxi. i remember once i met one guy who was really pissed of at the weyala for macheqing ppl. when i talked to him i came to know why. he lost his whole salary on yetacheqe taxi. learn from your mistakes tibe.

    department of their own? i object. i object.


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