12.Lemadreg yemifeligachew negeroch(kememote befeet ena behuala)……..104 days to go


 I have an hour or so to do this thing. I have a feeling that it is going to be heartbreakingly short: I mean my heart, not yours.

Yeseferachin menged asphalt  lidereg new. The tree you see on the picture was cut down to make way for the construction. And yes that is our house. On the topic of trees, a person was suggesting how humans could be of use to the environment even after they are dead. He said that if trees were planted over peoples’ graves, the trees would thrive (on the decomposing bodies) and global warming can be combated. I think it is better than building useless statues.

At our house we were discussing about a program that was broadcast on Etv. Nowadays, the transmission is from 12a.m. to 12p.m. -12 hours of crap. Members of the Ethiopian writers’ association were debating on the culture of reading. One member said they set up a pavilion during one bazaar at the exhibition centre and few people even bothered to give the books a glance. Instead, he said people seemed more interested in the biscuit stand next to them. 

No arguments there-hod yikedmal. But, taking myself as an example, I also have to agree that reading is not en vogue these days. When I was in elementary school, I used to bring books from yegash Habte Sellasie bet (props to him) and read my ass off. Some of my favorites from back then were Birkirikta ,Sabela, Efoyta, Asqual, Fikir Eskemekabir wezete. Somewhere down the line I resorted to films and then to music as favorite pass times. Now I am not too keen on films but music I still love. The only films I have truly enjoyed this year are If only and Stolen summer.

But the reading, I have not back into. Let alone for pleasure, I am having difficulty reading for marks.I wish I could read as passionately as I used to .May be I will, someday.

Robel gave me -’s phone number saying he had told her that I wanted to talk to her and she said to call her. About the last part, I think  he was playing with me and I did not call her. Even if he was speaking the truth, what was I going to say? There is this joke bedergue gize these two people meet and neither was bold enough to break the ice .Finally the guy summons all his courage and says “Enante kebele shera chama metual?” In comparison to me, this guy is oozing with charm.

So she is the one whom I want happy or honey to accidentally call for me. A weak plan, a manipulation of innocent souls and one I am not really serious about. But I got to tell her somehow: preferably before I die and more realistically before yeferedebet millennium. Or the other way round. 

I know I suck.



7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebe
    May 29, 2007 @ 09:57:07

    i meant yeah whatever.


  2. tibebeantonios
    May 24, 2007 @ 16:07:16

    yeah….yeah …yeah…


  3. betty
    May 24, 2007 @ 03:42:15

    ok papy this has nothing to do with conversations, but I have to find some way of letting it out and an e-mail to you isnot enough, the rosseneris won and I am happy as can be…………….. Go milan , Go my pipo…………………………… over excitment over here ,


  4. Senai
    May 23, 2007 @ 16:03:29

    Three things to talk about with anybody

    1. People (sometimes gossip)
    2. Events and plans (some connection)
    3. Ideas and values (real connection)

    Forget about the girls. How may times have you met a “friend” and struggled to make a conversation? I dislike it. May be it all comes down to experience.


  5. tibebe
    May 22, 2007 @ 11:26:05

    were you and “robbie” involved in a little somethin’ somethin’ ? i am telling my mother.

    and why do you have to insist on the heart thing like an Aztec priest? i have made my opinion on the matter clear: the heart has got nothing to do with love ;rather the brain does.

    if you are asking if it is just a booty call ,it is not .It is a mind- dick joint venture. i remember this scene from “sprung” where one guy is saying that he uses this (pointing to his dick ) to reinforce the love from that (pointing to his head).

    and if you are asking if i love her or not , i want to love her . and as you have pointed out ,in order to do that i have to get to know her.so back to square one.

    and if she insists on it,then my heart is hers for the taking .

    i can just picture mr “no comment” saying “don’t tell us; tell her”.

    so ,i promise ;no more talk form me about her unless i have spoken to her . that is it; i am going there right now.

    we should read


  6. getere
    May 20, 2007 @ 23:41:22

    no comment.


  7. betty
    May 20, 2007 @ 14:43:36

    you got one thing right , You do suck…………………………………..nah, how can you say that? We all have our fears, this is not something you are used to doing, I mean I know how hard it can be. I have known Robbie for so long, and he is not one to play with the matter of the heart, ( am I right , about it being a heart thing ). It is hard to come up with stuff to talk about (I mean for me when I donot think about it , I talk about football, the guys love it and we go from there…….. oh papiye sorry, I know I can be a self centered you know who some times , sorry), and thinking about what to say is not gonna help at all believe me , I mean you come up with so many stuffs to say and at the end you feel like a fool and give up on the whole idea of talking to that person………………what I know is it will come up naturally, but at first tell her ( go check your e-mail ), if that doesnot work you can always use the ” shera chama sory”…………. come on papiye call her. One thing I learned about you over the years is that you always have something to say about every thing , some sarcastic , but that make me laugh my ass out and some very amazing stuff that no one even notices when they are there in front of their eyes. Go for it papiye. Using hanni and happy well they may do it if you tell them they would be calling me, give them my love if they remember me.

    About books, you are right, my God , I used to read everything I find in my way, books, newspapers, megazines…… it was something I liked…………….. like you said movies and musics replaced that. I have read Birikrikta, sabela, askual , fikir eske mekabir ………. I loved reading I carried books with me all over……… now well, I am really dissapointed in my self…… back at home I got to read one book of Robert Ludlem,s The bourne ultimatum…. I fell in love with the way he wrote it …. I got interested in spy stories and then read the book Ressurection ……………………….. Now I have one book by Robert ludlum and another book inspired by him and with the character ” Jason bourne’…………. I read only the first page…………. that is it …………… what happened to me I donot know……………………. these type of books were the ones that bring me joy , more importantly these books used to assure me that I have a bliss. Now it is gone…………………….We really need to get it back , I have to try atleast. But back at home , we really need libraries that have the latest books , available to any one who wants to read them. Like I mentioned when tilish asked what we want to do for our country, we need libraries…………



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