14.yemejemeria kifle…….99 days to go

I am writing this fresh from the first  class I have ever tought.

What , this morning,I thought I would be writing by now

Yetsreday,I was ready to give up and hand the class over to a friend. All this because I did not prepare the lecture notes. But somewher in the middle of Sunday ,I decided to do it myself and started the preparation of notes from scratch :the previous one,the whole two pages of it,I lost to an anti virus.I have 19 pages now .If I add some more then I am set. What will I do about the students .I have heard that picturing people naked might help ease the nerves. Tewezagibealehu;I am  all over the place.I should finish the writing by 11:30 or so, print transparencies,have lunch and hope that everything goes according to plan. 

 I step into the room ,and damn ,that is  a lot of naked people! I then put it down like I am supposed to,the way  I have always dreamed of.Impressing people with my flow and making them fall in love with the subject. You know ,doing everything I wished teachers did in class. After class I am feeling that short moment of relief ;the one which i get after exams.  

May be next time ,they shouldn’t take their clothes off;it is cold these days in Addis.On second thoughts, may be it will be better if it is “as you were” for the ladies.  

What I am writing now

I finished the writing around 12:30.The printer acted up and by the time I finished printing, it was 1:00. No lunch , I had to make it to Pasteur in 30 minutes. I did not think I would be but I was on time.

I step into the room,no naked people. I did alright in the final analysis.But I was far from impressive. I saw a couple of students fighting their sleep,made statements(on the subject matter)  that I for one would have disregarded as bullshit, “I forgot my lines”, I dared them to ask me questions though I did not feel upto answering them( fortunately, noone called my bluff), some students did not return after the break, I did not transfer what I have prepared properly………… 

I now feel tired and a bit disappointed at myself.

But don’t get me wrong; I had my moments. This one time in the second half, I was in the zone until…I was trying to list four things and  I could not remember the fourth.Tadia min bil tiru new? ” It will come back to me!”

Today I left a lot to be desired. I hope to live up to at least my own expectations on Saturday-which just so happens to be my  last calss.

P.S. Last night I dreamt that we were having problems with our sewerage.  In the morning, yeshint bet mekina came and sucked the shit right out of our home.How about that for customer service?

Or may be it has the connotation that execution of shit starts in our head and then comes the waste disposal car. Do not worry, I have no idea what I am talking about.


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  1. Senai
    Jun 07, 2007 @ 18:00:47

    Good job man! experience is everything. Tibebe Aba defar honhale. I got two favorite saying.

    1. If you dare to teach don’t stop to learn.

    I can see how you become even more motivated to study hard. It is true. It works. You feel you got the wisdom to understand materials faster. Beka, tibebe chemechami leehone new!

    2. A good teacher explains but a great teacher inspires.

    Certainly, you can only explain so much. How to inspire is the hardest part.

    Who got more to say on these?

    Betty I forgot to call you back. I will at the soonest.


  2. tibebe
    Jun 07, 2007 @ 14:38:20

    by the way “come to your senses ,gentleman!” was not dr.yesehak. it was a physiology professor.


  3. tibebe
    Jun 06, 2007 @ 11:07:33

    trembling? come on ! i am not scared of …… .matter of fact, i am dying to meet it ;”hello ,i am tibebe…. i have heard so much about you…. the pleasure is all mine”

    drooling is more like what i will be doing .

    you know like the time we were children ,some one asks us if we could beat someone else- “yimta”


  4. betty
    Jun 05, 2007 @ 19:26:41

    Oh papy

    I sure wish I was there in your first class, but you imagining me naked is ……………………………………… spooky…………………..I could imagine you trembling , and everything. My only experience of teaching is with 5th and 6th graders, I remeber feeling scared , I was supposed to teach half of them science and half of them hibreteseb ……………… at the same time. I got in , they look at me wondering what mistakes I was gonna make ………………. but what Addu told me to do saved me. Instead I started talking about what I know most about……… Ethology…….. So you can still talk about some of the stuff that TETEMKE used to say, the melanin stuff, I mean at least one of your students has to be tikur……….. What am I saying , you are tibebe , you can come up with any hilarious stuff.

    IT will come back to me , that is really funny bro( well Ke Ahiya yewalech ferese…….. for calling you bro , spending time with tilish and all)…………………….. well if Dr. Yishak was there , I know he would say …………….. ” Gentelman back to your senses”……… and donot give up on the class.
    But the way you explained your experience is really funny. I sure wish to have witnessed it.


  5. getere
    Jun 05, 2007 @ 15:43:28

    lol. you crack me up.


  6. tibebe
    Jun 05, 2007 @ 07:52:23

    i was actually disappointed because they did not laugh at ” it wil come back to me”. if they don’t get that ,then it is highly unlikely that they were getting what i was talking about. they might have gone unnoticed but i made some serious mistakes.

    by the way it did come back to me-the fourth thing.but i had switched to amharic mode by then.

    though i did not want to ,i could not stop saying “as we have already seen,as you have learned , as you know ,as…..”. i wanted my first class to turn out great ; like when rooney scored a hattrick on his champions league debut. he did not score another one for the next wo years but that is besides the point. yesterday was half of my teaching career.i am standing in for the main teacher who is going to be back in action soon.

    After class, I wanted students to say “Man,he killed it!” “timihirt endezarem gebton ayawik”; you know, stuff like that. instead of the new weird teacher ……

    and what is with the”thanks for sharing your story ….”? this ain’t alcoholic anonymous


  7. tilaye
    Jun 04, 2007 @ 18:39:50

    ha ha. thanks for sharing your experience tibe. first times are indeed hard. and never go the way you wanted them to be. “it’ll come to me” lol. if i was your student i’d have laughed my ass off. its just that students are not that mature you know. they find these things very funny and you can bet your ass that when they go out they’ll tell everyone they meet about this new weird teacher they got.

    i don’t think there is any formula for it. you know you have to stay calm, organized minamin. but its a different story when you are doing it. a slide you have prepared very well turns out to be confusing to them….. it’ll straighten out through time. next time why don’t you tell them your problem and ask them politely to take their clothes off 🙂

    why is saturday your last class? astemir enji mindinew.


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