has a very high rating at but having seen it…..i don’t like it at all. something about time travel minamin. just wasted my 110 minutes.

i moved to the central part of the city. the old one is too quiet for me. having lived in adisaba, i think i like highly populated cities. now there is a bar just below us (i’m in the second floor), you can hear people shouting especially at night when they get drunk, one of my room mates sometimes blasts the music, … i’m loving it 🙂 change. its good isn’t it. we all need need it……….

how is the politics talk Tibe. sewu min yaweral.


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  1. Senai
    Jun 16, 2007 @ 23:48:57

    Selam nebsoch,

    Me too. I think I need some blast. Who else feels Cincinnati is kind of a quite place. Betty U tell? I am going out of town with my brother for the annual habesha people soccer tournament. I heard people come from all the states to hang out, party min amin. I don’t think I have party mood anymore. But, I am looking forward to see ye sew gerger like addis abeba.

    so who put this up? really. Let me guess. Tilaye right? see…..I got to look for all kind of clues to know who wrote it.


  2. tibebeantonios
    Jun 16, 2007 @ 16:23:27

    i did not know you liked wekeba


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