16. Zinab ewedalehu!……………….75/74/73/72 days to go

Writing from my three months’ experience, it is hard to be a blogger. What I have learned is that you need a muse to inspire you and once the ideas keep on coming you have to try and stay stimulated and hope to write them all. 

My inspiration for this post came mostly from the rain that poured down on me yesterday and in part from the insect I saw some days ago. Here go my piece; hope you enjoy it. Yethiopia television, yehisanat program kifil, enanten lemasideset ,lik beseatu…… 

The kiremt is upon us: it is raining-cats and dogs at times and we are chilling-literally. There is bekolo on the streets, chika is everywhere and especially in our neighborhood upon which the road construction has conferred the name “boka sefer”; or so Robel says. All the hallmarks of the season are there and there also is the aberration of ladies clad in cleavage showing and shoulder baring tops. For some, this look has become an obsession that those two particular areas do not seem to get an off season.  

I love it when it rains! Starting from when the sky darkens, to when I am on the road or in the comfort of my home when it is raining. The dark clouds make me fantasize about sleeping in their midst.  If the rains catch me while traveling by foot, my choice would be to keep on going, whistling a song. Pitying the people who run for shelter for missing the glorious downpour. Hydrophobic bastards! 

This doesn’t mean that I always get soaked to the best of my satisfaction. Sometimes the rains are really hard core, I might be headed somewhere else as opposed to home or the fear of being thought of as too showy/crazy might force me to run for cover.

But yesterday …… it was dark, I was on a less frequented dirt road, was on my way home …… man! It was just the rain and me.  And it spoke to me in words so sublime that it made my soul mellow. These were its exact words: “mogne! atitelelim? ” . Okay, it did not say anything. Still, I got to have my fix and it felt goooooood! 

When I got home dripping all over, the look on my mom and dad’s face said “where did we go wrong with him?” Okay I lied; I do not know what they thought. Give me a break; I am not a mind reader! 

How about when it rains while staying inside? It too I love and especially the sound it makes on the corrugated iron sheet roofing. I tell you, when it comes to enjoying this particular sound, people living in concrete buildings have the luck of cavemen. The same is true for people living in huts. But still, you have to feel sorry for the people who are outside (they will get wet; boo hoo). Living in Ethiopia, you again have to feel sorry for people whose homes have roofs and walls that leak; and worse even for those who sleep on the streets. That right there I think is enough to take the romance out of the rain. 

I can say winter is my favorite season. May be because I live in the land of “the thirteen months of sunshine” and rain makes for a good change.  “The sun is going to shine” is the usual way of representing hope. But for me, clouds have to do more with hope. May be because I live in a land where the clouds judge over the lives of millions.  Whatever the case might be, I beg you not to try and relate the following picture with hope and shit. Just shut up and enjoy the beauty.

                                                  image025.jpg  The picture below, I know you will recognize either as “ashen” or “kiremt agbi”. Mengie says that they are a life stage of termites. When I was a kid, one of the best things about winter was playing with these suckers and getting to bring down some of them. The one on the photo is actually is a victim of the rain: no invertebrates were intentionally harmed during the writing of this post


Back in the days we had patches of grass in our home where we used to play football, run around and chase ashen. I wish my kids, all 12 of them, get to have all the green they want to play on: both inside the house and outside. Nowadays, the playing fields are being given to developers and the kids are turning to another type of green-chat.  Even my primary school now has concrete for a sports’ field. You should see the die hard football lovers who play on busy asphalt in our neighborhood every Sunday, looking out for cars.

Henry has left Arsenal. Though I am a Manchester United supporter, it still is sad news. He was one of the best players to grace the premiership and it beats me why he  never won a golden ball. 

These past three days, I came down with a cold. And you know that in this situation, everyone you meet is eager to suggest one type of medicine or other. “nikil yadergewal”, “esun tetiteh shifinfin bileh tegna: belab yiwetalihal”…… But one proposal has made me admire the imagination of whosoever came up with it.Yetefela mirinda!? You gotta love it! 

Well Tilaye, a new leader where you are. I admire the way the whole thing unfolded. He left number 10 and another guy entered; just like that. You know what else I loved? The hot car he and his wife were in.Haileselassie left in a Volkswagen beetle (props to Teddy Afro) and his destination was not particularly nice. Mengistu took an airplane and he lied to us about where he was off to. Zimbabwe now is in deep shit (4500 % inflation) but he may be okay so long as Mugabe is in power. Is it the University of Edinburgh which is thinking of revoking the honorary degree that it gave to Mugabe ? 

And what about Meles? 

 Here are some of the bad things that come to my mind with regards to him. A 70,000 lives and a 26 billion war, the people that were imprisoned and brutally killed pre/ during/ post-election, the way force seems to be the only response to every kind of problem, the population that is being driven apart mentally for all the physical roads that are being built, an avalanche of political jargon, a country that remains to be the prototype for misery …….. 

 I think I am becoming a follower of the “Teddy Afro school of thought”. If forgiveness is the way that Ethiopia can move forward, and it might as well be, I am ready to forgive Meles. And I hope all the real victims get to forgive him. I guess what I am trying to say is, I do not mind seeing him leave power in a fancy ride. Not too fancy though: I do not want to see him roll in a 2018 model automobile. You dig? No? Betkur ena nech television lemitiketatelu hulu ,lemalet yefelegkut betolo siltan bilek des yilegnal new. And I wish he stays out of the public eye; you know, play tennis or something. Cuz I am fed up of his ass.

 I once read on Addis Admas that King Caleb was one of the few if any Ethiopian leaders who gave up power willingly while alive and well. He became a monk and later was canonized. Ironically, if memory serves me right, his nigs falls on Ginbot 20. 

These days, an interview of Teddy has created a stir: he was talking about reconciliation, the release of prisoners, a good spirit among Ethiopians …… And there was also talk of a deal being struck to release the kinijit prisoners. It was then, on a report to the parliament , that Meles said it was not going to happen. 

The end. 

I am kidding; but you are getting there. 

The last post was on biases and I believe that they are evil. Still, allow me to base the next few lines on prejudice because it is very important for my story. (Like that scene on liar liar Jim Carrey- I object!…….judge- on what grounds?………………j c –on the ground that it is very damaging to my case……………judge-overruled……..j c – good call!) 

The prejudice I am going to talk about has to do with how everytime we see a dreadlocked person smoke something, we conclude that it is ganja!? For all we know, it could be a nyala, delight or… On my way to somewhere, I saw exactly this kind of person on a doorstep. When I returned, he had a book on his hands and the title was, get this, “birds”! 

The relation between the Rasta and birds stretches back a long time as evidenced by Bob Marley’s song “three little birds”. What you probably do not know is that it is not at all about the birds pitching by Bob’s doorstep. It is more about Bob pitching by their nest. He rose up one morning, smiled with the rising sun, he got high bebado hodu and the rest is musical history. The three birds were in the nest alone because the mother had went to look for some food and “baby do not worry about a thing” was the nursery rhyme they were singing at the time. That is a breach of interspecies copyright law for you! 

You have to agree (I insist) that lyrically, it is one of his weaker songs. The words are powerful and all but he just keeps on repeating them. And if you are wondering where I got this story from, just ask the elderly Rasta who happened to be there, in flight, the same morning and near the same tree tops. He saw the whole thing.

And who am I? Let me give you some clues.

1.       As a child my younger sister used to tie my shoes for me cuz apparently, I used to find it toooo complicated. I still do. 

2.     My nickname around the house is “buchi”

3.     I scored a 100% in ersha in the first grade. 

Do I hear a “Tibebe”? Do I? Yeah baby!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebeantonios
    Jul 08, 2007 @ 15:13:25

    is ESAi a better team than is manchester united?


  2. betty
    Jul 06, 2007 @ 20:24:15

    Hey guys

    huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh…… a little break after three weeks of …………………………… I donot know what to call it.

    ok I never got to read most of the blogs before this and I started with this one.

    Rain, well eventhough it is suppossed to be summer, it rains once in a while here. But the Bekolo part I am so jealous right now………………………… I eat the one they have here because I have no choice, it is sweet, and very smallllllllllll,

    If you want to see more chicks dressing like that, you should come here in the summer, but then again you cannot blame them, when it gets hot……….. it is terrible.

    The ” zinab Aamchi”,,,,,, I like what you said, and I will not set up a camgaign to ” mawgez” you.

    You know if i was there, I would have ” maflat birtukan for you”

    Donot listen to Tilish,….. Football is fun and tell him we could learn a lot from it…………. sorry I couldnot come up with some thing right now.

    little birds, does it have anything to do with ” sostu wefoch”

    I tried to look at ESAI and I couldnot understand their website……….. tell me more tilish.

    I am gald to be back and hopefully I will post something soon.


  3. getere
    Jul 06, 2007 @ 01:29:53

    i’m proud of my university for doing that.

    whats that about little birds. ha ha. you should write bedtime stories 🙂


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