17. Semonun yetemechugn negeroch……….65 days to go

Kaltemechegn neger lijemir. By now you might have heard that the new seven wonders of the world have been named. I am a bit disappointed that neither Axum nor Lalibela made it even to the last twenty. Esti eyuachew, min yansachewal? I salute them and hope to visit them someday.

                       untitled-t.jpg                                   untitled.jpg

Mo Ibrahim is the Sudanese founder of Celtel, a mobile service provider in many parts of Africa.  He has sold the company to Kuwaitis for some 2.3 billion $ Anyway, he has now come up with a new idea .He has set up a foundation that is going to award African leaders deemed outstanding. moibrahimlogo.gif

A guy in Harvard is developing an index that is going to be used to make the evaluation. One winner a year is going to receive a prize of 500 000 $ for ten years and 200 000 $ thereafter. He reckons that the fear of being suddenly separated from the lavish lifestyle they used to enjoy makes what their face corrupt and what not. The first winner is going to be announced in October 2007. One of the skeptics said of the plan that most of the “bad governance” is done at the ministerial level and the presidents/prime ministers alone can do so much.


  The picture above is of a hybrid between a horse and a zebra. I got it from a Spanish blog by the name “inadecuado”. I started visiting this blog in the hope that it was going to help me improve my Spanish. It is mostly pictures and videos with short descriptions. I do not visit it as often as I set out to. Oh by the way, did I tell you that I once bought an Italian magazine on the streets mistaking it for a Spanish one. I realized my mistake soon enough and returned it to the guy who sold it to me. But I was a laughing stock for sometime due to this.

It has been a while since Robin Thicke released his album. For all I know he might have gone double platinum by now. I have heard and loved two songs of his: lost without you and can you believe. I recently saw his cd cover and have admired the creativity.


 Lauryn Hill is also set to release a new album; can not believe that it has been nine years. I hope it is banging as supposed to. The mtv unplugged album was also nice. On the home front, I have already told you about Mikaya and even sent some of you a song. But it is time you know that she also happens to have a nice smile.

                                                             15bdd8c50.jpg Staying with music, here are the scientists turned rockers who brought to the live earth concerts what has been dubbed “the coolest concert on earth, literally”.                                     nuna.jpg  And staying with cool, this post would not be complete if I did not mention one of the coolest human beings I have ever met. In Hebrew her name stands for                                       lamb.jpg  Damn straight I can do mystery!  One


16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebe
    Jun 27, 2008 @ 10:14:07

    I now know that Dolly had been preserved and placed in a museum. Pardon my ignorance.



  2. tibebe
    Jul 21, 2007 @ 08:24:58

    no, we did not meet again. i was talking about the first time.


  3. betty
    Jul 19, 2007 @ 19:09:25

    So you two met again. too bad about the fact of life. But you should be inveting some puzzles.


  4. tibebe
    Jul 18, 2007 @ 16:10:31

    that is no puzzle:it is just a fact of life.


  5. tibebeantonios
    Jul 18, 2007 @ 13:35:40

    i never would have figured that ot 😀

    and some more puzzle. “getting married to our respective spouses”. 😕


  6. tibebe
    Jul 18, 2007 @ 07:42:16

    the picture is of a lamb and lamb in hebrew is raquel=rahel. she is betty’s cousin. and we are getting married ,to our respective spouses, someday in the future.

    betty was like “how come he did not tell me that you two met ?” . i did tell you ; you just did not get it.


  7. getere
    Jul 17, 2007 @ 22:02:35

    so i went through your post again. still didn’t get the “hidden messages”. please decipher.


  8. tibebe
    Jul 16, 2007 @ 14:23:57

    i was going to tell dr solomon but he is out of town: apparently at shenkora, and then kulubi.

    all my efforts are lost on you guys: still,no one has figured out what i was talking about at the end of the post.

    and about upload ,it is elementary my dear betty.


  9. betty
    Jul 14, 2007 @ 20:26:33

    Hey guys

    ok, I have been wanting to get Lalibela on the seven world wonders list, but I feel like it wasnot made by humans. I am sure the holy power is involved, so it should not be included.

    I donot know about the mutation part. I donot think it has any problem with religion. Mutation occurs because circumstances favour it, but if you come to evolution…. Darwin and the Galapagos icelands……….. there is a problem, atleast as to the evolution of humans from apes and the echinoderms( starfish and alike, for you tilish), But as biologists yeseman meslen endalseman enalfewalen( donot tell dr. sol tibe).

    I know dolly has been dead for a while,,,, I was like where is Tilish living now? But he probably thought of dolly parton, if she was doing a concert something…….

    how about “upload”?


  10. tibebe
    Jul 13, 2007 @ 06:03:07

    something i heard on the radio. you know how ” loading” is translated as “mechan” .guess what “downloading” is: “mawred”.


  11. tibebe
    Jul 13, 2007 @ 05:46:53

    when one is at school , one should be a science student .and in church and other places one should be like darwin who ,evolution what,galapagos where? being the gemini one is,one should be able to pull off double personalities effortlessely.

    honestly speaking,i do not know about both subjects well enough to reconcile them;and i never will.and boy,am i glad?!

    ranks are important cuz as you know, somethings are more equal than others.


  12. tilaye
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 00:14:56

    ha ha. beTam yasiqal. voted on the internet. and those who didn’t have access to the internet ayqoTerum. and they refer to it as the seven wonders of THE WORLD. i agree they are wonderful places but such generalizations irritate me. they should make a big star on it and write a footnote “according to a vote carried on the internet”. i hope i’m not going too far. i think even if lalibela is said to be one of the seven wonders of the world i wouldn’t be happy with it. why do people like to rank everything. just tell things as they are. lalibela has this and that. here is how the pyramids look like. minamin. why rate them? if its supposed to be seven wonders of the WORLD, then every person in the world should vote for it. mts.


  13. tilaye
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 00:04:32

    negerin neger yanesawal. do you believe in mutation? how do you reconsile it with your religion.


  14. tibebe
    Jul 09, 2007 @ 06:54:30

    yelastic bet and axum/lalibela , mentioned on the same breath,seriously ?! you might disagree on the way the whole thing was handled: the private nature, that unesco did not want anything to do with it ,some people were at a better position to vote for their favorites(those people with access to the internet,sms). but you still can not deny that some things were made to be wonderful.

    it is a crying shame that it has come to this – leaders being given a bonus to do what they swore they would do.

    i do not know if that is dolly or not and that is besides the point i was trying to make. and dolly has been dead since 2003 ,how could you have seen her.or is edinburgh what you are calling heaven these days.or are you dead and commenting from heaven.if so ,the connection seems to be pretty good.

    one of our teachers has told us that one of the disadvantages of cloning is that it makes of an old cell and an egg as opposed to an egg and a sperm.the old cells are lacking in the good attributes of new ones and they might have accumulated mutations and stuff.


  15. tilaye
    Jul 09, 2007 @ 02:08:47

    betty: neger be glucose. esai is a place where ethiopian students meet to discuss or do some projects. there are some lively discussions fun stuff, politics, yezefen mircha, etc. i spend about an hour each day on the forums writing/reading

    tibe: yes, they’re much better than manche.


  16. tilaye
    Jul 08, 2007 @ 23:39:54

    “seven wonders of the world” is just a name. if you think axum or lalibela or a lastik bet on a roadside is wonderful then you can entitle it seven wonders. ofcourse, having the name would help with regards to publicity (for tourism for example) but nothing more. i’ll talk about about something similar on my next post.

    i thank Mo Ibrahim. i don’t quite agree with his approach but he is doing what he thinks would work for his country and for Africa. go Mo Ibrahim!

    i had heard that song you sent me on addislive.com. they have cool music you know. but its streaming music so i coulldn’t download any of it. thanks 🙂

    is that dolly? she’s in edinburgh you know. i have seen her. btw do you guys support cloning?


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