its been a while since i posted. why? enenja…

i visited glasgow. its close to edinburgh. i saw this big museum. it has some nice art. the rest i couldn’t understand (ofcourse).

i think african singers should have been invited to sing. rap minamin min endemiyareg enenja. one thing those singers are expensive two and more important, their songs are not enjoyable by most and they are not really directed towards the majority. in addition to very cool ethiopian songs they could have looked for african songs. here is one song by Salif Keita.

anyone remember the concert at bob marley’s birthday? there was one woman singer who had a short dyed hair. i loved her song. i think she’s from west africa.

i guess y’all biologists know what this is. yeah. something to do with my thesis. i’ll tell you more later

my treat Gong Gong by Osibisa 🙂


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  1. tibebe
    Aug 01, 2007 @ 09:34:42

    music aside ,there is an initiative which goes by the name ” hulet zaf lehulet she” . about four hundred million trees have been planted thus far. i hope it does not turn out to be “yand semon” thing (like the “tsidat zemecha”) and the trees get to grow and see their grand children.

    betty ,why don’t you post one of the poems you happen to like and we try and figure out what it implies? just a thought.


  2. tibebe
    Jul 30, 2007 @ 14:37:17

    an unlikely country to have those three colors in their flag is bolivia:their’s is the reverse of our flag.

    about ethiopians being unused to rap ,i beg to differ. ethiopia, and the whole world for that matter digs hip hop . i heard that beyonce,50, janet and michael jackson ( as a guest of honor ) going to perform and attend the concert at the sheraton or rather the new thing that is being built in front of the afro-china square at bole. there is also going to be a cultural concert that is going to be staged at mesquel square : it is going to be handled by the national millennium council and they have said that it is going to be broadcast in many countries . i hope they deliver on that last thing ( its going global).

    but if you ask me and many other people , their excitement is more about the first concert. beyonce is reportedly being paid a million dollars plus all her expenses covered. now, ticket sales ( even the 3 ,000 birr people are talking about) can not cover that part let alone the money spent on the entire organization of the concert. so it is stiil al amoudi’s money that is going to be spent and for the most part with no returns. and i do not know about it being not his money.

    so i think we should just shut up and enjoy the finer things : ethiopians also need and deserve them.

    my only reservations about the concert are the usual ones-will the performances be as hot as the songs on the albums? three quarters as hot will do nicely.


  3. getere
    Jul 29, 2007 @ 16:18:34

    betty thanks for the faith you have in me 🙂


  4. tibebe
    Jul 28, 2007 @ 08:39:30

    give the guy a break ,will you? for one, i am sick of people judging people like him and haile on how they are spending their money ; we all know that it is not our money and they do not owe us shit.

    but more to the point of this post , the singer selection should not be like some kind of affirmative action. what bangs bangs, right? and i have to say sean paul was a banging choice. and i think enough of ethiopian singers are being included everytime. an international flavor is what the people expect ,not only african.

    i don’t get poetry, i do not get paintings and i do not go deep inside songs ( if they rock ,they rock). but still ,i think the world needs more of “art insensitive” people like me to strike balance against the tilayes.


  5. betty
    Jul 28, 2007 @ 03:00:20

    Are they having some rap singers from here? sorry I have been away from the media and every thing for long now.
    I never understood his ideas though. I mean all those times everything that is celebrated is ” yewuchi neger”. I believe if he was to show people that it should be our new year, our christmass that is celebrated, may be we will appreciate what we have.

    African music is only admired by those that have ears for music, most of us / including me…. we just listen to music,,,, just because every one else listens to it…… right now I am changing a bit … I can say ….. I am begining to listen to the instrument behind some guy or some lady shout some words that somewhat rhyme. In our class we are reading poetry now and ,,,, one girl said that, songs are poems too, they rhyme……. and our instructor said this one thing about poem……………… Most people believe that poems have some hidden meaning, but that is not true, just like songs they are direct,but something is implied…………………… what does this mean………………. I am wondering of course .

    So what I am trying to say is …………. we need most people like tilish, who appreciate music and somehow teach us the way…………………………. but since the guy kept bringing ,,,, sean paul and ……………………, and kept celebrating ” yewuchi ametbal” , there is no chance for the oppressed african songs to prosper………………. does that make any sense.



  6. tibebe
    Jul 27, 2007 @ 14:28:42

    in the past ,there have been choices of singers i just could not understand:cases in point, joe,ginuwine,112.they sing mostly slow songs. but rumor has it 50 is coming this time and i think he is going to get the party jumping mos def.regarding african singers,people can dance to zouk songs and singers. otherwise ,the same problem with the joes and ginuwwine will arise. i guess what i am trying to say is the singers/songs should be popular and energetic .and if not popular,helluva energetic.

    i have been listening to and digging rokia traore( tilaye, rememeber the one from the computer at your office).but i still can not picture the audience at sheraton dancing to her. oliver n’goma ( remember the song cherry?) on the other hand ,i think can be a hit . and the singer fom bob marley’s concert was angelique kidjo; she is from benin . i know i am dropping lots of names and i apologize. that concert was wack, but as you said her performance was nice: so was lauryn hill’s. it was late when the real thing started ,and i do not know how real it was.

    the admins. here gibzhahin yakorefidalu .for the osibisa part ,i have a blank screen (youtube is blocked from campus) and the salif keita i am trying to download.thanks.

    bela libelha,enka selantia,…. i too admire the way the people rhyme and the speed with which they do it. some part of the picture you poaed must have been really developed and in us it must have atrophied. i know i can not do it the way they do it ,is a huge understatement . i can not rhyme if my life depended on that is better.

    but as for west africa being the origin of jazz and what not, east africa is the alleged source of the human race . but lucy would have opted to live somewhere else if she had been alive today.origin don’t matter .

    wait a minute,she was not human but sort of. by the way ,an ethiopian author has written a novel in how she lived, interacted and felt;about her prom etc. i have not read the book but i admire the imagination of the author.


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