21. Tsom …………………………… 29, scratch that, 30 days to go

For someone  who has been going on and on about the Esira Miet, I do not seem to know much about it. I used to go “what are they talking about?” when people wrote or said “pagume sidist, 1999”. I mean it is Zemene Lukas for crying out loud sake; and pagume adds a sixth day bezemene Yohannes (remember the back of our childhood exercise books) .  As it turns out, it is zemene Lukas that has an additional day. And I could have referred to a calendar much much sooner.  It has finally dawned on me Enqutatash is going to be on a Wednesday. 

This discovery of mine has serious implications. First, my countdown thus far has been flawed.  It is nice to have an extra day be it a gift of my ignorance: I have, for a while now, been watching  every passing day with “sisit”.  Second and more serious, the holiday is going to be on a fasting day.  And there is no loophole like ‘‘gad ’’ or anything of that sort –that is unless there is an extraordinary meeting of the synod. (Please?!)


     the bigger picture                     

 Personally, I do not fast. But I am surrounded by observers; in both senses of the word. Or may be one sense only: because I wouldn’t be bothered by people labeling me as “hodam” should that happen.  I understand that there is more to holidays than food. I sometimes feel that much time is spent on preparing and eating food; serving and washing stuff instead of sitting back and kicking it with family, friends and relatives. 

But still, yetsom migib bebeal? It gives me the hibi jibies! And especially on the beginning of a new period/the end of an old one?  The uncertainty because some take 2000 as the beginning of a new thousand while others regard it as an end to the old one.  

One plus and probably the only one for me is that the eve is going to be on Tuesday. The last Tuesday of each year, there is a kind of “yemisgana ken” at church. I can not think of any place else better to spend this particularly special Tuesday; and that is real talk. Back in the days, what I used to do was watch the last sunset of the year from our rooftop.  

Staying on a religious tip, the coming Friday to Sunday have been declared as “days of prayer ’’ for the followers of Islam and the Orthodox Tewahido, Protestant and Catholic churches. Be sure to get your   prayers on on the specified days. 

Some tips: 

*Divide a year in the Ethiopian calendar by four. If there is no remainder then it is zemene Yohannes; a remainder of three points the way of Zemene Lukas, 2 Markos and 1 Matewos. 

* There is a belief that tiny fractions of time are being accumulated of every year and they, somewhen, are going to add up and give a Pagume with 7 days. It is alleged that that will be when the world will end. 

* Across religions, civilizations and cultures there is a kind of prophecy that doomsday is going to be on 2012(Tilaye, may be it was mentioned on apocalypto). Even a web based “prediction thingie ’’ calculates that some horrible shit shall go down on ….drum roll …….2012.          

             And me, what do I predict for 2012 ?Well, andthree is going to be five years deep. Man, I love this blog! I swear there are times I look into the future just to wonder what interesting posts it would make for. 

* An avatar  is the  human form of a Hindu god . * Zeritu has released  the DVD of her tour  and it ‘s bangin’ . Chick got talent fo sho. 

 * Tilaye, that is shiro tegabino in the picture in case you have not recognized it.  I could not find out what tegabino means. Does anyone know its meaning?  

Pray you sinners; and hard; very hard. 



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebe
    Aug 19, 2007 @ 20:03:54



  2. betty
    Aug 19, 2007 @ 11:26:43

    No if it is real tegabino, then it is served in ” shekla dist”


  3. tibebe
    Aug 16, 2007 @ 06:41:13

    okay. does anyone really know the meaning?

    if it is served in a metal dish( the way the one in the picture was served) , what would it stand for in italian ?


  4. betty
    Aug 15, 2007 @ 23:13:54

    tegabino means ” yeshekla dist”, in Italian, I could be lying though.


  5. tibebe
    Aug 14, 2007 @ 13:56:51

    it does not mean that the sheeps, chicken and cattle are saved. it is just that their slaughter has been put off by a day. and it would take a talking sheep complaining about how humans are treating them cruelly to make me so scared and pass out for a week . and i do not see that happening anytime soon. so ,thanks but no thanks.

    there is a hypothesis that 666 refers to the summation of the letters in the name of the emperor nero. the summation is done according to a jewish method called “gamatria”. some say that this emperor used to persecute christians and he was the anti-christ.

    predictions are intersting and who would not like to know about the future ? but i think we should just live today and wait for the future.


  6. tilaye
    Aug 13, 2007 @ 21:50:53

    ha ha. ante amedam. esey esey esey! i’m so happy it got ruined for you. your counting was WRONG. ha ha. and you will be fasting 😀 can it get better? ya ya the best senario would be just week before the millenium something scares you really bad and you pass out for two weeks. boi i wish it could become true.

    at first glance i thought the shiro tegabino was bread. now my mouth is watering. you …


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