talking to senai, batman, and cool talks. how is that for yetemeTaTene liTif (post)

so…i just talked to senai and watched batman begins. the other one. its good to know that senai is still the freak we knew 🙂 what he and his brother do for fun is crazy. i’m not telling…. and how batman got to be batman.

anyone heard about TED talks? its a talk sponsored by BMW. ppl from all walks of life are invited. some of the talks are boring but some are just amazing. here i’ve linked some i enjoyed most.

An economist from Ghana talks about problems in Africa

George Ayittey on Cheetahs vs. Hippos

Author of best selling advice book (since May 2006) talks about living a life of purpose (its not typical preaching. just see it)

Rick Warren on a life of purpose

this guy thinks schools kill creativity. funny speaker too

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

Bill clinton on  health facilities in Rwanda (he won the TED prize)

2007 TED prize winner Bill Clinton


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebe
    Aug 16, 2007 @ 18:00:47

    my bad.`i now know that the cheetah/hippo talk was a simile.


  2. tibebe
    Aug 13, 2007 @ 15:02:27

    slow down tiger!baby steps ; one litif at a time. i am messing with you. actually this is the way this is the way it is supposed to be : you know ;keeping the blog fresh with our hopes , fears , dreams ,wet dreams…sorry nightmares and what not.

    still wondering what got into you . did you get fired or something ? why the sudden burst ?

    i hope you don’ get all ” endezih kehonema alsifem “.

    and i might meletef (it is a good one) something later.

    how is senai ? it has been a while since he swung by this way. happy med school to him ! and do not act so shocked . you know as well as i do that all leakime adam yederesu heterosexual males visit or at least aspire to visit a strip club.

    and batman… i hate science fiction for the most part and a hate reality shows for the most part. reality ( not as stark as on reality shows) with a hint of unreal ( but not as much as that on sci fis) would be nice.

    and the matrix, i liked only part one. betty ,do you remember , 4th year,geo dept, thallo show, the matrix reloaded ,scratched cd,grumbling people?

    trying to watch youtube( or any other video source for that matter) in ethiopia is a daunting task at best . i tried loading the buffalo video and i gave up after a two minutes’ or so play. betty’s links i have not tried ;and with all due respect i will not.

    one thing i have noticed: what do cheetahs have got to do with problems in africa . i agree hippos can menad hige mengists but cheetahs? come on!


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