24. Ruchaw tesereze ……………………… 11 days to go

I was eager to partake in the Great Ethiopian Run which was scheduled for 4 Pagume.  It was my first and hoped that I would be doing something memorable before the you know what. But it was canceled owing apparently to security concerns. A music concert that was planned for the eve on Mesquel Square was also scrapped off earlier for the same reason.    

This policy of minimizing the fun in order to protect it is turning the holiday into the millelame.  Would have been nice if they could have protected our fun as is. You know, make us have faith in them and make some amends for all their misdeeds in the past.  

May be they feel inapt to rise to the occasion given that they are inexperienced in handling its type.  And may be they should flip through the records of the Axumite  police force for inspiration. Or could it be that they have heard that Eritrea is helping the Tamil Tigers and the number of groups posing threats has thereby increased? Strange news though, I must admit. I wonder what could possibly be in it for the Eritreans.  

I had reported some entries back that the playground of the elementary school I went to was now covered by concrete. Actually, I happen to think it is for the better. It has goal posts and nets and is pretty decent.  My only reservations are the injuries that might occur and the limited number of students that can play at any given time. 

Gossaye’s album is growing on me.  

The streets of Addis Ababa are lit up in a way that some people say is reminiscent of the Esepa Misreta Baal. Or was it Asiregnaw Yeabiot Baal?


image019.jpg               image016.jpg

Talaku rucha regardless, we still run this. 



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