25. Sewoch vs. ampoloch ……..9 days (as in single digit 9) to go


Coming from where I do , being a graduate student is almost always synonymous with having to brandish a flash disk at any opportune moment. Yep, I have one. And after I have done all the downloading I can, there would be all these pdf’s and what not lying around. The common practice (at least for me) is to open new folders, stash the documents in there and hope to get back to them someday. It looks nice and tidy when E:, F:, G:,H: or … is opened but Lord knows I am not familiar with many of the inhabitants of those folders. 

I have heard news of beggars being taken from the streets of Addis to……anyway the where does not matter because it is unlikely to be something permanent. I do not enjoy the sight of people begging; neither am I the charitable type. The jury is still out on whether I have a selfish streak or if I feel that in most cases my contributions won’t make a difference or even worse, would aggravate the situation. Still, it is a shame, the way the destitute are being treated like unscenic garbage that is spoiling to the festivities. 

The same kind of shit happened in Harar when it celebrated its thousand years’ anniversary and African Union meetings and the like are also known to entail such acts.  

The people in question are the symbols of our failure as a nation. If they are to be concealed somewhere, somewhere where they can not bother all the fancy looking foreigners, then I think that we, all 80 million (before deduction) of us should join them. Hiding what we cannot solve does not make it go away. And not security, convenience or any other reason behind can make it right. 

I still come across many beggars everywhere. But I do not want them to get off the streets: not like this. People, however poor, will go a long way to brighten up streets than do some fancy lights. Whether we like it or not, we are all we got. So why worry too much about pleasing others with an unreal “upgrade”? And if this “upgrade” is meant for our benefit, do we really deserve it?

And what kind of a sorry ass privilege would that be?   



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