sinful life

Speaking of beggars, why do we have more than one dress? Now don’t tell me Jesus said it just to give examples. He meant it literally! If you have two dresses and if someone else does not have one, then you should share. Nothing abstract about it.


These days in the news there is story about African Churches (in Kenya I think) strongly opposing gay marriage.

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in someone else’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye


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  1. tibebe
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 14:10:50

    …and if only individuals realized that being human is all about being the best non-human one can be ( in a good way)


  2. tilaye
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 20:42:49

    yes communism is ideally better. the problem is it doesn’t go along with human nature. we are all about getting. get get get. compete, get and get more. give a little bit and make yourself feel better. then get some more. i don’t think we can come up with a set of rules which will force people to care for other people.


  3. tibebe
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 17:12:21

    9 months after this post; 105 years after the split into Bolshevik and Menshevik; and some 3055 years after the anointment of Saul, it suddenly dawned on me 😯 Communism might have actually been on to something when it comes to following the teachings of Jesus. But most Communists ended up having more shirts for themselves and the masses were as shirtless as ever .What’s worse; Jesus was discredited off of his own idea.

    Capitalism is about getting as many shirts as one can for oneself and not giving a damn if the other person has a shirt or not; and should you see a guy with a single shirt take it from them and add it to your pile. It has succeeded in accomplishing its relatively “honest” goal of creating an unfair world. And mind you here, Jesus is kosher.

    We messed up when we asked for a king.


  4. tibebe
    Sep 08, 2007 @ 14:15:26

    I took the liberty of organizing my comments into a post.


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