26. Yehatiyategna nuzaze /mewezageb …………. 7 days to go

Tilaye: I meant this to be a comment but it got too long. So what the heck?!


A good point you make.


I too happen to think that we live for the sake of finding someone else to crucify. The crucifixion that should have mattered the most and the message contained therein often take second place when it comes to living our lives. 


What have we done with the teachings of Jesus and what He is all about? We did not abide by them. Instead we have used them to create divisions among ourselves. Divisions the most absurd of which is the many Christian sects we categorize ourselves into. It is like using the right thing (love) to give you carte blanche to do wrong (hate)


I believe that if any of the groups represents true Christianity, then it should have been the only one existing. Jesus was one and He taught a single teaching of love. (Trying to fathom the essence of other religions and why there is so many of them becomes overwhelming a t this point) 


I think every sect of Christianity has lost/added something  in translation to be the real one. And Rousseau (?) said it best  when  he said ” The last Christian was the one who died on the  cross ” .  

But do I take my sect to be the right one? Yes, I do. That is supposed to be the basic tenet of every religion.

And there arises the contradiction which I face.


I do not think that I will get to solve this contradiction any time soon. But what takes my mind off of it? Getting back to His teachings and hoping if I try to live by them then everything would be fine and the contradictions should  not matter.


Living in a world full of distractions from and perversions of the truth, the most one can do is hope and try to live right by oneself. It’s a struggle man! It should not have been but it is. I am afraid that nothing can guarantee that we will break away from worldly needs ; not even religions.


Two verses that show we tend to get it wrong :

  *He tells us ” …..yemibelutin satisetuachew beselam hidu tigebu bitiluachew min yitekimachewal? ….” .Yet “egeziabiher yistlegn ” is  taken to be a proper way of dealing with beggars.

Another contradiction arises  when we consider the fact that we are a society that condones begging and our little gifts could in fact be could be fueling a vicious cycle – give because someone is begging you and beg because someone is going to give you .

*He tells us to see Him in the faces of the less fortunate and hence be nice to them. What do we do? We go on living hoping to see Him one day while at the same time neglecting others.

Apparitions, as rare as they might be, should not have made news- we face Him on a daily basis afterall.


And a story I heard a while back:


In a vision Jesus tells this priest that tomorrow he is going to appear in the parish and to be ready. News spreads and the next day every parishioner waits in the church’s compound clad in their best clothes. It is at this moment that a poor lady carrying a child approaches the crowd. But she is shooed off because she was not dressed as supposed to. 


Nothing happened that day and in the evening the priest had another vision. He bemoaned “You said you would come but….”   

       Let us for a minute imagine that this took place in the US .Then  TV stations like WDQB and UPBG news would have been there and sure would have been disappointed.

Anyway Jesus replied “I was there with my mother ….”

  Don’t know if I told the story right but you get the drift.  



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. getere
    Sep 08, 2007 @ 17:59:30

    well said tibe. i agree with you 100%


  2. tibebe
    Sep 08, 2007 @ 11:33:54

    Here is my take on the “gay situation”

    I think we should discriminate between sin and sinners. Yes , I believe it is a sin. But i do not think it is a special kind of sin, a kind that is more mortal than the sins we commit everyday. Gays are easy target because as you said we are always looking for someone who supposedly is more wicked than we are.

    some dudes thought that prostitution was “so bad” that they decided to stone the prostitute. word is that among the mob were her customers. And what did He say “The one without sin cast the first stone.” If it was a gay person in place of the prostitute does anybody think that He would have said ” Go ahead for he deserves it”?

    There is no sin that other people can do to make us feel like we are saints. And the only way to get nearer to sainthood is to mind our own thoughts , talk and action. And if anyone should preach , they should do so through their actions .And this would leave many preachers jobless. Anyway we do not need too many of them and it is not an easy job for them to be out there in the huge numbers they are .

    And the hypocricy, people that are fine with oral sex condemn gays! That is no place for the dick to go either !


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