32. Buna ena bunee

These days, what I am having for breakfast is coffee with tea, no sugar, and brown bread.  I love it; it is great! Great in the sense that nothing will be bitterer for the rest of the day and in that it will make you do some crazy shit – like texting that girl on that fateful Wednesday 26 September, the year of our Lord 2007(this date might come in handy someday.) I think it was the coffee that was doing the typing that morning because in my tea days I would have known better. After some more exchanges since l last posted, she knows who I am. And how did she take it?  “I knew it !!! I knew all that ogling was not for nothing!” And I said “Baby, I do not ogle; I Google! That is how I got your your father’s and sister’s e mail addresses!” 

The other day I was complimenting my sister on how she looked and she responds, “Why don’t you e mail me!”

 I gather she is the last one to know– after my family and friends and her family (if those e mails have been read). It looks like I have succeeded in pulling off a perfect front around her for all that time.   

Now that things have fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally got going, to wherever, it seems that I am stuck. I am questioning why I did it and what I want out of it. I do not know what my next move should be. No plans, strategy or what not. I guess that is what happens when you jump in dick-first into situations, “pumped” up by caffeine. May be I should apologize saying I was high,  and slip back into obscurity, if possible .                                                                                                                               

Right now, I am in limbo – limbo of the stupid. There still is rain and cold; and the sun is not yet shining to full effect. As my mother would tell you, kiremt is supposed to end on Meskerem 26. Demarcation settled, the promise of a stationary blue above and brown motion on the ground is enticing as could be, standing three days away. All eyes get ready to feast on those brown skinned ladies, every third of whom happens to have brown somewhere in her outfit!  

A certain kind of blue was the ladies’ favorite some time back. I wonder which color would be next and how many colors they will go through before I find me a girl?!  

I do not wish to go into the whole “should they or should they not wear those revealing clothes?” debate:  revealed are my opinions in the last paragraphs. But what I wish to beg of them is not to show us their butt cracks for, don’t nobody wanna see those, sakes. Ladies, I feel somewhere in the back of your head you think about impressing us; and impressible creatures are us guys .But not with that! 

And I am not a fault finder- the fault is there for all to see.  

A G thang is going down with the leaders of Ghana and Germany having converged on Addis Ababa.  I was kind of surprised to see Girma Birru receive John Kufour .Even if the PM could not be there, the FM would have been a more appropriate choice. He just may be is one of the better leaders the continent has got to offer; he is the current chairperson of AU and his country is celebrating fifty years of independence-most of the other African countries boast younger years. 

Ethiopia, having never been colonized by Europeans, has been suffering from autocolonization for far too long. Lest I should be misinterpreted, autocolonization = possessing wealth but not putting it to good use; which the Europeans may view as mikegenet. I long for the day when we finally win independence from ourselves.

Oh snap! I am sounding like ETv! 



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. betty
    Oct 13, 2007 @ 16:41:37

    Beats you….. ? well come up with a song for her , now that is a start…. Hey hey donot look at me like that… they donot call me the old romantic for nothing.


  2. tibebe
    Oct 07, 2007 @ 10:37:56

    beats me !


  3. tilaye
    Oct 06, 2007 @ 16:33:50

    bravo! now she knows. so what is next?


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