33. Endeminim biye tsife cheresku !

After a frenzied as usual month of Meskerem, Tikimt has finally come. It is hoped that it will bring some calm and ……..well…… cold. The following, some of it happened this week. 

There was a rainbow around the sun. None of the people I told to see it seems to have done so. Their loss! I am not sure if it is visible on the pictures but it was a sight to behold.

                                   image054.jpg image052.jpg



The day I will not  be able to freely enter any of the premises of Addis Ababa University, is going to be a sad day. But even if I am banned for life, I still will haunt them: let us not forget that I have my 3×4 graduation photo buried somewhere in Acapulco. 


My last memory of a circular rainbow, Senai and I were walking to 402 and he was telling me that he was going to America.  On our way, we passed by students burning matchsticks for an epileptic student who had a fit in front of 407. This time I was at Sidst Kilo; sitting on the concrete steps of the playing field, watching the people mowing the field.  I could see that it was taking them an awfully long time to do the job. 


You know, f%^&  that  book (I read about it only recently) and whosoever wrote it. And I will not waste my time trying to refute bullshit either. I will however say that if ever there was such a thing as LQ (Laziness Quotient), then Ethiopians would be at the top of the table. There is no denying that there are honest and hard working citizens. But I am afraid they are drowned in a sea of their antithesis a.k.a people like me. 


Yeah!  Let’s talk about me ! 


I handed in a mediocre assignment paper. Instead of studying for the exam, here I am blogging.  Still clueless about the project and I am starting to fear that I may have a hard and unpleasant time trying to graduate or may not be graduating at all. Sometimes I think that I have been in school for a very long time and a quick, honorary eightical would be ethical. Then again, there are times that I feel that I have been on the road too long but to nowhere.  


I wake up feeling like a zombie. 


I pace during my teeth brushing sessions- I call them sessions cuz they usually take 10+ minutes.


 My situation is not being helped by this free music download site I came across. Given the possibility of getting/listening to ample music, I am like in a kid in a candy store. Not without cost though; and I am not talking about caries. There is that feeling I am using the school’s internet connection for the wrong purpose.  The connection is elih ascherash except for sporadic bursts of speed: it is like catching waves.  I spend time that could have been spent on warranted activities. I wonder if this thing is going to be the failure of me; can not stop thinking about my freshman year and if there are  going to be similarities  ..…..


The page just before it starts downloading is one more thing to make me screen-happy, the others being “you got 1unread message”, “1 missed call” and “1 message received’’.  Nowadays, my inbox and the bulk are starting to look alike. Woe the day everyone has had enough of me that I stop getting junk mail! 


 I try to listen to the quiet in the storm and to believe in believing to see. But everyday it gets harder to do so. 


 You see; I want to be Ethiopian of this millennium. Last time, let’s face it, I did not deserve it.  With only thirty days having elapsed, the race is wide open and I think I got a really good chance. I just don’t know how to accomplish it. With the rate I am going, I think publishing scientific papers is not for me.   



One of the guys who won this year’s Nobel Prize for in medicine received the phone call announcing that he was a winner at 3 am. I guess the practice is to wait  for the discovery to bear fruit, the fruits to ripen and be put on the shelfs of a supermarket… But after all those years, could not it have waited until the morning? 




 The first president from a biology background? No sir!  I hate to have power over and be responsible for the lives of others unless I absolutely have to.  That is why I do not want to be a prime minister. 



Beyonce and Ludacris have a concert in Addis Ababa a week from tomorrow. Luda is winning Grammies but he is as hot as he used to be. But with verses like  …..Yep, call me the renaissance man get up and  I stay……. ,  he is well suited for this “renaissance” we are suppose d to be having . And Beyonce, wear as revealing clothes as you like; just watch your steps. 


Let me take a stab at some other people real quick.  It was on Kumneger magazine that I read about the book on IQ and wealth. Fashion is their sister magazine. The charges they brought against MyFashion some time back was simply ludicrous. And  MyFashion is a far superior  magazine , the kind I would like to see more of. 


I heard a guy talk about a specific group of people.  I have heard people from the group spoken about speak about the speaker’s group the same way.  For all the talk of tolerance, can we ever stop feeling that others are either fools or wicked? 


 I am reminded of the scene form contact where Matthew McConaghuey tells Jodie Foster that he could not let humanity be represented by someone who thought that most of them were fools.  


Who is going to represent Ethiopia should there ever be such a situation? Who is gonna rep The World yeall?  


Go here for Amharic e mail services: it has worked for me with limited success. 


 I hope to start Spanish classes this week and to enjoy it.  


Feliz Eid and Hasta Luego ! 

That is it! 



I forgot this ®  Some coins fell off my hand and this guy picks a fifty and hands it to me.  Taking him for someone who would ask for it, I offered it back to him saying it had his name written over it. He refused and put me in my place. I was so ashamed for judging him based on the way he looked and dressed. At the same time, I was proud and grateful for seeing such a person – member of a dying breed.   

And this


Faithless feat. Estelle – Why go. This video embodies what I would like to find. And the skirt and sneakers…. very cool!



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  1. tibebe
    Oct 15, 2007 @ 15:23:54

    http://www.get-music.net is a better site for downloading music.


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