Dear Sir/Madam,

What was that for? It is the side effect of applying to a number of jobs. I’ll omit the number on the interest of space.

I watched a number of scifi movies and TV series. K-PAX was excellent. Its an alien thing but also sort of mystery. I don’t know how Tibe failed to mention it to me. I also follow 4400. Yep, 4400 people get abducted by people of the future and return with special abilities to save future disasters. Heroes is another similar series. In fact I think they stole 4400’s ideas. People with special abilities trying to save the world. Its amazing how everyone wants to save the world and don’t know they are the problem in the first place 🙂 Damn it! If you want to save the world then leave your car and run to work. I think people feel powerless that they are excited by “special abilities”. Or is it the case that we think we have powers but we want more to be at the top. Maybe both.

I saw “From pole to pole”, a documentary on animals and the earth. It talks about various animals. There was a funny scene where a group of elephants were walking in wind (with sand) and they had their eyes closed. The mother elephant stopped and the child bumped into her mother’s back 🙂 It was very funny. The cab had her eyes closed and were just following her mother 🙂 At some point they were resting and they had to leave. One mother went to a cab, put her foot on the cab and lightly shook her. The cab woke up and journey started.

Zare sile ensisa bicha new meselegn. I saw a hyena can on youtube. It was taken away from his parents because they were hurting him. He was a sweet little thing. He was like a dog when he played with a human. Why do we hate hyenas anyway? I think my attitude towards them is changing.

Beterefe I have this sudden urges to buy a pet. Even more than pets, I want cows. They are very innocent and gentle animals.

Another thing, I watched some videos on savants. Its a long definition so look it up. But one savant had the ability of remembering what he has seen. Maybe the word “remember” does not do justice to it. It is as if he has a camera inside which takes snapshots of what he is seeing. They took him to some city, they hovered above it, he saw some part of the city, went to a studio, was given some a few meters long drawing paper and he drew what he has seen in amazing detail. He stopped drawing after two days because he was tired of drawing.

One of the most famous of savants has total recall. Writers of the movie Rain Man were inspired by him. Another one “sees” numbers. When you say “eighty four” to him, he may perceive a short person. And he does amazing calculations with his brain. Wikipedia has a list of famous savants. It comes with a price though. If you take the drawing guy, he has difficulty remembering other things, like what he wore

If you could have a “special ability” what would you want to have? Special ability as in savants is one thing but special abilities in the movies I mentioned above have a wide spectrum. There is a guy who heals wounds (he also gave life to a dead bird), a child who predicts, one who can take away abilities, freezing time, causing illusions into someone’s head, knowing what people think, etc. It is endless. You can also go to the website of the TV series and tell them what your ability is. The most interesting thing I saw though is on one of the TV series, they introduce new people every week and viewers get to vote on which character should be kept.

I just wanted to comment on Tibe’s observation on unread mails or “1 message(s) received”. I feel good when I see that too 🙂 Tibe try this: On your email select all emails (you can do that by checking the checkbox at the very top of the mails), then click on “Mark”->”Unread”. You will then have many unread messages. I know its fooling yourself but try it and see.


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  1. tibebe
    Oct 18, 2007 @ 11:30:14

    i took the liberty of making some changes to the sidebar. i hope you guys(betty and tilaye) don’t mind .

    why blog stats? because i got tired of logging in to check on it.


  2. tibebe
    Oct 15, 2007 @ 15:20:53

    Man! You are at your funniest ! Esp. the cow part.

    Why don’t you sira mefter 🙂

    K PAx and 4400 i haven’t /have never seen . i am not really that into scifi.

    if i could have my pick from special abilities it would be…..hmmm….getting a chick: different strokes for different folks 🙂

    a friend showed me a snippet of a stand up comedy. the guy said that we are overacting trying to save the world because it is going nowhere- having survived ice age, reversal of the poles of its magnetic field ,… and everything in between. the world is fine:it is us who are screwed. and plastics , instead of being a threat to the environment , could be the anawer to the age old question-why are we here? to produce plastics!

    anyway ,it was funny when he said it.


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