I went to london for an interview. I took the bus – cheaper. I left on Sunday night and arrived Monday just before lunch. It was very tiring. But I loved London. Noisy, busy, a true multicultural city. I also met one person I recently found about (Ethiopian) and left on the same day. Now I have had my breakfast, I feel very tired, probably the longest bus journey I have had (travelled for 22 hours within 36 hours) and I keep on blogging!

Just before I leave though…the funniest thing happened. A Chinese girl sitting beside me was feeling cold and she had a small patch of cloth wrapped around her. I sleep for sometime, suddenly wake up and tell her in amharic that I can give her my jacket if she wants to. She said ok I went back to sleep 😀 She must have thought I was one troubled person. But she said she was taking English courses to be a translator. So she might just blame it on her English. Hopefully.


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  1. getere
    Nov 01, 2007 @ 11:54:06

    i had contact with the ethiopian guy by mail. we used to talk every now and then. he is in IT business. there are many ethiopians by the way. i have seen quite a few in my short stay there.


  2. tibebe
    Oct 31, 2007 @ 17:58:44

    May I ask who the Ethiopian you met was?

    The Chinese girl probably thought “They see one Chinese and they start complaining about the quality of their jackets!”

    The art signifies the triumph of life over death : the guy is lying above a tombstone which I must confess is unusually too big. May be it is the covering of the grave. And he is not dressed the way a dead guy should – he must be alive.

    I must be right or …..wrong.

    Now a normal human being would have posted pictures of St James’ Park, Stamford Bridge and The Emirates mainly because that is where we are going to beat the home sides; the first one on Saturday. Or may be a normal human being would have talked about catching a glimpse of Nicky Butt or Alan Smith ( though we don’t miss the latter. The one we miss is Rossi.) . May be you are right : the girl thought ” this is one troubled dude!”. Wtf is wrong wit u man ? Why don’t you like football?

    On the photo of you and big ol’ homie primate , I happened to notice -Kestehal! Stop worrying about defrosting misir and eat like a normal human being does. And besides, the fastest way to do something is not doing it.

    I do not see nothing wrong with mixing it up-religious and worldly music. And I have one mix. This song Ayo Technology by 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake, I think by technology it is referencing laptops and by asking the girls to sit on their laps , they are asking the girls to sit on their laps. Ayo fiddy ,jt ,am i right ? I guess they are busy with the girls.

    Anyway , what if we replace the part about the girls with the Holy Bible? And may be rewrite the rest of the lyrics?

    I know I want to read the Bible and repeat the Rosary.

    It is funny. Right now, I got a laptop on my lap ( wish it was something else) and was reading about complement. I see a remarkable similarity between C5b and females . Although they are not the only important factors, all pathways seem to generate them or them as a topic. And they culminate in either success or in some cases ,calamity.

    Then again, what do I know about them both ? Watch me shrink into a full stop.


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