Two Fridays before I went to Newcastle on a cloudy day.


A river passes right through the city. So it is known for it’s bridges. I went for a small one-off job which was on Saturday on Monday so Friday was all mine. Egre eskiketin dires zorkugn. Bridge after bridge.


Then I got tired of bridges and went to the city center. I found these brilliant musicians. Flutes and guitars and some other exotic instruments. They came from South America. Free music. They were selling their CDs but I was broke enough to ignore their offer.


I roam around the city a lot, had a big pizza, couldn’t finish it, then went home. I wanted to take a picture of that but when I went in two girls were in my room…errr in our room actually. It was a Back Packers, cheap, looks like AAU’s 402 dorms except it is a mixed room, is cleaner, and there is a common hot shower. The guy sleeping above me (it was a double deck bed) had a bad cough and the whole framework was shaking. He also kept going to the bathroom. Lucky for me I was very tired and zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

In the morning I see this thing and wonder what it means …


Then I found my work place easily. It is “Center for Life”. A sort of “science museum” to attract kids to science. I meet my partner (another girl from my school and her boyfriend) and we set up the robot arm we brought from our school. It plays Connect 4. Robot arm is green and dark thing on top of the blue box). It’s “eye” is the camera in front and the brain is the laptop.

Not so many kids around so I take a tour around…


At the end of the day I find these guys performing. Their band is starting but some of the songs they played were awesome.


I then meet this guy who tells me there is a free live rock music show. And I nod my head very hard. He offers to take me to the place….


It turns out those guys are actually pentecostals and the lyric of the rock music was something I couldn’t really dance to. At first I feel deceived and on second thoughts there is nothing else I would do. The couple who work with me have fled away and I didn’t want to go to pubs alone. So I sit back and watch.

I was surprised when three girls probably in their early twenties came in. I haven’t seen people of this age interested in the Church. But soon they started giggling and being uneasy. They left after two songs. But I had I started to enjoy it. There were a lot of singers including these ones who dubbed Tony Braxton’s and Nelly Furtado’s songs into something which has Jesus in it.



I went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. I had an appetizer…then came vegetable rolls, finished all of it and got sort of full. Hmmm 15 pounds for this? I add the politeness of the waiter and waitress who frequently checkup on me and decide it is worth it. Just when I turned to ask for the bill another dish came. And this one was big. Ah! What was the second one for? Don’t know….Thats why I don’t like eating in fancy restaurants. Ten type of dishes, five type of spoons and twenty two glances from waiters to check if you need attendance to. If only the university was not funding my stay I would have gone to a causual place. I finish that up, double check that I have the receipt in my wallet and leave without any tip 😀 Yimotal ende.

Sunday was pretty similar. Only a few were winning so we decided to make the robot less smart…keeping in mind the small number of T-shirt prizes we have. We then had more and more winners …


At the end of the day packing took a long time and I rushed to the train station. Came home and looked for dinner – my frozen misir. Can someone tell me how I can defrost this thing quicker.



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