She was hot


Prometheus would have been pissed

Pandora’s descendant was sporting fire




But no need to panic


A mortal man to the rescue  


Since before fire


He was meant to be her fireman


Or so he thought ……..


 Got to return fire to his kind  


Get it off the wrong being 


Approaches his destiny  


With all sense of urgency


Truck and all…..






Damn oxygen!


Couldn’t stop her from taking it in


Try as his lips might


He needed them for something else


Had to scream out how searing she was


And couldn’t keep her blaze under wraps


Had to show it to the world


Soon he would lie next to her


Draped in a feeling of dereliction


 Known as satisfaction


She is still burning


But, behold!


He too was on fire now


Her never the one to give up


Him never the one to compromise



In between many fiery a sun


Two fires will duel  


Top and bottom


Front and back


Side by side


Alas there will be no winner


For both will keep on burning


Happily ever after


More than body


Stronger than soul


 Fire they would have in common  


Long live the fire!







40. Ye’ebid/ yemeche terote !

Talaku Rucha zare neber. Well, if you peep  the grand scheme of things, everyday in life is a great run:even when one is seated/asleep, the mind is running. Blah blah and more blah.  

 I finished the race within an hour and one minute. Not bad for a first timer who entered without a day’s practice huh!? To those of you reading this do not try this at home. Note to self, do not ever again try this at home; on second thoughts , try it again and see what happens.


  I fell victim to the notorious Yefilwuha Daget but did not feel the energy the race was reputed to have. Except for some short -lived pep talk  and taunting  here and there, I have found it to be a soberer affair than I had expected .  

Sami and Wele were also there. In fact, some of the pictures, they took or feature in.



1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg   6.jpg7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg10.jpg11.jpg 12.jpg13.jpg14.jpg 





Rucha unrelated final thoughts …….hmmm; then again, the grand scheme of things shows that …..  J  

  * I prohibit the verse “ wenz yashagerkegne  chigre                                    

                                     Moten adrigew bagere” from being included in songs performed on concerts for the Diaspora. They might get a misguided notion that Ethiopia is a graveyard. 


 And some years back, an anthology of poems,” yehagere mist yilasegen”, was published. Last time I checked, the termites of Ethiopia had not ran short of corpses to nibble on.


Come on people! 

* On the stand up comedy of Peter Russell, you may remember the one about people from the rest of the world being humped by members of the growing populations of India and China, leading to a uniformly beige nuevo race. By the same token, I think Ethiopians should hump across biher and/or haimanot  boundaries  ( the way we are doing it now is apparently not  enough ) to give rise to a new generation that does not feel the tension ( yes, there is tension ) our generation was unfortunate to experience.  

So help me Lord! 

If tomorrow I do not check on this here blog (more pics), it is highly likely that I am too spasmed  to get to a keyboard. 


39. Holy smokes! There is no smoke and no England?!

Truth be told there was plenty of smoke in my neighborhood.  In a society like ours endowed with Ohms and Ohms of resistance to change , I do not know  if and when the practice can be stopped. Should it be stopped?  Would the air get cleaner if we pass on a once in a year thing and forgo its traditional value? I doubt it. 

In immunology class I discovered that yehidar beshita was actually the influenza pandemic that ravaged the world between 1918 and 1919 (koshasha makatel was started in 1912 Ethiopian Calendar if I am not mistaken). Influenza antigenic subtypes are named based upon two glycoproteins inserted into the bilipid layer of the pathogen. These glycoproteins known as hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase  (NA) undergo genetic drift and genetic shift to give rise to different variants of the virus.The first influenza virus was isolated in 1934 and given the subtype designation H0N1.Infamous for causing SARS, H5N1 was isolated from chickens and humans in 1997.      

 Sorry, I got carried away. 

You might know the story about this kid who was throwing back into the sea fish washed ashore.  An observer asked the kid whether he felt overwhelmed and his effort  in vain considering the countless fish that were fighting for their lives. The kid answered that his actions mattered for each fish that he was able to throw back. Props to people like Betty who carry used tissue, some which they have not used, in their backpacks pending disposal at the right place.  And props ,WTF, to me  for not spitting, be it game or phlegm, on the streets.  I do not condone menged lai meshinat  but  think menged lai metfat is easier to avoid : I mean, it is not like you have to go or something. 

The point is that we need more people who keep on doing the right thing no matter how wrong the circumstance is. Blessed be the person who does not add to a pile of dirt! 

Once on a football commentary I heard Spain being refereed to as the perennial underachievers.  This statement needs revising and especially after last night’s defeat of England at the hands/feet of Croatia.  Holland, Spain and England are all serious contenders for the title. Looking at how they fared since 1990, England has missed out on a World Cup (1994) and European Championship (2008). And every time they have made it to the big level, they have never failed to disappoint. Their best performance was fourth in 1990.  Like Nelly would say, 2 is not a winner, 3 nobody remembers, and 4…. who gives a rat’s ass!   

And 1966 is ancient history. 

So it’s official: England are the ultimate overhyped perennial underachievers. 

My condolences to the fans. 

It is a shame not being able to see Rooney on two and a half big occasions. 

What do Zeritu Kebede and Amy Winehouse have in common (except for exceptional singing)?  Attitude! Though I think Zeritu had all the right reasons to make her do what she did, look at what they said and tell me if you see any similarity:

Zeritu – “DJ, yambulen kifetilachew!” 

Amy _ “All of you who are jeering, just wait until my husband gets out of incarceration; and I mean that ’’ (maybe I have remixed it a bit.) 

Both classics and both funny as hell. 

More comparisons: listen to  Wake up alone . Is anyone reminded of Simesh gen alchilim  or is it just me?  

 On the  egna sinwaded  vcd , someone in the crowd is seen waving the American flag in the middle of the hageren alresam song.  I tried but could not find a reason to make the action appropriate. Would someone please reinstate the giraf punishment and serve the fool forty of those?  Thanks! 


over appreciate -Aemro

I have been in my small room for one and half days. Today is Sunday,The day which I don’t like most. I was bored for the whole day. I hadn’t met any one . In the late afternoon I went out to the town. My aim was to meet gathered habesha’s and talk in my home language. I had so many option. One I could go to habesha resturant. But is not good place to chat long. the other option is habesha buna bet. If I were there I would have ethiopian coffee on top of chewata. I prefered the last place “tela bet”. that is ideal place to Liston talk from different angles. mostly kededa and some time kumneger. Tela bet is a small bar where you can get home made beer. I think the bar has another name , but all habeshas know it by “Tela bet”. every event there looks like the real tela bet. I wasn’t is in a mood to drink, coz it was so cold (3degree). I prefered hot thing, either hot drink or hot ………………. Hot diro kere…….

My main talk is about how a person express someone whom he like and he dislike. All the talks in the tela bet was evaluating known persons at home. Every body was passing unbounded “mugessa” and “sidib” for those whom they don’t like . that is common with in common peoples. But It reminded me CNN documentary about Haile Gebersillasse which was presented last weekend. It was nice documentary , i like it so much. Haile’s talk shows his betterment from social aspects apart from his legendary running. On the show so many famous persons were giving their comments about haile. Tefera Gedamu the famous English journalist was one of them. After his speaking accepted words about Haile, he said that Haile is self confident, hard worker………..you name it !! look here, his speech looks more of advertisement. If I love tilaye’s face only , I don’t need to comment about his pant which I don’t know. you may be saying what is the problem then ? I will come on it.

Let me add one more tizibit , a month a go I watched(on you tube) another documentary prepared for shek Muhamed Alamudy. Most of the commenters were speaking his contribution reasonably. Some people were saying , ” he is an angle sent to Ethiopia”. Are they sure? one of our kings of Music, Tilahun Gessesse was crying a lot. I heard shek Alamudy made so many things for him. His cry might be also reasonable. he was also commenting as Alamudy is the father of ethiopia.I laughed loud with his last statement “If God can cut from my age and add to him , I am happy to do”.

Long time ago , Every greatness and exaggerations were written to our kings . Everything from royal family or the King its value was high. That is why we don’t have unbiased history books. In my though that is the main thing which made them too lazy to work for their country.People were accepting everything as good thing if it is from the king. If what you are doing is always said Excellent , do you think you would have more ambition to work hard or improve. what is there above excellent which motivates you to examine your self. we would argue that was due to the lack awareness. what about now?

what i want to say is every thing should have a boundary. no one is excellent in everything. The two respected persons can work more for their country if the people give reasonable feedback for what they are doing. Pointing issues which need improvement is not bad recommendation. Otherwise if we applause of everything we would repeat the old millennium rather than starting a new one. Mentioning good works about a person which we are committing negatively also shows wiseness.

Negeru new engi ene min agebagn,

I have funny advert. Probably I will write something about it. It has some meaning from my life experience.

for now cheers,

Betty and Tibe thank you biyalehu ,

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