Saturday was the second anniversary of the second of the post-election carnages. I remembered  it only today.  Unlike me, there are those who just can not forget about it -it was the second anniversary of the death of someone’s mother, father, husband, wife, daughter, son…. 


RIP all you innocent souls.  

Can not forget about the injured.


It was also then that thousands were imprisoned in sub-humane conditions for crimes they did not commit. 


 I stand by the bold, in both senses of the word, to the hilt. If it sounds like  I am generalizing about the innocence of far too many people it is because I could have been one of them; ideal-, asking the right question to people who do not want to answer it- , or plain being at the wrong place at the wrong time-wise; and  it is a zillion times better than trying to justify the  way the  situation was handled  because  it can never be justified.  


I long for the day that H.R. receives due attention in Ethiopia, regardless of having 2003 in front of it.  




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