another interview

These days I got the moral to visit Western countries. I have been to many known European towns which i don’t need a visa to go. Paris is of the best town which I have ever visited in my life. I went up to Efle towr , which is around 300 meter. Every part of the town can be seen on Efle tower.

as a poor tourist I got a cheap hostel which has 9 beds in a single room , I got sheets and blanket from the hostel to prepare my own bed. the shared toilt hadn’t had toilet paper, some guys used thier own socks . The water flush weren’t working , you needto drop water from other places. funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

My tour to france was with other EU students , we had hitch hiking game . that is , travling from Amsterdam to paris by asking lift(begging) , the guy who had arived first has got an award. Unlucky I wasn’t with a blond girl to be attracted by the drivers. so I was late to arrive … Next time we will go to berlin , I have to be smart now….

Thanks to the chinse reasturant and supermarket you don’t cost a lot for food. If you are smart like me you can take some foods in your bag and make your tour much simpler. I think it is commen for Eourpean students too. I have been into night clubs , there are so money beautifull girls which are not as tall as the dutchs .I like them. they look friendly , but you have to speak french. Bonjue ………..

I didn’t find Brussels as capital of EU. the southern part looks old and never maintained . beggers and Junkies are found in every corener. some of the side of the town looks like Addiss. It is really a place of ppls form defferent place. Blacks , Arabs ,chinese ,and others dominated the native whites. The Native of Australia ,aborgins were presenting thier show on the straight. Wow what a nice “washint” they got !!

all the pictures I shot are found on my flickr

Then after I had planned to see New york and DC. I got an appointment paying 15 Euro, and then 80Euro for consulate services. On top of that I spent more than 30 for other requirments. I didn’t feel it what ever response I got from the embasy. I have also collected to documents which which was the much enough to get the visa. with the same and less documents some my friends got a chance to visit US.

my interview looks like this,

Good mornining sir, …………….. Hi

where do you want yo go? New york

Are you married ? No

where are working ? answered

what are you studing ? answored

do you have some thing to show me? I gave him my document

He didn’t read either of my document , with in few seconds….

Sorry sir you are not allowed to go …….

this the point which makes me sad. I have paid to get the service. He was supposed to look at my documentvery carefully as consulate then he would say whatever. But my ethiopian passport was enough for him to deny………

Any way , I didn’t miss to visit Heaven…..


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  1. Aemro
    Nov 14, 2007 @ 19:23:58

    Hi Tibe,
    Yes, there are so many sex theaters in Amsterdam. On the sea side, there is also a beach where clothing is optional.

    Tile :- not yet , I am looking the prof’s projects


  2. tibebe
    Nov 12, 2007 @ 09:39:41

    bartender ! double that welcome for Aemro !

    Your post reminded me of the movie ” eurotrip” . Tell me; do they have a real club Van der sex in Amsterdam? 🙂

    One day Ethiopia will be not.


  3. getere
    Nov 11, 2007 @ 13:57:34

    ha ha. i’m sure the others (tibe, senai, beti,…) must be confused now. it is aemro guys. he is in netherland. welcome amex!

    sorry to hear your experience. thats how they are. don’t take it personally. hmmm. maybe you should take it nationally 😀 it is the ethiopian passport which makes them suspicious. i think my interview was even shorter than yours 🙂

    one day ethiopia will be………

    did you write to the advisor?


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