38. Balege aneqaq

Friends with whom you grow up with, go to every level of school with, chase chicks with and probably fall for friends, your families stay close knit for life….. I never had those.

The ones I had at a specified period end up being replaced by others if not entering oblivion. Few if any yesfer guadegna or yeandegna dereja guadegna .The longest streak of friendships that I boast runs from sometime in college to lehitmet eskegebahubet gize dires; and some of the people who are involved, I know from high school.

What does the future hold for me and my friends? Or is a new batch of friends waiting in the wings to take over?

Don’t get me wrong: I am all for a constant search for fresh starts and a little bit of anti-social behavior. But I think it is normal for one to trip about what one does/can not have. And if you feel that I am contradicting myself,…. hey….. I am just as screwed up as the next guy!

Last Friday I had an exam which I hope would be the last one of my protracted school life. I left out some important details when answering the last question. This exact realization was what woke me up on Monday. Talk about rude awakening. It’s funny, the things that come to you while asleep. Yesterday night I learned how to do that thing Ronaldinho does; the one where he takes the ball to the right and in a split second he has the ball to the left. (a few years later I would discover that that thing is known as the “elastico”.)

All I need now is a ball to see if I can do the same, following the instructions from my dream. I am dying to play some football. Over the weekend part of the fam went to the countryside ( Aemro, you are not the only one who has been traveling) and my brother and I got to play with seven and eight year olds who spit profanity like you would not believe. Still I want more…more… like that Nina Simone song.

And a desire to learn how to play the piano is creeping through me.

There is this girl who, on Tuesday evenings, has started to stick around for the rosary after mass has  finished. There would be no one left but her on the balcony on the right. Have you ever wondered what somebody is praying for? I find her intriguing.

And I just can’t seem to be able to speak loud enough in Spanish class.

La profesora, she is another intriguing lady.

I hope you, somehow, have gathered something new from what I have written thus far. Right now For a while now I fail to remember since when, but it is like the screen writers of my life are on strike. Reruns have long been my mainstay: everyday I encounter the same people, things, proceedings, etc.

Monotony is the name of the game and I hate it.

I wish people would stay off Zeritu’s case. I have read her interview and think she did the right thing. Talent+ Attitude= the hope of the East African music scene! You know how everytime  something “cool” is done in Ethiopia it is heralded as being the first/best in East Africa ; and in Sub – Saharan Africa, next only to South Africa and may be Nigeria too? I suspect it is self-flattery in most cases.

Anyway, leave the girl alone to do her thing.  She will rock at that African Music Festival in Sweden-mark my words; and hopefully release something hot afterwards. Damn punctuation!;’:

Singers getting together on songs is not so common in Ethiopia; especially in recent years. Still I would like to hear Gigi, Zeritu, Tigist Bekele, Tsedenia and Mikaya on a track, Lady Marmalade style but just a notch mellower.

What is the opposite of sub? Going to “Upper-Sharan” news, I was glad to hear that Etoile de Sahle beat Al Ahly and were crowned African champions. One team winning it three times in row would have been downright boring.

This has been a presentation of a blog- the only one of its kind this side of the Sahara, Gobi, Atacama and Wube.



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  1. getere
    Mar 18, 2010 @ 08:42:43

    What did zeritu say?

    I want to see them perform in a group too. I like “sew new le sew medanitu”.

    And stop tailing praying people.


    • tibebe
      Mar 18, 2010 @ 09:45:40

      not if i can help it!

      if i had not been spending my time editing a 2 1/3 yrs old post in the first place, you would not have been able to comment on it. that, my brother, is proof of my morbid dedication to this blog.

      have been having a crappy couple of weeks. and the latest book that i have been reading (the stranger -albert camus), the fact that i am pretending to be well-read, my own advice and other people’s experience (shitty days -aqumada) to count my blessings are not helping at all.

      zeritu had this contract (eons ago) to do this gig at this night club. she was under the impression that she would be singing smooth songs. but the audience wanted her to “bring the heat” and I think, the manager of the club tried to force the issue on her. so she had this outburst on stage where she said “ dj, yambulen kifetilachew” – yambule being the most popular dance track at the time.

      you remember that joke on yeteCheqonu qeldoch where this kid from Cherqos is telling a story to Ababa Tesfaye about a gidingid shele ? Ababa Tesfaye chastises the kid and he starts telling another story: “erso yemifelgut sileanbesa and tinchel new aydel ?” In the story, the lion chases the rabbit for a very long time and when he finally caught up with it, guess what it did to it? 😆

      the way I am feeling now, I just want a Gigi solo album.

      which song is sew new lesew medhanitu?

      the girl from the church, I wonder what she has been up to? 🙂

      and I am sorry if I cannot help “preying” on praying people; it is just that they are so sexy when they pray 🙂

      Makes me feel much better knowing that, just like me, you have got nothing better to do than hang out at this blog at this moment.

      and bettye

      here is the whole idea of the time traveler’s wife
      When Henry meets Clare, he is twenty-eight and she is twenty. He is a hip librarian; she is a beautiful art student. Henry has never met Clare before; Clare has known Henry since she was six…


      • getere
        Mar 18, 2010 @ 23:50:34

        i thought this post was brand new 🙂

        well done zeritu 🙂

        sew new lesew medanitu has a let’s-be-there-for-people-with-Aids theme. zeritu is in it. i think she performed in it even before she got popular with her first album (i could be wrong though, memories getting a bit slippery here). just spent an hour trying to find it and upload it. i’ll upload it if i get done before midnight!


      • betty
        Mar 21, 2010 @ 20:17:43

        sorry about the crappy days you had pappiye.. it seems we get a wave of them at the same time regardless of the continents we are in…. I guess there ia always a bond that ties us together…

        So papiye, what happens to them?… please finish the story.

        I started listening to the song Tiye…. I love Tsendenia and it seems a good song.. never got to finish it though…



        • tibebe
          Mar 22, 2010 @ 12:36:47

          dude i think you have got tsedenia confused with zeritu. i thought you were referring to that song zeritu did with mahamud, alemayehu and what not. but this is a different song and i hear no zeritu in it.

          well bettye…

          what did the lion do to the rabbit? a very good question indeed.

          it screwed the hell out of it.


  2. tibebe
    Nov 22, 2007 @ 19:38:38

    Kua kua woman; I like that! Is it the equivalent of a gua gua man?


  3. betty
    Nov 20, 2007 @ 17:00:18

    I see you beat me to it. It felt really great to hear a familiar voice after a long time. Believe it or not since I last spoke with Tilish I am still smiling, that is the way I am after I spoke with DINICho or Papiye too. OH man, the more I see it the more I am realiizing we need eachother to spice up things and life, or atleast for me. I hope we will have more of those old times again and again…….. again.


  4. tilaye
    Nov 19, 2007 @ 17:17:41

    guess who i spoke to yesterday. betty! seems all of us are in a crisis or have gone through it…..


  5. tibebe
    Nov 19, 2007 @ 14:12:35

    Lord willing I intend to learn the piano once I am done with school and get a job. Then I will have a grand piano in my living room- Betty and I will play a duet while Tilaye accompanies us with a violin.

    For reasons unknown, I have turned into this cold and angry human being around my friends from school.


  6. tilaye
    Nov 18, 2007 @ 13:15:51

    new friends….possible but nothing like old friends. why don’t you take piano lessons tibe. check it out for a while and if you like it you will buy a keyboard. you can go to yared. they don’t expect you to have a music background and they are patient too. i’m sure you’ll get drawn into it. yesterday it was one of room-mate’s birthday and his girlfriend bought him a violin. that thing is difficult to play. it was much smaller than i expected and it has no frets – those metal strips on the board to guide you where to put your fingers. and using the bow oh! i made some terrible sounds with it. i will get better at it soon though 🙂


  7. betty
    Nov 17, 2007 @ 23:49:13

    Hey guys, I see I have missed a lot. Amex welcome.

    Breaking the monotony, that I hear you my papy , buddy. For the past two months all I have been doing is get up at 5:30, take a quick shower get out of the house drive down town to where my school is , park my car, walk about 7 or 10 minutes to my classes and stay untill the end of the day, get in my car drive to my work if it is thursday or tuesday, and then get back home, work on homeworks probably untill past midnight ….. and the same everyday.

    I guess this sudden feeling of wanting to learn new things is coming with the wind from your place. Because these days I want to learn how to play the piano or the violine too. I was driving to school last week and the radio in my car wasnot working well, there was too much traffic, so I decided just to try and see if it works …. tried, tried and finally I heared this 17th century classical and it just got to me. Did any of you see ” pride and prejudice” the first version made by english actors, ” Colin firth” … donot know if I got his name right,any way he is one of them , I love that movie and the songs on that movie were like this 17th century classical. I have been listening to that station for a week now and I am begining to appreciate ” Wolf Gang Amadias Mozart”.

    About making new friends, I donot think I will make new friends, I am just not interested, too much effort trying to know someone new, i believe it is better to make the bond that I have with the old ones stronger, although I am not doing a good job on that part either.

    Oh, before I forget, I got to enjoy Mahmood’s music three weeks back. Man oh man, the guy can sing. And I have some stories to tell too, but that is for another time.



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