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I have been in my small room for one and half days. Today is Sunday,The day which I don’t like most. I was bored for the whole day. I hadn’t met any one . In the late afternoon I went out to the town. My aim was to meet gathered habesha’s and talk in my home language. I had so many option. One I could go to habesha resturant. But is not good place to chat long. the other option is habesha buna bet. If I were there I would have ethiopian coffee on top of chewata. I prefered the last place “tela bet”. that is ideal place to Liston talk from different angles. mostly kededa and some time kumneger. Tela bet is a small bar where you can get home made beer. I think the bar has another name , but all habeshas know it by “Tela bet”. every event there looks like the real tela bet. I wasn’t is in a mood to drink, coz it was so cold (3degree). I prefered hot thing, either hot drink or hot ………………. Hot diro kere…….

My main talk is about how a person express someone whom he like and he dislike. All the talks in the tela bet was evaluating known persons at home. Every body was passing unbounded “mugessa” and “sidib” for those whom they don’t like . that is common with in common peoples. But It reminded me CNN documentary about Haile Gebersillasse which was presented last weekend. It was nice documentary , i like it so much. Haile’s talk shows his betterment from social aspects apart from his legendary running. On the show so many famous persons were giving their comments about haile. Tefera Gedamu the famous English journalist was one of them. After his speaking accepted words about Haile, he said that Haile is self confident, hard worker………..you name it !! look here, his speech looks more of advertisement. If I love tilaye’s face only , I don’t need to comment about his pant which I don’t know. you may be saying what is the problem then ? I will come on it.

Let me add one more tizibit , a month a go I watched(on you tube) another documentary prepared for shek Muhamed Alamudy. Most of the commenters were speaking his contribution reasonably. Some people were saying , ” he is an angle sent to Ethiopia”. Are they sure? one of our kings of Music, Tilahun Gessesse was crying a lot. I heard shek Alamudy made so many things for him. His cry might be also reasonable. he was also commenting as Alamudy is the father of ethiopia.I laughed loud with his last statement “If God can cut from my age and add to him , I am happy to do”.

Long time ago , Every greatness and exaggerations were written to our kings . Everything from royal family or the King its value was high. That is why we don’t have unbiased history books. In my though that is the main thing which made them too lazy to work for their country.People were accepting everything as good thing if it is from the king. If what you are doing is always said Excellent , do you think you would have more ambition to work hard or improve. what is there above excellent which motivates you to examine your self. we would argue that was due to the lack awareness. what about now?

what i want to say is every thing should have a boundary. no one is excellent in everything. The two respected persons can work more for their country if the people give reasonable feedback for what they are doing. Pointing issues which need improvement is not bad recommendation. Otherwise if we applause of everything we would repeat the old millennium rather than starting a new one. Mentioning good works about a person which we are committing negatively also shows wiseness.

Negeru new engi ene min agebagn,

I have funny advert. Probably I will write something about it. It has some meaning from my life experience.

for now cheers,

Betty and Tibe thank you biyalehu ,


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  1. tibebe
    Nov 19, 2007 @ 14:11:28

    “I do not like Sundays” ?! I refuse to be part of this sinning. Senbet endet yitelal?

    On the real though, I think the reason dates back to our elementary and high school days. We would be given home work for the weekend; we chill on Friday and Saturday putting off everything until Sunday asira hulet saat- after Matlock, Father Dowling,….. Anyway for me it used to be that way.

    Wednesday used to be my favorite partly because it is midway through the week and partly because of the Champions’ League games. But now, I do not know if I have any favorites.

    On Sundays it helps to have a kind of brunch and after that, sleep your ass off.

    Addis Ababa in Hidar mornings can easily match the three degrees you have over there. In the daytime it is scorching hot. May be you should come here for hotness sakes. Or were you referring to something else 🙂 ?

    I think Haile and Al Amoudi have more than their fair share of critics; especially about their riches and how they spend it. Every time Al Amoudi does something, someone seems to come up with a better idea on where the money should have spent. Once it looked like Haile had lost his glory and many were asking why he was still doing it (was it the money?). He said he had figured out the way to break the marathon record and he did it! Now the same people who were calling him birr yemayitegib are probably singing his praises.

    And I would not bet against him finishing under 2hrs 03 mins.

    Documentaries on a person for the most part are supposed to be positive. But on day to day life, Ethiopians are not that positive towards celebrities; except maybe Teddy Afro- he is a lucky sun of gun!

    The kings and the like, we had/have no choice but to praise them. Ho ho!

    On the contrary, I think it is not often that we refer to someone as excellent. I say we should minus the negative and add the positive. Or better yet, we should just forget about others and mind our own business. Life is too stressful as it is to worry about others. Still I doubt if we can do that because prying into other people’s lives, being judgmental and fickle and not knowing boundaries come with the territory of “being human”.

    I hate Tilaye’s face!


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