It snowed, and now it is gone, what a relief. Last saturday was scary but as always God was with me. I almost made a 90 degree turn while driving to work and got on the opposite lane, lucky for me there was only one car behind  me and the guy was realy nice.

2007 has been complicated so far. Boy do I need a poem for what I am about to write. I have  never had this feeling before, if Wordsworth was here may be he could describe it for me through those great peoms of his…………… Desire……. where does it come from…….. the desire to be loved, to love, to care. As I have read, it could lead to failure, shame and mental asylum just like Blanch…. (from The street car named Desire). I believe my case is different….. it is not sexual desire like hers…. but it is the desire to be with someone beyond the physical thing. Joseph said to me once, if there is chemistry between two people nothing matters…… nothing? yeah, looks, money.. bla, bla. One thing I am always afraid of is, what happens after the reaction. I wish for me it will burn for eternity.

But these past three weeks have shown me life isnot always fair. Imagine your whole life you wish for something, it happens, but it is so wrong for you to have it. It is something that goes against your principles, morale….. u just want to sit and be sad. Then I think there has got to be a reason why you got it all only not to have it. A way to let me know when and how  there is chemistry with out being hurt. Then I think if life was fair , we would completly forget GOD. So now I will be able to figure out the good desire and the appropriate one. What about the one that is wrong for me…. I have to just walk away. How I let it got too far I will never know, I mean what do  you do, when you are cared for, understood, when all  what you are saying is heared with a look that tells you that you are loved in a continent where you felt lonely for so long. So donot blame me. It felt so great but it is so wrong. It feels so right, but it is terribly wrong. It is peaceful but it is scary. What am I going to do with you is the question I am left with. I know, I know papy I am nuts , nuttier than a fruit cake… What are you saying betty shut your pie hole.. ok ok enough of this….my hand is typing and i am not making sense anymore, hey whatever, you are my friends and you love me the way I am.

 Ok so I love DIEGO…. I was about to fall asleep one night and my 4 yr old nephew ” EMANUEL” came and said that he was going to read me a bed time story and then after he got finished he gave me a kiss and said, here let Diego stay with you tonight. So that night I met Diego. He is a creature adventurer but a Cartoon. I watched one of his shows and now I am in love with him


Should not have caught you
Should have just let you fall
And hope for the best
Was not my place to save you
Having driven you off the edge
I failed you when I caught you
Knew you was delicate
Unlike the rest
It made me like you
Eighteen months later
Made me shatter you
Now I am sitting here

Blogging  😥

Reminiscing how , why
I did not see the writings on the wall
I mean I had you
You were like my eyes
You saw it as it was
Always took the lead
Had no bounds
Never bore down on me
Through you I saw the good
The bad and the ugly
It was all good
I’m my brother
But I did not blame him then
You were always mine
Should have protected you
Failed on two attempts
Now it hurts more
Now it is all hazy
Took clarity with you
Shudder to think what I might do next
Optician here I come


44. An ode to my glasses, which I broke this morning.“You were like my eyes”, duh!




it came to 6?

kanetera, t shirt, shurab, t shirt, shurab and a jacket. that is what i’m wearing now. 6 layers.  not to mention my cap and socks (two layers of socks of course). who doesn’t enjoy adisaba?

43. zena

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The tagline to this blog has been hereby replaced (like you would have noticed) by that of Wezgaboch’s. 

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