it came to 6?

kanetera, t shirt, shurab, t shirt, shurab and a jacket. that is what i’m wearing now. 6 layers.  not to mention my cap and socks (two layers of socks of course). who doesn’t enjoy adisaba?


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  1. andthree
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 17:18:41

    lol. tell me about it. sometimes i skip my meals just because i’m too lazy to go to the supermarket or to cook. dirkosh is a life saviour. but i’ve finished mine 😦 sometimes i have “kita be kibe ena be berbere”. the kita of course is indians’ “chapati”. the butter is light bread butter but the berbere is genuine. speaking of butter, i had brought some butter when i came here. i remember having a hard time trying to wash it off my hands. now THAT is real butter. yezi hager kibe be wuha litateb minim aykerew. but i got no complaints. i like this one better. when i go to ethiopian gatherings i can see how oily our food is.

    here is one funny paragraph i just read
    “Food is all eaten with the fingers, rolled in injera, so large bites are stuffed into your mouth, one at a time by your neighbor’s hands, sometimes for the entire meal. It would be rude to refuse. It happens quickly when you least expect it, and from strangers too. You could be looking one way, minding your business and turn back to your meal and bam! A hand is cramming a huge bite into your mouth. ”

    you can find the full article here


  2. Aemro
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 14:22:56

    Now the temperature in Amstedam come down to -1. I didn’t come out from room for the past four days. Oh, today I should go supermarket , else pass my dinner time by chatting. ohoho

    I don’t have six jackets and t-shirts……so I look in trouble to come out.
    Tomorrow I should go to school to write my last exam for my study ,,,, who knows it might be for my life. “abetu wede fetna atagiban , kagebahinim melsun nigeren !!!!”

    I remember something for my dinner , I have dirkosh…… metbabekia alen, …..endegud yifereferal zare 😉



  3. tibebe
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 10:58:32

    Loved the title. Seeing the news about the Midwest, I guess it was Betty writing. But I am not discounting Tilaye , Aemro or even myself. Addis Ababan mornings and nights have become very cold. Outside Addis, temperatures as low as -6 ( Debre Birhan) and -2 ( Alamaya/Haramaya) are being registered.

    But 6 layers will kill you here at the daytime.

    Since we are talking about what we are wearing, I have a coat, a t shirt and a thin sweater on. Got to look fly so I can turn a head (all I need is one head not one mic) : I can feel it -my sperm counts are getting dangerously low. Anyone??? I have been soliciting here for a while now and still 🙄


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