Should not have caught you
Should have just let you fall
And hope for the best
Was not my place to save you
Having driven you off the edge
I failed you when I caught you
Knew you was delicate
Unlike the rest
It made me like you
Eighteen months later
Made me shatter you
Now I am sitting here

Blogging  😥

Reminiscing how , why
I did not see the writings on the wall
I mean I had you
You were like my eyes
You saw it as it was
Always took the lead
Had no bounds
Never bore down on me
Through you I saw the good
The bad and the ugly
It was all good
I’m my brother
But I did not blame him then
You were always mine
Should have protected you
Failed on two attempts
Now it hurts more
Now it is all hazy
Took clarity with you
Shudder to think what I might do next
Optician here I come


44. An ode to my glasses, which I broke this morning.“You were like my eyes”, duh!





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebe
    Dec 25, 2007 @ 17:24:37

    Can u believe that Sami is walking around with a one armed glass on? it is the second of a series.what is even weirder is that people ( including me) do not get to notice it at first glance.

    when it comes to accidents to eyeglasses, I hope to never emulate his record breaking ways.


  2. betty
    Dec 22, 2007 @ 13:30:45

    Wow papichoye, Sami needed this peom back in the days, I remeber him breaking or lossing ( how can one lose one’s eyes) his eyeglass, atleast ten of them in about one year time.

    Sorry Dinichoye and my dear wole, but I have to tell this story…… one day samiye was like…. oh I have lost my eye glasses….
    I was like …. what do you mean you lost them……
    He says they are lost..
    ……………………………………….. days pass………………………..

    One day we were at the dorm.. all the allelles….. me sol and papy were sitting on Dinichoye’s bed and Sol was like there is something underneath where I am sitting, we all ask what …. and he pulled out Dinichoye’s eye glass…..

    well we came up with our own version of how he may have lost the eye glass……. sorry I cannot reveal more…


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