46. Tiyakewoch-kewich ena kewist

Betemihirt mehal

Teyakiw bezto

Ene ewneten new

Senfe new yalkut  

Boi am I tired of admitting to every inquirer of my laziness when asked why I was not making any significant progress towards graduation?! I answer the same to my advisor, my family members; my friends from Arat Kilo, Oprah … Too much honesty can really suck and especially when it is acknowledging how second-rate one has been. And I don’t want a medal for having a go at myself instead of the educational set up or what not. I take full responsibility: I blow! 

 What I want What I think I want is to be done with this thing pronto. School can be a refuge for people who have not yet figured out what to do with their lives. One minute I am getting frustrated that it is taking me forever; next moment  a step or two in the “right” direction is proving menacing-the future looms: then what? Will I get a job? Will I be happy with it? What exactly is happy? Will I make enough money of it? How much money is enough money? Will I make peace with the past and come up with the thing I really want to do? 

It is a joint haunting by the past and the future. 

For five weeks or so I had stopped having lunch. The reasons were not as significant as the results. I have come to realize that dinner can be a mighty good achievement at the end of the day and breakfast a great expectation for the morning. Though my purpose was neither, I report fasting for the sake of appreciating the non –nutritive values of food (and I ain’t talking about no roughage) can be as enlightening as fasting with heaven in mind. 

 On the downside, I got into five altercations of various degrees during the specified time.  

I came across this in Arat Kilo:


’ sew betmihirt bicha ayinorm : bedabom chimir enji”   

Now, usually I do not do this. But let me go ahead and break you off with a little preview of my next post.          

Well, it is going to be a poem with one verse going “we have got the roles reversed “. You are going to read it and you are going to like it! 



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebe
    Jan 22, 2008 @ 10:13:29

    dr gedlu has told me to tell you that you can come and fall in front of him any time you wanna.


  2. betty
    Jan 20, 2008 @ 19:44:47

    I believe lunch is the most important one so better to skip dinner.

    Oh Dr. GEDLU…. how I have missed falling down those steps infront of you. It is like there was a curse there, I have probaly fell down those steps than any other place. SO far in columbus I fell two times… not too bad ” ledenbara sew” heh….


  3. getere
    Jan 17, 2008 @ 20:23:15

    no lunch! i used to do that to. infact i started having lunch now that i’m working. but earlier i used to have breakfast at lunch time and a heavy dinner. i think as long as things are consistent the body can adjust to different situations.

    eh, maybe you should have been here, working your ass off for one year keza efoy malet.

    and is that dr. gedlu on the picture? ende! welcome!


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