47. No debate


Have got the roles reversed, I say

Have faith in me 

When I should have believed in you


I am not that into roles

Only role-play

I rest my case, you say 

Roles are there to be played



But uh


 What is it to you?

So irrational

The ultimate romantic  


 The master of reason 

See first  

Believe last 

 You interject   

You have got the order reversed  

I proceed   

True to style 

Talk on; never listen      

How could you stay loving   

The game     

    The abysmal player     

     / The team relegated every season         

       To realms unpleasant  

Both in equal measure? 





Keep wallowing 

 In and out of roles and reason       

      I don’t get me          

      I don’t get you          

      I don’t get us   

But I am happy for that

 And elated to be happy 

For someone rational   

 I can also be irrational   

For a critique  

I want to be like you  

Get a tinge closer   


Perfectly poised as ever  

 From the moments of ignorance      

   To those of knowledge           

      To the rush that sweeps through me                     

        To the feeling I regret having for anyone else                

          Anything else             

             To the breaking down                

                 The conceding        

          And back to the ignorance

   My number one fan 

Yesterday, now and always   




Would it be blasphemous if I sign off with this? 




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. getere
    Nov 18, 2012 @ 11:52:10

    right let’s cut it. manech?


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