I thought I knew all the advantages of wikipedia until I started my new job. Some people I met seemed to know a lot about Etyopia. The girl I work with asked me if I liked espresso and if I can teach her how to make it. My boss said something like “…there is an old Christian thing in your country right…?”. And the funniest moment was when my line manager told me about the time when he went to an Etyopian restaurant to have injera. I was surprised he remembered the name since he had said it was three years ago! Nevertheless, I sincerely appreciated their efforts to make me feel comfortable.

Don’t you think our city should be spelled Addis Abeba instead of Addis Ababa? Apparently, Ethiopian Mapping Authority uses the former (according to wikipedia!). And shouldn’t we replace Ethiopia with Etyopia?


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  1. tibebe
    Jan 28, 2008 @ 09:01:06

    I concur with Aemro.We should do meaningful shit instead of playing around with names.


  2. Aemro
    Jan 24, 2008 @ 22:03:14

    you know that our people(offcourse human being in general) is very restrict for changes. whenever new things come up and ideology differences will raise and fight for nothing. Changing Ababa to abeba might be as easier as properly calling your x-girl friend.
    But that is not simple for conservative people, in our life we have seen many controversies on the change of our flag(the added blue kita) , finfine,adama, bla bla….. the one thing which i was wondering why it was needed to change the flag knowing that it would create a challenge for the party who did that. yeah, the adama and finifine case was used for political benefits.

    I prefer changes only for a profitable things.


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