If you could be invisible for 24 hours what would you do? You can answer this without revealing who you are.

… Bad Bad weather you

 just to put it in the exact words of Emanu my nephew

It has been the worest of its kind,  but I hear it is nothing compared to what usually  happens in NY. Snow, icy rain, the slick road… you name it , we had it. Driving on it is crazzzzzzy, and the cold , I am itching all over the place….. I hate it I hate it officially.

Life has been great so far, but I miss home, Ethiopiyaye, if only I was a Jumper( watch the movie)

There isnot much entertainment, But I support PETA for the  ” mawgez”  of Arita and the others for using animal fur… shame on them.

51.Arat Kilo mmmmmuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaa

 I am writing this from the digital library. Now with wireless internet connection, the place looks more its name : almost everyone I see here has brought a laptop along.

 I went to the “analog” library to return some books which were way overdue their return date. The librarian was such a nice guy and he asteyayet aderegeligne on the fine. When I was leaving, the nice lady fetash at the door went ” eyetefah bik tilaleh aydel?” She caught me totally by surprise: it felt nice to be remembered and to feel part of a fam which I hope would stay strong for longer.

 Then I went to see our usual sitting place next to the stairs and this brief wave of emotion went right through me. 

I am so loving Arat Kilo this 10:21 a.m.  19th of February morning, that I want to take her home. 




I thought I could post something just to push the “poem ” post further down….except I don’t think I know what to write. Ena nuro endet yizoachihual?

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