In seven days time, I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day alone; again; as is the common practice; as has been the case since time immemorial…  

Cupid you suck!


If I had my way and were good at drawing, my representation of you would be, apple on top of head; a deliberate  arrow through forehead and a gratuitous arrow per butt cheek, just for good measure. 



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  1. betty
    Feb 14, 2008 @ 22:33:01

    well I am not a manche fan, a chealse fan ( I like the color blue , AZZURRO)any way you have to understand football. I guess you would like american football then, because I have a hard time understanding it. But s friend of mine said that they love it because it is everything ( baseball, basketball, soccer, wrestling,….) so why waste your time when you can just get all of them in one seating. So my friend, when you understand football( our football) You get to love it love it my dear. And you can find chika’s there too.

    Wait this was supposed to be CUPID’s section.


  2. tibebe
    Feb 12, 2008 @ 06:24:05

    What part of shut the hell up are you having difficulty comprehending ❓ 😯


  3. getere
    Feb 11, 2008 @ 18:50:18

    and you have seen all games since football started? negeru yemanche degafiwoch be edme atitamum 🙂


  4. tibebe
    Feb 11, 2008 @ 13:00:38

    The first two games you ever saw in your life and you think you have seen it all to lay judgement?Give me a break.Better yet , give yourself a break , watch more games and then you can talk. But until then, shut the hell up!

    And Aemro,look deep inside you and I GUARANTEE you are going to find a kusil capable of mamerkez.

    All this writing about kusil, we should wear gloves.


  5. getere
    Feb 10, 2008 @ 21:52:38

    ayehulachihu yihen kuas kuas yemitilutin neger. the bar i went to was a “football bar”. a screen close by showed the chelsea vs liverpool match which was again, sorry to say, as always, min yideregal meches, ewunetun linager enji, boring!


  6. Aemro
    Feb 10, 2008 @ 20:18:56

    enema kedem biye kosiye agegmialehu. Ahun makusel bicha new yemichlew.

    Abet mekusel bichil endet des balegni!:)

    Hulum kuslam hone, man yakusilegn ?


  7. betty
    Feb 10, 2008 @ 12:01:00

    “Tell him lover boy….. but ” irswo yemeashofut, yerasot kusil yelotim”


  8. tibebe
    Feb 09, 2008 @ 13:58:07

    ” Besew kusil…” Ante min alebih ;ashuf 🙄


  9. Aemro
    Feb 08, 2008 @ 20:36:57

    Aha, Now I got it.

    Tibe, why don’t you try to be a lover of x and beloved by z.where x loves y and y loves z . It will be a good circle. take your pencil and draw it and then replace the variables with the realities.
    I think at least it will give a good biological solution……


  10. tibebe
    Feb 08, 2008 @ 12:36:44

    “… it can not help us ….” Come on! It his friggin’ job dammit 8)

    People you heard : we special.In fact we are so special that we seem ordinary.

    Lover girl ,I wish I could feel you up 💡 -subliminally of course.


  11. betty
    Feb 07, 2008 @ 20:53:44

    This is to the person who wrote , alegebagnim…..

    ” neger be GULUCOS endilu” is what I can say.


  12. betty
    Feb 07, 2008 @ 20:51:49

    Hey babe

    Donot be mad at it, poor cupid, it cannot help us if poeple cannot figure out that we are special people.

    Any way I am going to alone too. But hey, we dated subliminally for how many years now, so you will still have me lover boy.


  13. Aemro
    Feb 07, 2008 @ 20:47:00

    algebagnim !i!i!


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