… Bad Bad weather you

 just to put it in the exact words of Emanu my nephew

It has been the worest of its kind,  but I hear it is nothing compared to what usually  happens in NY. Snow, icy rain, the slick road… you name it , we had it. Driving on it is crazzzzzzy, and the cold , I am itching all over the place….. I hate it I hate it officially.

Life has been great so far, but I miss home, Ethiopiyaye, if only I was a Jumper( watch the movie)

There isnot much entertainment, But I support PETA for the  ” mawgez”  of Arita and the others for using animal fur… shame on them.


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  1. tibebe
    Feb 25, 2008 @ 07:32:22

    Come back home , all of you !

    And I don’t give a flying …. whether Obama wins the race or not. Nice to know he won a grammy though ( best spoken word album) . Does anybody know if he won at the Oscars too?

    O Boma ( where Africa meets! ) This was/ is? a program on channel o.


  2. Aemro
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 23:02:03

    Even if you are living in a bad weather , please think worst be cheer up. Feeling cold not in a car but on a bike, riding to the opposite direction of the wind like “yehilm erucha”,sitting on iced sit of your bike, sitting in a class wearing wet shirts , making laundary + shower concurrently(with the rain), sinking down on semi-iced canals, living for a month with out sunshine. all the shits about weather …………..
    but now changing is coming , Obama is winning ,Betty is missing Ethio( i thought you missed somewhere else where great ppls living :)), Tile is watching live jazz,Tibe is moving from analog to digital world.

    Today’s quote :
    Balen Endeset !!!


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