being given the finger

It was one of those mornings where I had signed up for a class the previous day and didnot know where the class room is. I know the building and I know the room number, but I have never been there. To make it worse I got out of the house an hour early but 30 minutes late than when I should be out. So I was driving on I 70 and wanted to change my lane to my left. At the same time this lady wanted to get on to that lane from the other side, she didnot see me and she was getting on. Thank God I saw her and went back to my lane;  my car stumbled left and right , I thought I was about to be fliped on my side. But finally thanks to GOD my car was stable and I changed the lane and got next to the lady who by now was on the lane I was trying to get of off. I turn around to see who she is and a guy sitting next to her gave me the fingers. I am like what…..? I was so mad… it bothered me for about for like 30 minutes. For a girl that trys to forget about everything, that is very unusuall, I was so mad… But then I got over it. I have met some nice people too. And I should just count my blessings and just forget the ones that donot matter.

54. Tsedey/Belg

 At first, I did not get what the flowers on Google were for. A few links later it dawned on me – today is the first day of spring, tomorrow being the vernal equinox. Me, I am a tropical  cat, I could care less. But I know some people some place else   who were having some issues with the weather. 

Happy spring ye all!  

You know, I could have just pointed at the image to know what it was all about, instead of searching ….. and I say to myself what a wonderful world.

I also read that spring takes some time while booting –sucks for you. 

In the meantime, here is some beautiful music to make you feel all spring inside, flowers and shit. 



A foggy morning scene at the city center

One of the things I took out of my sociology class was observing my surroundings.

A girl plays a piano by the fire place, a foreigner just like me. Looking at her play made me want to learn how to play this amazing instrument. The girl plays something which is like magic, she totally unaware of her surroundings was looking out of the window and playing her heart out. I looked out side; it is so foggy it reminded me of Wendo Genet, could this girl be from the mountains? May be; And  she has this peaceful look when she plays. Two people passed her by, they never looked at her, they didn’t even comment. Then along came a boy, he has such a soft look to his eyes. The boy sat beside the girl, they didn’t talk much, but  started playing a piece that sure would get any passerby’s attention. Wow they look good performing together. Then  the popular girl came along and took the girl’s spot next to the boy. The popular girl played and left telling the girl she can have her place back. But the girl just sat on the couch facing the boy. The boy started playing another piece and this piece that makes you think of a stream,.. no actually more like a water  rising and falling due to a not so strong  wave near a beautiful beach. It was loud but silent, peaceful. It makes you feel like you went to a place where all trouble is gone. Yeah may be that is where the girl went when playing her piece. The girl is still on the couch facing the boy’s way, looking at him. How would I know she is looking at him? I don’t know but it would fit my story  and  I sure am looking at him. He stands up to leave and says thank  you. I didn’t hear her say a word. He leaves and she leaves a moment after.

Coming out of the story, it felt so good to be talking with Adduka after such a long time. She still keeps my spirit alive. 

53.Wedew aysiku

 Sorry I am really sorry.  I don’t want to do it again. This is my first and may be the last if you agree to help me.

    Do you want to get your files back? That is so easy just do this. I want you to write a mail to

stating how much I loved her.

You know… I gave her everything I had, my heart my phase…. all what I can and had but she gave me nothing except pain. Now she leaves me alone and I am felling now empty inside. I can’t to live without her. That is why I burnt your files. I know may be this file is vital for you as your mail is for me. Be sure I will give your files back without any damage. Be sure and trust me.

Take a minute from your busy time and write a nice message to her. Then you will get all  your files as befor.

Thank you for your cooperation. And I hope you will give me a pardon for my miss use of knowledge. I did it because I left with no other option.

Files I open from  my flash come back with nothing but the above message.Good thing I had back up for most of the files , with most being the key here. 

I have stooped so low as to posting this. 


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