53.Wedew aysiku

 Sorry I am really sorry.  I don’t want to do it again. This is my first and may be the last if you agree to help me.

    Do you want to get your files back? That is so easy just do this. I want you to write a mail to


stating how much I loved her.

You know… I gave her everything I had, my heart my phase…. all what I can and had but she gave me nothing except pain. Now she leaves me alone and I am felling now empty inside. I can’t to live without her. That is why I burnt your files. I know may be this file is vital for you as your mail is for me. Be sure I will give your files back without any damage. Be sure and trust me.

Take a minute from your busy time and write a nice message to her. Then you will get all  your files as befor.

Thank you for your cooperation. And I hope you will give me a pardon for my miss use of knowledge. I did it because I left with no other option.

Files I open from  my flash come back with nothing but the above message.Good thing I had back up for most of the files , with most being the key here. 

I have stooped so low as to posting this. 



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  1. tenign
    Jun 18, 2015 @ 18:18:18

    You guys really crack me up! Hey Tibe and Tilsih! Where is Betty?


    • tibebe
      Jun 19, 2015 @ 11:48:00

      Hey, man! ሰላም ነው? ቤቲ አሁን መጣሁ ብላ ወጣ ካለች ብዙ ጊዜ አለፈ::እኛም የሱ ፈቃድ ይሁን ብለን ዝም አልን 😦

      Don’t worry. She is not dead 😀


  2. tibebe
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 14:15:48

    in the course of the comments above, twice i have been misled by the names beza and tsion into making passes at the people behind the comments. and now, i have come to realize that those people were males in all likelihood.

    i feel sick!


  3. tibebe
    Jul 29, 2009 @ 08:00:15

    Now i could be wrong. But what you,Tsion, are saying is that we can go out ? 😉

    And was the “dud” intentional or did you mean to say “dude”?


  4. tsionze
    Jul 28, 2009 @ 23:23:15

    hey dud just you recover your files using easy recovery software. don’t worry… it is simple to recover the files. don’t forget to copy all the reocverd data on cd.
    another thing is use avast anti virus with the latest anti virus and also make sure to scan for virus ….
    thank you


  5. tibebe
    Mar 16, 2009 @ 08:41:23

    Thanks Fixticks! Hope it helps the masses.


  6. Fixticks
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 22:37:31

    some1 on posted about this virus on my site too.so far the most sure way is the one by tibebe
    *write the name….

    i think he missed a step.
    Click Start > then Run
    type cmd and press enter..
    A black window opens (msDOS).
    type the letter of your flash and add a colon e.g f:
    (to know the letter of your flash go to my computer and check out the letter there)
    –from then on follow the steps in tibebe’s post.
    FYI, the attrib -s -h -r /s /d command unhides all files in all subfolders where the command is run.

    this is more reliable than going to control panel to unhide since some viruses make it difficult to show hidden files.

    hope i was as simple as can be.
    the post on my site about this virus is here


  7. tibebe
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 16:32:12

    Dear qura hullu!

    I must tell you that I,for my part, am not going to allow sidib on this here blog.So fucck yoou !

    And something tells me that you must be one of them INSA assholes.

    And now to politeness and polite people,please try if http://www.emopia.com/downloads/file.php?id=1 helps; I am not sure if “our” virus is on the list this anti virus is supposed to work against.

    Son of a…


  8. qura hullu
    Mar 07, 2009 @ 07:32:35

    who told u to load cracks 1st place.


  9. hill
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 00:19:02

    hi….. pl help me… all my impt files seems to have been corrupt…. tried
    *Goto Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View Tab -> Show Hidden files and folders. Then in your flashdrive, where the “virus” files are. You will see your old files with Hid_ at the beginning of the file. That is your original file. Delete the virus file (one without Hid_). Open the file with the Hid_ at the begining of your file, save as a new file. Your done, your files is back again.*

    does not work…….

    HELP ME, Please!!!


  10. Aug 27, 2008 @ 20:12:30

    didn’t like reloaded. revolutions was good. the same with lord of the rings. second part was not very good.


  11. tibebe
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 16:17:04

    Did you like Reloaded and Revolutions? cuz I did not feel them

    People, if you please follow me this way…


  12. Aug 26, 2008 @ 16:35:26

    morphious! awww the name of a character in my favorite scifi movie!


  13. tibebe
    Aug 26, 2008 @ 09:49:53

    ‘t could be you for all I know.


  14. morphious
    Aug 26, 2008 @ 09:43:05

    who is this virus creator?


  15. tibebe
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 07:55:31

    That’s the spirit!


  16. micco
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 14:01:15

    haha, are you the fun of that virus manufacturer guy? Parden my English, I am from Ethiopia and I got this mail and all my word files got f ** ked up.

    At first I thought my friends were playing me. So now I don’t have any friend. Hey virus guy. . . send a nice e-mail to my friends and tell them what you did. Then I will in return will send you an e-mail that will infect your computer. Deal!


  17. tiበbe
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 17:32:25

    Are you for real ?! 🙂


  18. Xanvalxa
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 11:18:40

    I have been suffering from this virus for a long period. But after I send a mail with e-card attachment i get a file name recovery.exe which can recover all my files in any where (flash, floppy and Hard disk). But I can’t use it for more than one computer. Hope it is the best solution I tried. you can try it.


  19. tiበbe
    Jul 14, 2008 @ 08:06:40

    It’s official! Wedew Aysiku is the first post to reach the one hundred hits mark.Thanks everyone. I hope the solutions keep on coming.


  20. Agonafir
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 10:41:17

    I tried McGuywer’s solution and got a relief at least to recover all my corrupted word documents. But the excel files are still not recovered from that method. Any solution?????


  21. tiበበ
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 08:47:18

    So that thanks could be given to whom it is due , I ask ,which method solved the problem?


  22. Henmom
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 22:18:13

    Thanks ,you solved my problem


  23. tibebe
    Jul 05, 2008 @ 14:57:52

    I hardly understood what D was trying to say ,and you not only understood him but also tried his method and failed?! That is quite an achievement by itself! But it also is a sucky testification.

    Sorry about your files; but know one thing – they are safe and smiling down on you 😆

    Ok that was cruel;I apologize 😥

    I tried the other method and it too does not seem to work.McGuywer, you disgrace your name 👿 (or the name it alludes to rather).

    So people,you heard Selme ( who is polite btw)-do you have solutions that are any good?

    PS No one even called me. It is just that i do not know when and if D will return.


  24. selme
    Jul 04, 2008 @ 11:19:08

    hi d
    i tried u’r system and it didn’t work,do u have any other alternatives…..thanks a lot


  25. tibebe
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 16:48:39

    Ooh wee ! Looks like someone is about to pip someone else to that award.

    Testifications please!


  26. McGuywer
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 09:55:35


    Goto Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View Tab -> Show Hidden files and folders. Then in your flashdrive, where the “virus” files are. You will see your old files with Hid_ at the beginning of the file. That is your original file. Delete the virus file (one without Hid_). Open the file with the Hid_ at the begining of your file, save as a new file. Your done, your files is back again.


  27. tibebe
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 14:01:28

    Alright D!(can I call you that?) You are an explanatory explanation away from winning the andthree award for enlightnment of the masses aka you seem to have been sitting on valuable info but could you please make it a bit clearer?


  28. Dani
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 07:23:57

    Hi guys,
    did u know that this guy is not a computer genius.
    the virus simply hides your file. u know where to find your files?, easy they make it in an exe( executable file format , hidded nad system file) voila!, then you know what to do, remove the charcters and there it is.
    Simple haa


  29. Tewodros
    Jun 05, 2008 @ 15:11:51

    please please tell me how i will get my file……………………..please


  30. tibebe
    May 19, 2008 @ 15:56:12

    From the point of view of a guy who had fallen victim to the virus, I commiserate with you. As a publicity thirsty blogger however,I happen to think that it probably is the best thing that has ever happened to this site.

    To the dickhead who spawned the virus,way to go…to hell!


  31. ddddd
    May 19, 2008 @ 13:52:33

    When will his hungry evil soul will be satisfied and stop to destroy my file.

    I lost many files for ever.


  32. tibebe
    May 06, 2008 @ 13:16:28

    May be you should try EasyRecovery Professional;it’s worked for a couple of people…


  33. steve crerar
    May 06, 2008 @ 06:45:31

    My excel files have also been attacked by this virus. Does anyone know ofg a cure?


  34. tibebe
    Apr 12, 2008 @ 12:23:56

    Man I thought you were a computer science major 😯

    The simplified version goes like……

    There is this computer virus going around; it changes all of your files to 1 kb and when you open them, the letter you read appears or the files plain don’t open. The antiviruses at our disposal seem unable to save us from its wrath. We are doomed 😳

    He- the writer/s of the letter a.k.a the developer/s of the virus.

    Her- the subject of the letter

    The other her – you mean Beza? Oh, her! I do not know her. From what I gather ,she or her files rather have been a victim of the virus.And stop referring to us as Tibe and Beza for we are not an item-not yet.

    May be she is spoken for or heavens forbid married. I once had a crush on this girl named Beza…

    Where are my manners? The first “outsider” to grace us with her comment, and I start fantasizing about her? Shame on me!

    Beza (I love this name), on behalf of all of us here at andthree I would like to say , will you go out with me? welcome! Keep on commenting!

    And …I think that was the last we read from her.


  35. tilaye
    Apr 11, 2008 @ 21:33:20

    i’ve lost you guys. who is her? who is he? and who is the other she? by “burnt” does he mean on a CD? and how does that concern Tibe and Beza?

    Tibe, you post confusing stuff but congrats, you just broke your own record.


  36. tibebe
    Apr 10, 2008 @ 16:27:39

    F1rst thing, I think the guy is messing with us- he could be gay for all we know. Second, even if he was serious, I say f#$% him. Let her continue making him feel all 1 kb inside. And I rather back up files in every computer I can get my hands on ,and format my flash umpteen times –we will not negotiate with terrorists! (Here,please insert the Bush smiley )


  37. beza
    Apr 09, 2008 @ 09:39:13

    Please let you here him. And we need our files back.


  38. tilaye
    Mar 10, 2008 @ 14:28:06

    looks like someone is black mailing behaylegnaw 🙂


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