57. Hassab flakes

Here we go. I am growing tired of talking and hearing about football. The part I hate the most is talking every other guy/girl’s talk. I wish I had another topic about which I and a few other people were just as passionate .I still love football though and I have grown tired of people tired of talking and hearing about football; I have gown tired of myself. I am confident that Manchester United will beat Chelsea. I have become so erroor prone that I am in bad need of formatting or something. May be I need to unwind –there will be meters of me then. But first Parkinson’s Law must come through for me: I hope work shrinks, in an appropriate manner, to fill the time available for its completion. I keep getting mad at people. I used to be so psyched about holiday eves and dread the day after. In a major paradigm shift, I now can not wait for feasts to be over and look forward to being the first one to wake up on a normalized aftermath. The lady from English news, Eri tv is hot. She may be careless as to not make a distinction between New Zealand and Ireland but still…  And besides she goes by the same name as this girl I (used to) have a crush on. Good Friday has this unmistakable feel or even color to it. My Spanish profesora may believe that I smoke weed. I bought A 20th Century Anthology – hope I get to read it. Downloaded a bunch of Louis Armstrong’s songs- hope I get to listen to them.  Why are stories about prostitutes becoming commonplace on newspapers and magazines? Rooooooney just scored!  Why don’t they write instead about women who made it on other fields?   Is prostitution really the foremost option for   a destitute woman?  Or do choice and mental strength have a part to play? Teddy Afro+ Kaliti + Prison – that was just an experiment to lure new visitors; if they ask you why I did it tell them I did it for the stats. I wanted to apply for positions in the newly established Ethiopian universities but turned out that it was for training and employing undergraduates. I think my country hates me. Melkam Fasika everyone! How can I see that person sleeping on the street and go on my way as if everything is okay? I am afraid of and do not like doing good. The worst dream I could ever have is a pipe dream-literally.  I just can not stop “feeling the flow” with my hands to see if a pipe has been really turned off or not; feeling is believing afterall.  Ballack scored again and I am pissed off as hell. Bemayagebagne gebche tekatelku eko!? Betty esey! Imagine me having a nightmare about me being in a room full of pipes with water flowing … it turn off this and that and return back to the first then feel it…..scary!!!! I may be wrong but I am showing some symptoms of passive aggressiveness.  The degree of it may not be enough to merit me the title king of the land of passivo aggressivo  ( yes that was inspired by  Derrick and Addison Shepperd  and again, yes I am doing it for the stats ) but I still can swing it as “ye passivo aggressivo desk halafi ” of  some kebele. What is the policy on guys digging Grey’s Anatomy? House is great too. I must have my lunch more often. I fail to remember when last I was myself and if I have ever been myself. I remember hearing one guy say in a movie that at a certain age a person reaches a weird sense of equilibrium –I wonder what and when that could be. Mariah has done it; now I wish if Whitney could bounce back.  There was not a World Malaria Day until now!!!!!! Not that it would do a world of good.  Still hoping for a tranquil and decent prayer. As you can see I have not yet organized my thoughts on organizing my thoughts. I done showed my colors though.



Just pour some milk on it and it is good to go.




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  1. tibebe
    May 06, 2008 @ 13:50:49

    Woo pipes in the psychiatrist’s office 😯

    getting hit by cars? that is the most irrational you could get? That is not fear ,it is reality man. A car getting hit by you and the people inside dead on impact,now that is a fear .

    And why are you trying to decode me when I am at my decodedest?


  2. getere
    May 03, 2008 @ 07:44:29

    tibe i know a good psychiatrist.

    fears getting hit by a car.

    decoding you…


  3. tibebe
    May 01, 2008 @ 08:42:00

    Is it not ironic that there is no work on workers’ day and that there is hardly any music on mtv(one reality show after the other)?


  4. tibebe
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 12:39:25

    Moscova get ready for the biggest red you have seen since the Bolsheviks!!!


  5. tibebe
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 10:59:06

    I had a dream last night:

    was in a room full of pipes ,hundreds of them; and all were turned on. I start to tremble,scared out of my glasses.Then all of a sudden,out of nowhere,comes this horsewoman-my lady in shining armor.She called herself Betty and her horse Ballack ( or was it Drogba?) With out further ado she drew her shiny sword (which by the way was capable of cutting through steel) and started slashing the heads of the pipes,one by one,and each with a single stroke.

    I stand in a corner like ” Ya woman! Do your thang ma!”

    Then it dawns on me and I shout “Look at what you did woman! YOu done pissed them off!”


  6. betty
    Apr 28, 2008 @ 00:47:29

    As for the pipe and water stuff, donot be scared, you will have me there to hold you, you know my power or I hope you do.


  7. betty
    Apr 28, 2008 @ 00:40:46


    In your face Papy, beat Manche like I donot know but I am pretty happy about it.


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