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 Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………..for me this is scary and it all goes back once again to the environment and how it is changing. Man is a social animal too, what would become of us….. will we turn into canibals… who knows, but then again Callatians ate thier dead to honor them, their’s is a culture thing though.  What I am saying is, we need to sustain this environment that we live in. We are losing the amphibians that are the best indicator species of a healthy environment and through our greed we are destroying everything. I was actually thinking about saying something about this for a while now. For the past two weeks or so, everytime I am driving on the high way I have seen atleast one dead squirrel or raccoon on the road. And one time there was blood all over an intersate road, I assumed that would be a blood of a scared out of its skin deer that came out of the woods. It breaks my heart to see the carcass lying on the road. On the other part of the world there are people that carry toads from one side of the road to the other. Why cannot we care enough. We have Jack Hanna here,  he trys his best to teach us to appreciate the wild life and the world we live in. We have people like Jeff, who make even the most dangerous animal seem very docile, because in reality that is how the animals of the world are as long as we donot cross thier boundary. I mean seriously we are no different, even the most shy person would do anything to defend his/ her territory. We go into their world, take over thier habitat, then we blame them. The seal changing his normal habit, I strongly believe that it has something to do with climate change. Steve gave his life to help us understand how big the problem is, but we still donot get it. This is just more than Al Gore winning the NOBEL , this needs to be fixed. I am sad that Madagascar’s precious Lemur is dissappearing,  sad that we are losing the world’s medicine cabinet ( as someone called the Amazon forest) and others.


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  1. tibebe
    May 08, 2008 @ 07:35:27

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………… come off it Betty! The seal was just horny for crying out loud sakes! And the environment, I think there is nothing anyone can do to save it from destruction. I mean if humans were capable of doing that, they would have first saved their less fortunate fellow human beings. And what will become of us? We are going to be extinct; Refer to your nearest Bible. But you are right: all kinds of weird and freaky shit will go down before that happens. Edme kesetesh bizu tayalesh.

    Why doesn’t anyone give thought to the impact this incident will have on the social interactions of both parties? The seal is always going to be “the penguin fucker” and the penguin “the seal’s bitch” to their friends. They probably are not going to get laid ever; they are better off married to each other.

    Still, some gems can come out of the situation like:

    -What did the penguin say to the seal?
    -Go fuck someone your own size!

    The seal had the penguin between the sand and a hard place.

    He had Pingu’s ass pinned to the ground.

    At the seal’s funeral “… he had humble sexual beginnings…”


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