60. Some kumneger and tasteless bualt for the most part

Reasons why I need me a gal pronto:


1. I need to donate my cornea. Months back the people at the bank told me how it works. One needs someone else to take the responsibility of seeing to it that the thing gets delivered in due time. Imagine me asking my parents “after I am dead and before you wrap me up, could you please make sure that…”- that won’t happen; at least not in the “foreseeable future”.

It would be nice to get someone to help me do one really good thing in my life/death. Why the urgency? Death is imminent! Do not read too much into that one though; I meant it as a concept.


 2. One of my examiners is going to be an Ob/Gyn. There is bound to be a lot of questions from a topic I am not well versed on-the workings of the female reproductive system. I am desperate for some schooling, a crash course if you will, so that I will not look like a chump in the defense. I hope and dread that there is going to be a defense somewhen within two months’ time.


3. I wanna make love in this lab. My days here are, fingers crossed, and toes curled, numbered. This calls for the realization of something memorable and daring. And should none of the lecture halls be available, the event will have to be moved to the lab. I will be damned if I mess up a defense in my bedroom.


4. This is no longer about me. Be it “key and lock” or “induced fit”, there is someone meant for me; someone looking for me. I can not make her wait any longer. I must put an end to her loneliness and I do not care about the people she used to think were me.

So it is all about her and I am going to find her.  I am going to find her if I have to tear another black hole into the universe (I love to quote Jim)


But seriously, I have to stop regarding getting laid and the lead up to as bravado; I must consider it as something people do; and it should not have been the central theme of many of my posts. I mean, we were getting into this taxi at Kazanchis right; and there was this girl sitting alone on the seat behind gabina. Now, I would never have sat next to her given the taxi was almost empty; and I did not. But this guy sits next to her and he starts conversation with one of those voices you know; mind you his friends are in the gabina. And I am like wow! Not really, that was Peter Russell. I sat there fearing for him that she is going to set him straight any minute. The taxi stopped for the ritual of tirf mechan and another guy was added to the seat in question bringing the people in question even closer.

Moments later the new guy had relocated to a better position and the seat had room to sit three new people comfortably.

How about that for exaggeration, huh?!


Man, earth girls are difficult! And particularly when not talked to. So why not think more in the line of what a Vatican official has said recently? Aliens can not be ruled out. (And another shrewd statement, “I think the big bang theory is the most reasonable explanation for the creation of the earth”). Only when I am abducted by a femalien will I have a real chance. Then she will break it down for me, in one of those voices you know, (Clothes off-Gym class Heroes just came on),”What it do earthling! I come to make you come. Us doing the nasty is necessary for the future well being of both our galaxies. Take off your clothes”. Then I will go “Well,if you put it that way…Do your thing ma…rtian!”


Two of my latest favorites:

No hay igual-Nelly Furtado

Spanish is kicking my ass: got 61/100

And Girls-Afroman


The “come and go at the same time” line-priceless! So is the chicken thing that he does.



I had a guy die on me. It was in my dream and he was drowning. I pulled him out and pumped his chest and all. The water came gushing out alright but he did not make it.  Bummer because on the movies the person always gurgles and wakes up.


When I woke up one interpretation I could find for the dream was that the effort I am putting in to keep some things alive is going to fail. But quickly I downgraded it to a nightmare and hope was restored.


I have been wearing this wrist band for over eighteen months and today one of my nieces decided to chew on it. Look where the cut is:



 anyone who still believes there is hope for Ethiopia, take it up with the rubber.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebe
    May 19, 2008 @ 12:13:59

    It was hany;the two were the snitches.


  2. betty
    May 18, 2008 @ 16:07:41

    was it kuku, hani or happy. I miss those kids so much. Do you remeber the ” tef chagni kofiaya”, hmmmmm good times I tell you


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