guzo 2

I got up, turned on my laptop and checked the time. I thought I had one more hour and went back to sleep. Sure called immediately. My laptop was set in the UK time which was one hour behind! Saved again! As I left to the train station, I saw this poor bird which I had seen in the same position the previous night. Probably it was too dark for her to fly. It then occurred to me that the “big thing” the old man was referring to was this bridge.

In the train I met an American tourist who was heading back to her country. She was a grandmother but strong enough to go places. She wasn’t strong enough to carry her luggage when we reached Milan though J She offered “10 dalars for lunch” which I politely turned down. I got a big hug and took my train to Veronna, where I would meet Sure.

I was excited to meet Sure. In almost two years now I have met only two or three people whom I have known for a while. We then took the next train to Venice. The moment we went out of the train station was old architecture, lots of water and a swarm of tourists.

Since we had about six hours to visit Venice (we had to catch the last train to Sure’s place), the plan was to take the ferry to what we have been told as a must see and then walk back to the train station, visiting the city at the same time.

I didn’t know Venice was going under! The whole town is sinking. Boats are everywhere.

We got off in I don’t remember it’s name. There were big domes. Some were under construction, perhaps in preparation for the tourists coming on summer.

I enjoyed feeding the birds. One of them thought my head was a comfy black rock.

Everywhere we went there was something to see (except “gurangur” places which were different in some way too).

I got a caricature of myself too! I know, he could have done better but mastawesha yihonal!

Ok I was trying to take the chef’s picture with the pizza to show the perspective but I wasn’t lucky. Trust me these pizzas were very big!

Time to go back. We caught the train to Trento, Sure’s town. We made shiro be qibe be dinich. Yummy! The next day we got up at 11 AM. The plan was to visit Trento. We visited a castle in Trento. It had a tower with drawings for each month. It showed what people did in each month. One interesting aspect of the drawing was that the “importance” of the figures was shown by their size. A peasant will be drawn in a smaller size than a landlord for example. Sorry, taking pictures was not allowed in this particular area. I took pictures of the inside but they came out too dark. Note self: atkuatir, get a better camera.

We then met Semhal, talked for a while and visited an old Church

We took the cable car to the top of a cliff. Cable cars are fun. They are not at all scary (Semhal had warned me that I needed diapers).

We had dinner at THE restaurant in Trento. Lasagna and pizza. I will save you the details. Just go there and taste it for yourself.

Next day was too short since I had to leave at noon. Getting up early was hard too. I visited the town with Semhal.

Visited an underground museum,

had lunch at THE restaurant

and run off to Edinburgh! Quick, put your jacket on, and no shorts!

Conclusion: Visit Italy and take me with you!


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  1. getere
    May 25, 2008 @ 09:03:31

    i’m in for all kinds of guzo. guzo yihun bicha.


  2. betty
    May 24, 2008 @ 10:47:14

    I am in for the chiling with the Cheladas guzo.


  3. tibebe
    May 24, 2008 @ 08:45:52

    Tenth grade I narrated some Derasiw and Keadmas Bashager in Amharic class.My name for sometime after that was Tsige.People may remember…

    Better yet,let us go to Simien Lodge(Simien mountains). It is reportedly the highest lodge in Africa.Let’s chill with the Cheladas.


  4. betty
    May 23, 2008 @ 15:54:29

    I know VENEZIA from a bible story that I used to read out loud every morning before class, out on a stage infront of everyone, in highschool. She was a daughter of a king and she was to be married to a prince…. more about that story look for ” hamer” megazine the old version though. From then on my nickname has been that for a few that loved the way I narrated the story.

    But yeah, Calcio helps a lot in knowing about areas. I know more about Rome, and Florence though.

    Semehal is AVALON’s sister right?

    Forget Bhutan my dear. where is it?.. come to Piazza della repubblica… FLORENTIA my dear….


  5. tibebe
    May 23, 2008 @ 14:30:05

    Congrats on an Italian Job very well done . Looks like you enjoyed yourself.

    Good camera or not nice pics.

    The dome of the church (with the photo of Brad Pitt? in the front) resembles that of Bole Medhanealem’s.

    Ever heard of watches?

    If you liked football then you would have known a bit about serie A teams and you would not have confused Venezia with Verona. See how football can be utilized in day to day life?

    The caricature is Leta’s and you paid the guy as if it was yours? That is day light robbery man!

    Three mentions of Semhal and I do not know who she is ; and I need to know like Marc Anthony. I mean come on ,is she Meles’ daughter or what? (I know Suraphel and ej nesichalehu.

    THE restaurant! You know what? It can actually be a great name for a restaurant or any other establishement for that matter.

    I read ages ago the translated version ( I do not remember the Amharic name) of The Pigeon Project by Irving Wallace. Venice and the pigeons feature heavily in there.

    Forget Italy.I want to go to Bhutan. Are you coming?


  6. andthree
    May 22, 2008 @ 19:34:32

    atiteyikign! it was very beautiful. someone mentioned once the city sinks, tourists will visit it by diving underwater which will make it more fun 🙂 not in our lifetime though.
    how come you know the italian name for venice? those things are confusing. at some point i almost caught the train to venice when i should have got the one to veronna (the “brother” guy got it wrong too). nways good experience 🙂


  7. betty
    May 22, 2008 @ 13:58:09

    Now you know you owe me a lot of vacations there. I cannot believe you went to venezia. It must have been amazing to see that city.


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