Racism is bad so people say.

Sometime ago it made perfect sense though.

Future people will perhaps denounce what we have now. “Hundred years ago people had imaginary boundaries called countries. Humans in some countries were left to die from hunger. Some from other countries died from obesity. Some from rich countries got paid to attend university courses. While others….” And perhaps they would call it countrism. People would say “There are some countrists in Addis Ababa, better stay away from there!”. “My country” would be replaced by “our world”. Perhaps…I hope.

But even so would everyone be happy? It seems that is what nature is about. Survival. It doesn’t matter how you come to this world. Be it by dividing yourself into two halves, coming out of the ground, cracking yourself out of your shell or getting pulled out by doctors. What do you do as soon as you come out? You fight! Fight fight fight. Fight till you have kids. Then fight some more until you die. Fight for your family. For your relatives. For your friends. For your town. For your country. For your world…. Fight for everything that is related to you. The closer something it is to you, the more you fight for it.

It is just an instinct that we have. To survive, breed and multiply our own kind. So, future people having become aware of “countrism”, can they then hope that wars will be over? I forget the movie title. It was set in the future. They had small gadgets to check how good a person’s genes were. Those with good genes were given access to everything while the rest outcasted. It made sense for them. They thought it was for the well being of everyone. Very well justified just as slavery was thought to be for the well being of those who couldn’t take care of themselves and would otherwise die.

Skin color, gene difference, born in different locations…. Is it hard to imagine a “nail discrimination” in a world where everyone is white, speaks the same language, same tradition, religion, etc but with one small difference – some like to grow their nails and others cut it short? The smallest difference has the potential to become the source for a major conflict. And speaking from science point of view, long term survival is not possible without diversity within the species. It seems our choices are,

1. We keep our differences and we survive, which also means we will continue to fight between ourselves to “protect” our own kind.

2. We lose our differences and die out eventually due to lack of diversity.

Isn’t it sad?

Actually not…There is a third option,


66. Abiyot

It all started with the protests of the peasants and the students. No,that came out wrong. It all started when a friend introduced me to ; and the rest is a folder, which I can rename “history”, full of books (how full is a full folder?). I needed a guide as to what to download; and naturally, I searched for “list of great novels”, “top hundred novels” etc.  True, I have it as unwritten rule to go for the less-hyped of things and people. But these are books that have stood the test of time and established themselves as “the classics”. My Spanish teacher seems to have the same policy of going for the classics –not to imply my taste was influenced by hers; I do not yet  have a taste.

 I am just getting started…

 What I read first was :

A great one to set off a reading revolution with I must say.  And another good thing: I have never heard or read about it in an Ethiopian mass medium thereby satisfying my yearning for novelty, at least in this part of Sub-Saharan Africa.

 Here are two stunning excerpts: 

At that moment, it seemed to him that time stood still, and the Soul of the World surged within him. When he looked into her dark eyes, and saw that her lips were poised between a laugh and silence, he learned the most important part of the language that all the world spoke—the language that everyone on earth was capable of understanding in their heart. It was love. Something older than humanity, more ancient than the desert. Something that exerted the same force whenever two pairs of eyes met, as had theirs.

  I know you may be thinking that I am a sucker for all things amorous and may be you are right. How about this? 

The boy turned to the hand that wrote all. As he did so, he sensed that the universe had fallen silent, and he decided not to speak. A current of love rushed from his heart, and the boy began to pray. It was a prayer that he had never said before, because it was a prayer without words or pleas. His prayer didn’t give thanks for his sheep having found new pastures; it didn’t ask that the boy be able to sell more crystal; and it didn’t beseech that the woman he had met continue to await his return. In the silence, the boy understood that the desert, the wind, and the sun were also trying to understand the signs written by the hand, and were seeking to follow their paths, and to understand what had been written on a single emerald. 

Speaking of emeralds, I have a good mind to name my daughter  Esmeralda . That is if my soldiers are not by now all marching in the wrong direction.

 I have now moved on to the Brothers Karamazov and love the narration.   Looking forward to having a great time in front of the screen and I am not talking about porn. I ditched porn way back because… the connection mekuaters ; and Kama Sutra ain’t porn –it is highly educational man!

 I hope I get to read all these books, cuz, damn, it is a lot of them! At least for me it is. 

And I hope my eyes don’t give out.

 As you might already have noticed in the text, I am practicing how to correctly use colon, semi-colon, hyphen and comma.  


65. Langano

The pictures were taken February of last year. I have even posted one around the same time. This blog is environment friendly -we recycle baby!

Yesterday this guy gave me an incredible pep talk on how good they were, which I took to heart and ↑

Can’t type much cuz my right hand has, I hope momentarily, went kinda numb on me –really.  But one question: what song would  you prefer  with the  scenery?



Attached herewith, please find what I wrote about the import of a training to me and my institution; and yes I have sent it along with a filled up questionnaire and a slightly nutty CV.


Why Apply


Having joined the biochemistry Masters stream inspired by the introductory course offered at undergraduate level, I have come to love the subject even more: it is the best of the sciences when it comes to understanding what life is all about (to the best of human understanding, that is). And I have also come to realize that if life is a mystery then it is a mystery that is encoded by genes and unraveled as proteins. Speaking of proteins, they sure have come a long way from their simple definition as “one of the foodstuffs” that I knew from way back in elementary…


Ok, that was corny.


I keep on reading biochemistry and I keep on forgetting what I have read soon after (exams). Teaching biochemistry can be one way of addressing this problem. But I like my biochemistry not only on paper but also in test tubes-or so I thought. I got my wish and like the song goes “careful what you wish for because you just might get; and some more you don’t want ’’: I am supposed to finish my studies this year but I am reeling in this seemingly never-ending laboratory work. I desperately want to be somewhere different from where I am now writing you this; the premises of AHRI would make for a great change of scene for two weeks come 30th of June.


Here is my third shot at impressing :


It is of the essence that I acquire some practical knowledge on these central themes of biochemistry i.e. molecular biology and bioinformatics. And will the training be any good to my institution? Hell yeah! I will share whatever knowledge I get from you fine ladies and gentlemen with whosoever desires it. I ain’t stingy man!


Ok I blew it.


Will keep you posted on the outcome.


I am down with the pictures idea; it is just that nothing interesting is happening to me. If I were a number I would have had a dot or a bar over my head. But for what it is worth here is the view from the lab asrahulet tekul akababi:


I photographed the asphalt it in a slanting manner

 so as to add something new to it. Ha ha ha ha and tibebe stop.




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