Racism is bad so people say.

Sometime ago it made perfect sense though.

Future people will perhaps denounce what we have now. “Hundred years ago people had imaginary boundaries called countries. Humans in some countries were left to die from hunger. Some from other countries died from obesity. Some from rich countries got paid to attend university courses. While others….” And perhaps they would call it countrism. People would say “There are some countrists in Addis Ababa, better stay away from there!”. “My country” would be replaced by “our world”. Perhaps…I hope.

But even so would everyone be happy? It seems that is what nature is about. Survival. It doesn’t matter how you come to this world. Be it by dividing yourself into two halves, coming out of the ground, cracking yourself out of your shell or getting pulled out by doctors. What do you do as soon as you come out? You fight! Fight fight fight. Fight till you have kids. Then fight some more until you die. Fight for your family. For your relatives. For your friends. For your town. For your country. For your world…. Fight for everything that is related to you. The closer something it is to you, the more you fight for it.

It is just an instinct that we have. To survive, breed and multiply our own kind. So, future people having become aware of “countrism”, can they then hope that wars will be over? I forget the movie title. It was set in the future. They had small gadgets to check how good a person’s genes were. Those with good genes were given access to everything while the rest outcasted. It made sense for them. They thought it was for the well being of everyone. Very well justified just as slavery was thought to be for the well being of those who couldn’t take care of themselves and would otherwise die.

Skin color, gene difference, born in different locations…. Is it hard to imagine a “nail discrimination” in a world where everyone is white, speaks the same language, same tradition, religion, etc but with one small difference – some like to grow their nails and others cut it short? The smallest difference has the potential to become the source for a major conflict. And speaking from science point of view, long term survival is not possible without diversity within the species. It seems our choices are,

1. We keep our differences and we survive, which also means we will continue to fight between ourselves to “protect” our own kind.

2. We lose our differences and die out eventually due to lack of diversity.

Isn’t it sad?

Actually not…There is a third option,



23 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. betty
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 23:48:18

    hey what is up with the boxes?


  2. ጥበበ
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 08:16:54

    At first I thought that your knowledge had reached unbearable extremes, the way Jose Arcadio Buendia thought of Melquiades when the latter showed up with artificial teeth 😯

    እንዲህ ቀላል ኖሩዋል ለካ ?! ዉሸቴን ነዉ ያፈጋል፡፡ይበልጥ የሚገርመው ግን ስለ አለም አቀፍ አፍ ስናወራ ቆይተን ወደ ሀገራችን እጅ መመለሳችን ነው፡፡

    ጥ ጥሩ ስራ ነው የሰራኸው፤ ይመችህ!


  3. getere
    Jul 09, 2008 @ 20:09:54

    እረ እዚህ አካባቢ የቆንቃ አጠቃቀም እንዴት ነው። ለነገሩ ሰው እንዳዋዋሉ ነው። አምስተርዳም!


  4. tibebe
    Jul 09, 2008 @ 10:10:04

    Oh no you don’t ! You don’t put an end to the thread before I get to say this.

    If I were the PM ,I would stick with my previous comment except for may be have sex in every frigging room in the palaces-both of them. Especially the YeMenilik one, I would take it upon myself to give special attention to the dungeons with my said action-need to get rid of all the bad karma.And the lion in the other palace, if it had a cage, I would have had terakbo in there too.

    Enem cheresku.


  5. betty
    Jul 09, 2008 @ 02:07:57

    Well I am back from DC ( I have about 4 different colors on my hair). Any way the point is you all have been thinking outside the view of ordinary people. It is like what Aristotle said, you can only become the best of people when you become a philosophers. True or not, I donot know. But all philosophers think out side of what we normaly consider ordinary. FOr example, to explain that a mother can have abortion if she used contraception, they talk about a ” peopele seed example”.. sorry a story for another time.

    I know Amesterdam (welcome by the way)said we should go away from this topic, I just got back and reading the comments reminded me of ” DEMOLITION MAN”… I remember the look on SLY’s face when “BULLOK” asked if he would like to have sex… I donot think we would like that,,, mostley because we donot like simple things. Everything has to be complicated… that way we feel that we are worth something…

    And I also remebered some movie .. Tilish liked..( I remeber how excited he was when I told him that I watch that movie too, we used to talk about it for some time). Was it ” LEXX”?, correct me if I am wrong Tilish. Any way, there were a guy and a girl… she wanted to know some information stored in his mind: “house keeping area or not” so how did he let her know about it? you guessed right by doing the deed. Weird… well may be that was why it was a SciFi.



  6. getere
    Jul 08, 2008 @ 20:21:29

    if i were the PM i wouldn’t have any idea how to go on about.


  7. Amsterdam
    Jul 08, 2008 @ 14:55:47

    I left it, Tibe ! I heard a lot about yenuro windinet in Addis. Now I understand that “tiru wore” hikes high too.


  8. tibebe
    Jul 08, 2008 @ 12:14:01

    If I were the prime minister of Ethiopia , then it would mean that there would no longer be Meles on the post . I mean,what more do you want from me?


  9. Amsterdam
    Jul 07, 2008 @ 20:17:29

    Hey Guys let’s change topic.
    Anyone who can start kibtra with a title “If I were the PM of Ethiopia….” ?


  10. getere
    Jul 07, 2008 @ 18:44:07

    amex, isn’t time to tell tibe that you’re mekebetaring?


  11. tibebe
    Jul 07, 2008 @ 14:53:32

    Word? Tilaye has an ex-wife ? What has she been up to lately ? It is common knowledge that I have not been up to anything much.

    You guys are trippin’!


  12. Aemro
    Jul 06, 2008 @ 21:54:17

    yes, we might not need language. I was considering if thought can be read in a small distance. Now I am thinking communication medias which enables you read your friends thought remotely. calling to Tile to know what is he thinking about his x-wife? then with out no language i can communicate. Is it possible to store wrong data in our memory to mislead peoples? It is just like “I want think like the monk but I want to do some evil too” then we have to be able to delete some data from memory …. ohoho… We could also encript(lock) it with our underwear serial number. the problem is where we will hide this key ?


  13. tilaye
    Jul 06, 2008 @ 21:28:37

    if thought can be read by others then no need for language isn’t it? if you’re a math teacher you’d go like “Class, we will cover Calculus tomorrow. Make sure you come exactly at 8:00 PM becaue class ends at 8:02 PM.” gurages *tilaye takes one step away from tibe* won’t be happy. mekeraker minamin yelem. wagawun hulum yaqewal. merkato would be a quiet place, except occasional fights between two people who have been looking at each other for two minutes. i think life would be the same though, only now things will just be straight forward, like Bush saying “Iraq has a large oil reserve. We will kill as many people as we have to. I can then take the oil money.”.


  14. Amsterdam
    Jul 06, 2008 @ 17:04:58

    I can read other’s mind , I would go on the streets and identify who would like to have sex with me.
    But as I said , if we are not thinking positive most of the time …..don’t you think too many genocides ? no more politician. Oh our language also need to remove some word. ” I love you ” will be useless sentence as long as I can read if I am loved or not. Oh God, I don’t wanna miss sentence before I use it at least once.


  15. Amsterdam
    Jul 06, 2008 @ 16:56:14

    if one can read other’s mind, what would be the effect on nature ? If there is a team who could read your mind and you can read others members, would you subscribe to this team ?
    After reading your comments , I asked myself those questions and came up with no answer.

    Before going to this technology, man should evaluate himself how many percent he think good and fair.

    coming up to the advantage of thought reading I just got one thing in my mind. courts don’t need any witness for juries. Reading past memory would enough to decided. What if it is not possilbe to deferentiat actuals and dreams from past memory ?


  16. tibebe
    Jul 06, 2008 @ 11:27:32

    And I know, I know 😯 what if we could exchange thoughts the way practiced between phones. You would get a command prompt like “Would you like your thoughts to be visible to searching minds?”, “Would you like to receive thoughts from QWERTY 12345?” … Yeah, people would have serial numbers, type of model and stuff. Just imagine the amount of thoughts a hot girl/guy would receive on a daily basis! And let me imagine myself getting frustrated that no one has tried to send me their thoughts ever since TranspThoughts® went into business. Then I turn to myself and chastise “have some self esteem for crying out loud sakes, will you?”

    There will no longer be songs that go “If only you could read my mind…” or “Bayeshiw yehoden…” You will no longer be able to dare people this way because they would call your bluff. And when they do, you would be in such a hurry to hide all the bad thoughts that when you mind is in the visible mode, there would be skid marks all over the place. And the visitor would interrogate you “what are you hiding behind that entanglement of neurons?” and you say that there is nothing there except for bad childhood memories- “that is the housekeeping area”. Regardless, they would insist on seeing it for themselves.

    Moreover, the way thoughts are transmitted should be Bluetooth-like or even better (for transcontinental transmissions). If infrared, one would face difficulties trying to position one’s head in line with the recipient. And after all the hard work put in, just when you think you have established a connection, some knucklehead decides to stand between your heads. Irate, you react “I am trying to send my thoughts here, do you mind?”

    IR would give a literal meaning to “putting heads together”. Your wife would be beaming “Honey, can hardly wait for tonight: we will cuddle, and we will put our heads together like we never did before. And we will wake up, my thoughts on top of yours. Totally arousing 😀 ” And you curse the day the technology was invented and say to yourself “Woman 😮 It is high time we put your —- and my —– together!” Oh oh! Your thoughts are in visible mode. She retorts “Pigs 👿 You will never change!!” You scramble to switch your thoughts to invisible but you can not help but say out loud “You would like a piece of this pig, wouldn’t ya?”

    And so it continues, ad infinitum.

    I like the way this post has turned out to be a source of irreverent inspiration.
    And the writer, you have turned out to be a phenomenal human being! Phenomenal in the sense that you go crazy and manage to almost effortlessly drag along others with you.


  17. tibebe
    Jul 04, 2008 @ 09:37:22

    And if I may add, after sex turn your backs and think think think ,like “what the fuck did we just do?”

    Telatih yiwdek. Your comment was ( 😆 )raised to 10 .
    Get up and get that dirt off your shoulders man!


  18. tilaye
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 19:37:57

    yes, i don’t see our selfishness going away no matter how many years in the future we go on. so perhaps family-ism will be the game.

    lol at tibe’s comments. assuming we don’t all get destroyed!

    don’t you sometimes want to say something and couldn’t find the right word for it in english? it may be because we just don’t know the word in english but even so, ETs who speak english to the level of the natives find it easier to explain some things in amharic (or any other ET lanauge for that matter). if the speaker had done this with english, they may have to give a brief history and tradition lesson before the listener understands what is being said. so i think language is not merly a communication tool. inside it are the history, tradition, social values, etc of the people speaking it. but still, i think eventually the world will move to one language and i don’t have any objection to that. everybody will miss their language and there is a lot to lose there but i think its for the better. or perhaps the artificial intelligence guys [tilaye turns around to the AI guys] will by then produce excellent translators between all languages. so to curse a French guy in a crowded street, an ET guy would wear his mouthpiece and shout …. which would then in real time get translated to …. lovers speaking two different languages will have a problem though. no whispering love words while kissing. its either talk or kiss. talk talk talk. kiss. talk talk. kiss kiss. talk. kiss kiss kiss. … perhaps we’ll just have a machine which we can wear over our heads and reads our thoughts. there would immediately be news headlines like “Woman charges ThoughtWorks for invading her thought privacy”. and also you can come up with cool things people can think about and have a patent for it. whenever someone thinks about it, you get paid. can you imagine how much you’d get paid if you get patent for a cool sex position? boy, there are much more people thinking about sex than who’re actually doing it. you get rich immediately. so maybe they’ll have short expiry dates for thought patents. you can’t have it all the time, perhaps one or two days is sufficient…..someone should come down to earth. this is going to be a heavy fall here i come ….


  19. tibebe
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 12:36:08

    I guarantee you WWIII; what I can not guarantee is any language will be spoken after that.


  20. Amsterdam
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 11:14:56

    “We will unite to world”, In my own definition unification is grouping to create a difference among others. against which creature humanbeing will unite to create a specialty.

    In other sense it might be defined as “grouping to support each other.” the time of being fairness and kindness is fading up.

    In either of ways the world doesn’t seem united rather than dividing in to billions as much as world’s populations.

    the world will never be fair if it continues like this. Some will be born with debit and others with Credit. The struggle to win among people will continue. If you playing box you won’t be interested stop kicking your oponent till the end of the game. Finally you may hug him.
    But humans lifetime game won’t over …. no one cares about no one.

    Perhaps the fight will be individually…. no grouping …. no country-ism….a bit family-sm. and then Tibe’s water will be more cursed. If Darwin could wake up he could proof his experiment on man, Unfair creature who is abusing the world.

    Have you ever tought about our future language ? English is becoming more mandatory than just important. Most conservative ppls like Frech and spanishes are believing this idea and starting using it. french singer presented their music in English in eurovision 2008, representation their country.
    If we are not going to have third world war, English will dominate, Amharic and french will on our history books like the sabian language. But if there war thing might change…German was the highest scientific and business language durring world war 2.


  21. tibebe
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 08:58:55

    Props on yet another profound post and nice comments. And me myself ,after much deep and profound brain things inside my head,after my efforts to grasp what the post was all about (and comment accordingly), and after the comings and goings of the internet this is what I have got to say; endemiketelew yikerbal;betsemona teketatelu;amesegmalehu!

    You say it was written; yes it was, but let us not forget the emerald. Life was supposed to be all so simple but we kept on complicating it with this and that kind of “-ism”- we need a “counter –ism movement” or something. But now we are so far gone that we can not turn back; we can and must try to turn back, because that is why we are here for-to try.

    There is this kind of force between molecules called hydrophobic interaction. The name is suggestive by itself; our undergraduate biochemistry teacher told us that this kind of interaction results not from the affinity of the molecules for each other but their common “hate” for water.
    Did I say that we will not be “One World”? Sure we will be! We will unite right at the end (which may be near) and our water is going to be “good”; and we will get to possess a single worldwide ID too! The world has tried so many times to unite against “evil” but has failed as many times. So evil can not be our water, no sir! But when the devil comes, the notion of unity will work like a charm. And the rest is written.

    And we are not entering 8G –we are right in the middle of it, or immersed in it up to our waists should I say? 5500 BC+2000 AD=7500 (7000-8000 is simintegnagw shih)

    But 8G or not, number three is the best option; it is the only option. Let the world keep on screaming, and one feel like losing one’s sanity amid the commotion, that is peace right there!


  22. tilaye
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 22:01:28

    well said amsterdam. very well said. individual fitness will become increasingly important.

    sure thing religion is being less and less emphasis. not so many churches here. i belive only 2% are Christians. and its only old ppl who attend. i see very small kids too but i doubt if they’ll stick to it as they grow up. so it is written….

    yes black ppl are racists too. but we are stretching the definition of racism here. i think the word is used when someone thinks their race is superior to all others. i haven’t seen/heard/read/yemesaselut any black person say that. but i find some black ppl have inferiority complex. they tend to interpret some things negatively. like the rain starts to fall and they think “is it because i am black?” 😀 asians too. but you must also understand that there is a reason behind this. they wouldn’t have become like this unless they have been treated badly so frequently. also there is often a misunderstanding. misunderstanding due to difference in language, tradition, cultural values, gestures, etc. a good way of knowing if there is really a problem of racism is to ask a foreinger who has lived there for a long time. such people understand the situation very well so what they say is worth listening to.


  23. Amsterdam
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 22:36:09

    Yeah, If we don’t have countrism we only miss World Cup football. These days I am sensing that blacks are more racist than whites. what is your feeling guys? In my openion things won’t continue like this …. Our grand children will laugh out loud reading their grandpa’s sacrifice on boarder issue.
    Did you notice the rate of movements of people , migrations , imigrations , traveling , cultural transformation and sharing, flights , businesses , devesity of people in metropolitans. These all would loose the racism and patriotism for a country. Economies will be calculated individually rather than in group or in country. you border is won’t reach to Bademe. It will be just the wall and the floor of the room you live. you fit you servive , not your country fit you servive.The GDP your country will be your salary. You will be free to design your own flag.

    On the contrary, human is becoming more greedy , no more helping each other. This is due to the declining followers of Relegion. Most of European churches are becoming more tour destination instead of being spiritual places. Some of them are open for rent. The muslim people look relatively strict.

    If we don’t fear God we don’t fear anything else, then instead of helping fallen brother we prefer to step up on it. we are going to simintegnaw eshih.

    Dehina ederu 🙂


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