part I

Living in Addis was the only thing I knew when I was back home, and I regret never having visited the best places that people travel to see. when people here ask me about it, I feel really terrible to say ” I am sorry, I don’t know”. I have met some people that know more about Ethiopia than I do. But then again  I have met Americans that have never been to Washington DC… , so I shouldn’t feel bad.. ( just to make my self feel good)…. any way, Castor was on his way to Italy to look for the girl that poisoned ANSARI when my plane arrived at ” OHARE”.. Chicago, I was feeling something when I was looking for signs that tell me where to get my luggage, at some point I realized that I was acting with a childish exuberance, huh.. weird I said to my self, this is the way JEFF acts when he encounters different species in some rain forest, and I usually act this way when I stop my car  and let any animal cross the street…(which by the way I am so proud of, so far I have saved about 10 …), I was excited about seeing my cousins after 6 or so years. There is this song I remember when I was back home, the only part I remember is ” Chicago” and the singer dances funny when he says Chicago. But I had no idea it was that a big city. The weather was cooperating, although my cousins were complaining about it. Windy city, it sure is….and for some unexplained reason it felt like home. The down town was busy, really busy… and people actually go shopping 7 days a week, it is like you go out for a lunch break and you go shopping on your way. But then again this is my opinion. Lake Michigan is the best place to go and relax, I only saw it from the part of the aquarium but it made me wish I was living there. I hope to go back there some day. .. OK here we go ” I have a dream, a song to sing. To help me cope with anything. IF you see the wonder of a fairy tale, you can take the future even if you fail. I believe in angels; something good in everything I see. I believe in angels; when I know the time is right for me, I will cross the stream; I have a dream oh yeah” I know this song when Westlife sang it, but it was first sang by ABBA… what brought all this, well… ” MAMA MIA”, I loved this movie so much, it has been a while since I saw a movie I wanted to see again and again after ” pirates of the Caribbean p3″ came out. So through the movie i visited Greek and the myth of Aphrodite.

I loved the statue of the Polyps at the  Chicago aquarium;I had a picture taken next to it, and no I will not post it:it is private between the polyp and me. But here is a picture,

Beautiful huh…

Ciao for now


ከስንት ጊዜ በኋላ ክፍሌ ውስጥ ያለውን ቴሌ አበራሁት። ትርኪ ምርኪ ብቻ። ከሚሰሩት የሚያዪት።

67.የፀሀይ ቁርጥራጮች ፣ ቡና በጤናዳም

do what you want

yeah i just did that, deactivated my facebook account. such a stupid software. i never liked it.

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